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Queen Nicole Aredia

{{Couple more days till the movie comes out on DVD! Can't wait for Prince Caspian.....:D }}

6/25/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Terebinthia and Narnia
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About Me

The Queen of Terebinthia
Me, Myself, and I

Considered a "Forbiddon Beatuy" Nicole Aredia de Laurant was born in Terebinthia as the only daughter of the King and Queen.But when her parents died in a shipwreck off the coast of Narnia she was only 6. Her Uncel raised her,after taking her away from her adpoted family that was to raise her until she was of age to rule.She was the only sole surivor that she knew of, leaving the now 18 year old the Queen of Terebinthia.

She was considered a forbiddon beatuy because of her pale skin, icy blue eyes, and dark brown hair.Even though she wasn't the son every King wanted the people of Terebinthia loved her dearly, since the she was the King and Queen's daughter
Nicole has a gift...she can heal people...(See side for more details).

She likes to wonder around different places,thinking of alliances and things she is doing.
Nicole hates being reminded of her past
The Other Half Of Me
King Nathan Drake

King Nathan Drake

My soon to be husband

I am
Nicole Aredia de Laurant ...the Queen of Terebinthia
My gift
I heal people. Someone when they are hurt ( like stabbed) I heal them through there soul, instead of putting my hand on there wound, I put my hand where their soul is and heals them through that
Anything really..I'm a sports junkie
Scared Of
Losing my kingdom....
I've already lost my parents...and I don't want to lose the Kingdom they treasured so much.
Finding out who I really am
I am a roleplayer! I don't like it when people come on saying, who the hell are you? Some faker? Well Im not, if you think I am that's your own damn problem, not mine.

PLEASE DPN'T COPY MY PICTURES! If you want some Anne Boylen pictures, then ask me for the website, and I'll give the website to you.

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  • Kestra

    She searched for a few minutes, then found the small clearing she was looking for. "Wow....that's pretty good...we'll be safe from wind and rain here"

  • Digory Kirke Lord Of Narnia
    Digory Kirke Lord Of Narnia

    Digory could see she was still upset he put a hand on her shoulder and said "WHATEVER IS BOTHER YOU IT IS BETTER TO LET IT OUT THAN KEEP IT BOTTLED UP."

    6/27/08 via Mobile
  • Kestra

    "Did I say something out loud again? Sorry, I wasn't referring to you. This way, come on." She took a sharp right and plunged into the trees.

  • Digory Kirke Lord Of Narnia
    Digory Kirke Lord Of Narnia

    Digory did not know why she did not reply to his question. Then he looked up to see a sad look apon her face. He put his hand on her shoulder as sat m a nearby seat, he said in a sympotetic voice "NICOLE WHAT IS WRONG? ARE YOU OKAY?"

    6/26/08 via Mobile
  • Kestra

    "Right, let's find someplace to settle down, eh?" She strode off without waiting for an answer. There is a nice copse of trees nearby "First time you've come in useful" she mutters.

  • Digory Kirke Lord Of Narnia
    Digory Kirke Lord Of Narnia

    "NICOLE WHERE ARE YOU FROM?" Digory asked feeling a bit unmanerly not to have called her by her offical title

    6/25/08 via Mobile
  • Kestra

    She paused, thinking "The way I see it, a camp has to fufill 3 things: It must be sheltered, it should be at a vantage point, and there hsould be a stream nearby. We find a good cluster of trees, that'll do nicely."

  • King Nathan Drake
    luv King Nathan Drake

    He smiled and took your hand. I want to show you something. He took you out to the stables, where your horse and his was saddled ready to go someplace.

  • Digory Kirke Lord Of Narnia
    luv Digory Kirke Lord Of Narnia

    "QUEEN NICOLE AREDIA HOW DO YOU" asked Digory with a little bow.

    6/24/08 via Mobile
  • Kestra

    She looked skyward again, then kept walking. "It'll be night soon. We should find a place to camp"

  • Digory Kirke Lord Of Narnia
    Digory Kirke Lord Of Narnia

    Digory looked shocked he was for a moment unable to move open mouthed he tried to talk but nothing came out. For before the young boy was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen with shiny brown hair and the most mesmorising blue eyes. Digory finally blurted out "WOW WHO ARE.... SORRY MY NAME IS DIGORY KIRKE AND WHOM MIGHT YOU BE?" He asked his hand outstretched trying to be polite.

    6/24/08 via Mobile