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Second Souls

I'm using he image of cos-mos because its the closest idea to what I'm thinking right now. and there were those xenosaga AMV's

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Farrell-lance Swain
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About Me

I think I like it... a second chance!
Me, Myself, and I
a sexy heroine who only by dumb luck stumbles into battles to save her home town at first.
now here's the interesting part, but not the best part unfortunately, her power is in tune to the light of the sun, the sunnier the day the more powerful she is and the more darker the things are, the more limited her power is, like a battery.
Now here's best and funniest part about her is that she's not really a woman, but a young man who has the ability to transform in this sexy heroine because of an alien princess who had crashed into earth and mortally wounded out once normal man of the age of 19 and was given his second chance at life by her giving a special power that only women of her home world could only give to their newly wed husbands in a ceremony.
Now their souls are joined as husband and wife and her ritual slightly backfired in a way that gave her power of her own and now cannot speak because of giving him the gift at a second chance.

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Stand KOS-MOS Ground!!

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  • first to my blog

    ok, blogging time!
    lets see here... reason as to the whole kos-mos and what not at the time is simply because i only got bored of amulets at the time and then decided to start up this and i'm trying to get back to a whole lot of kick as things that many could create an image into their heads like a movie and also if there are any questions that are asked, then please try not to hold back, including the "cridicisim" or however it's spelled...
    feel free!

    the just for the hell of it unknown novelist : Farrell-lance swain

    A.K.A: jester_tlf

    ps. do you think the name "Farrell-lance swain" is my real name, or do you think its a pen name?

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  • Farrell-Lance Swain
    Farrell-Lance Swain

    until i've managed to attain home internet i'll be without writting chapter's for both this book and my other book called Amulets (sorry for the inconvienience)

  • Farrell-Lance Swain
    Farrell-Lance Swain

    taking R&R from writing chapter and in need of rest to recharge and prepare myself for my worst subjects in all of high-school and i'm going to attempt passing math and comm 12 to graduate...~_~ (i'm gonna fail....)

  • Farrell-Lance Swain
    Farrell-Lance Swain

    what do you think? i took a look and noticed that there was more than enough romances and decided to place it under entertainment because i did not want a romance made out of it too soon and there was no science fiction in selection and entertainment and decided to go for what i thought best

  • Amaya Tsukino -Chels-
    luv Amaya Tsukino -Chels-

    It is sounding really good so far Farrell!! I can't wait to read more!! Keep me updated!! :)

  • Kirei Nasou Ookami 7/13/08