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This is place is literally more boring than Myspace. Good job.

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"Joey started out as a bully, but becoming friends with Yuugi Mutou changes this. Though occasionally portrayed as comic relief, he is essential to the plot and the series' overall theme. He is an enthusiastic duelist, who claims dueling is about fighting to help people you love."

ooc;; Drop me a starter, I'll reply as soon as I have internet. Seriously. I'm gonna do this.
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pυғғer ғιѕн

Totally my very special somepony.

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  • Roleplay characters.

    Because I like jumping on the band wagon and doing shit like this. This is a list of characters that I've roleplayed before on this account and don't mind roleplaying again, as long as it's in mail and doesn't conflicted too much with my current character.

    # Katsuya Jounouchi/Joey Wheeler
    # Haga Insector/Weevil Underwood
    # Bandit Keith Howard
    # Ishizu Ishtar
    # Yami Bakura/Thief King Bakura
    # Noah/Noa Kaiba

    South Park
    # Kyle Broflovski
    # (Raven) Stan Marsh
    # Tweek Tweak

    # Ken Ichijouji
    # Davis/Daisuke Motomiya
    # Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi (02)

    Harry Potter
    # Ronald Weasley
    # Luna Lovegood
    # Draco Malfoy

    Other Anime
    # Shuichi Shindou (Gravitation)
    # Kisshu / Kish / Dren (Tokyo Mew Mew)
    # Kyon (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
    # Tamaki Suoh (Ouran Highschool Host Club)
    # Kyo Sohma (Fruist Basket)
    # Kohta Hirano (High School of the Dead)

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  • /casually jumps on the bandwagon.

    ★Steve (or Stevie, I prefer the latter.)

    ★ Male (Unless you know any girls called Steve, I hear they're really hard to come by.)

    ★21 (May 11th ) If my age bothers you, just unfriend me. I don't want to hear your bullshit.

    ★South West of the UK.

    ★Employed - I work in a bar/pub/restaurant and it's a cross between the worst job I've ever had and the best job I've ever had. I can't make up my mind whether or not I like it.

    ★I really fail at talking about myself on a blog.

    ★I have a boyfriend, been with him for just over two years. Again, if you're some homophobic asshole then just unfriend me. Not that comments like that bother me, I get called a faggot daily (Y)

    ★ I love roleplaying, even though I fail at it almost all the time, panic whenever someone replies and can't spell/do grammar for shit. IDK, I have like Social Anxiety or something, constantly on edge about stuff.

    ★ If you leave me a comment/roleplay starter I will try and reply, I tend to panic and then pretend I didn't read it... I'm not ignoring though, I'm just quiet. I probably want to talk to you, I just can't find the words. Social fail.


    Wanna know anything else? Just ask.
    Or, you can add my msn. Even though i'm not on it often.

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  • :)

       ✓ Add me as a friend.
       ✓ Leave a comment/starter.
       ✓ Send me mail/mail starter.
       ✓ Be completely stupid and share the love.
       ✓ Reasonable Grammar and Spelling

       ✗ Mary Sues
       ✗ Stealing my shit
       ✗ Trollin' my page
       ✗ Bad Grammar and Spelling
       ✗ One Liners (unless it's crack)


       ▬▬ ᴳ ᴬ ᴹ ᴮ ᴸ ᴱ ᴿ

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  • º Tᴼᴹᴼᴱ Mᴬᴹᴵ
    luv º Tᴼᴹᴼᴱ Mᴬᴹᴵ

    Boo ~
    Welcome to the graveyard that is bebo,
    I'll be your guide, Stacey. (:

    May 29
  • pυғғer ғιѕн
    luv pυғғer ғιѕн

    So I'm an effort now, am I?


    Mar 3
  • pυғғer ғιѕн
    luv pυғғer ғιѕн

    Such a lack of comments here! D:
    Don't suppose you're using skype at all?


    Feb 24
  • Lizzie

    Thank you for accepting (:

    Feb 1 via Mobile
  • pυғғer ғιѕн
    luv pυғғer ғιѕн



  • pυғғer ғιѕн
    luv pυғғer ғιѕн

    Microwave meals?

  • luv f-ck

    Thanks for accepting~

  • pυғғer ғιѕн
    luv pυғғer ғιѕн

    Whats for dinner then, mind-slave?

  • pυғғer ғιѕн
    luv pυғғer ғιѕн

    I has returned!

  • pυғғer ғιѕн 11/18/12
  • kira.
    luv kira.

    - - I would roleplay  with you... (;Д ;)

    11/12/12 via Mobile
  • Yuki Kuran
    luv Yuki Kuran

    This is what I am saying silly X3 I haven't been Ichigo in about the same amount of time as you! lol Sadly not no :( I missed the ol'role playing XD was fun!!!! but now nobody really does any more! D: It's soo sad! D: hahaha you don't ? :3 lol Why Thank You! I am almost there (well I am getting there, slowly but surely!) Oh? You work in a pub\.!?!? Lucky! I Need!!! a job asap! Have NO money! O_o I stay in... all my friends were busy ... :/ Halloween was quiet tho this year... hardly any fireworks or anything!

  • Yuki Kuran
    luv Yuki Kuran

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!! ^_^ Miss Talking To Ya! XD I remember when you were Kishu and I was Ichigo :') Back in the days when bebo was the number one place to chat! Ihave been good , :3 busy as hell tho at the moment! have Sooooo many Assignments due!!!! O___o It's like KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O______________________O Lol nah it's not toooo bad :3 Aw thats good to know! ^^ Aw Arigato! <3 You have a good one?

  • ' lιттle чυυgı
    luv ' lιттle чυυgı

    We keep doing this.
    I'm going to post a starter a little later on, I'm super busy right now. ilu.

  • Yuki Kuran
    luv Yuki Kuran

    Halloween >:] Mwhahaha XD

    Happy Scary Day :)

  • Yuki Kuran
    luv Yuki Kuran


    Long Time no Chattt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O How are You!?!?!?!!? :D

  • pυғғer ғιѕн
    luv pυғғer ғιѕн

    I dont have time for tumblr.

    Maybe when teh future is brighter.

  • pυғғer ғιѕн
    luv pυғғer ғιѕн

    I dont use it, sorry :'P

  • pυғғer ғιѕн
    luv pυғғer ғιѕн

    Lol this site sucks lately.
    That comment below. By that Black Rose princess.
    Thats like

    'hi how r u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kis kiss.'


  • ' lιттle чυυgı
    luv ' lιттle чυυgı


    Oh Mister Once-ler, it's your birthday next Friday and you're going to be as old as meeee. Are you doing anything and can I drop by on Saturday to give you your present?