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Lady Macabre

Remember Remember the 5th of November the gun powder treason and plot I know of No reason the gunpowder treason should ever have been forgot

8/19/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 24, Luv 47
  • from Orange
  • I am Single
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Well Welcome to the Freak Show... Ill Be your host, your nightmare and your homicide this evening... would you like to leave your coats and Hats.
I am The Venom that only spider could supply. The screaming, the bleeding and the regret of ages. I am the fear, the corresponding darkness to an artificial light. I am Justine and Vaya and i am far from sane.
Hello Dear Children, Children of the night. I am what has been considered by not many but most to be gothic, gothically inclined a freak, i am all of these things and more, for i am who i am and after a learning curb where i lost the person i love i found that i will never be anyone but me again, you acept it or you do not, the good, the bad and the very very ugly.
I am an artist, I also write poery, act and love my mates to bits. I dont belive in lies or gossip and i think the system is screwing us over. i have a love hate relationship with everyone and everything and with that, i depart.
The Other Half Of Me
Hayley Yeomans

Hayley Yeomans

My Fairie Who Doesnt Shy Away From My Vampire.

Fave Music, haha, thats a question and a half... NO YOUR A QUESTION!!!!
i like Metal, Rock, Emilie Autumn is beautiful, i like flyleaf, i love nightwish, children of bodem are awsome when im pissed off and cannibal corpse help with my sanity. jack of jill, zombie girl, angel spit etc etc and so forth.
I LOVE MANSON... both of them but in this contest im talking about the musical artist not the "killer"
um i read, i watch horror, rocky horror picture show, little shop of horrors, pulp fiction, anything with a lot of blood though i cant watch rape scenes for reasons i refuse to disclose to randoms reading my profile.
Music, My friends, alcohol, Art, acting, things that the government dont, corsets, riding crops, whips, gothic dolls. i like what i like when i like it. Anita i love Anita
Scared Of
Scared of? hmmm numerous things, but mainly of getting hurt again by someone i love... thats a whore and a half.
The Facts about Love, Life and Frinds.
i love the people who make it into my heart and no matter what goes wrong i will always love them. I am loyal to my friends well i try my heardest to be. i accept everyone and everything aslong as you can do the same courtesy to me.
I have fucked up a lot in the past and i have learned that you can't change it, just accept it and move on, and hopefully you wont loose the people you love completely. A great example of this is Mat, after everything and our fucked up break up he is still willing to be my friend, something i have never been so glad about. I think its actually working better than our relationship had been. He is my soul mate, but we can not be together, for how can you really date the other half of you when we are as difficult as each other? xoxo to everyone i love, and you all know who you are. you are my angels, and you are all the rasin i am alive today, thankyou for being there. For eternity, we will be the Pied Pipers. xox
Happiest When
Im tripping, hunting for things up the mountain, getting wasted with mates at the pub, having sex, oh come on everyone is happy having sex.
Art, Drama, Writing, music, body art, reading, Partying, getting wasted, perving on hot chika's and getting laid by fine male specimens, and beautiful female specimens. yum.

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  • Step One, Realization.

    Bitter Deprication of my sanity
    a mindless inspection of humanity
    candles burning bright
    in a flamless room
    the darkness that envelpos me has never come too soon.
    im in love with my homicidal tendancies
    blood and gore my last true fantasies
    i live in awe of what people love to hate
    death, my friend and lover
    standing by my gate
    looking at the tombstone that belongs to me
    i realize ive been lost in my insanity.

    0 Comments 264 weeks

  • so it would seem

    i have nothing what so ever to say, just thought id say nothing in words... interesting prospect well im off once more, circus' to go to, corsets to lce up the usual.
    x ME

    0 Comments 265 weeks

  • I stole it from cheyne coz i have absoloutly nothing better to do with my life

    ●Name- Justine Daniel
    ●Nickname- Juz Muz, Beezwax, Vaya (ofcourse) Dolly and the infamous hey you with the hair... only now i dont really have much
    ●Single or taken- Single
    ●Zodiac Sign?- Piceas
    ●Male or Female?- last time i checked i had a vagina i think that makes me a girl
    ●IPod?- i have an iriver... does that count
    ●How many buddies on your list?- oh fucked if i know am i supposed to care about who calls me a friend?
    ●Hair Colour?- well right now because its just growing back its a mousy blonde colour if you could call that a colour but usually its black
    ●Hair Long or Short? - right now... once again... very fuckig short
    ●Eye Colour?- they change colour from green to brown to blue to a weird amber colour depending on my mood and the weather
    ●Are you health freak?- i try to eat healthy but i still take everything im not suppossed to
    ●Height? 5'8 ish
    ●Do you have a crush on someone? um i get crushed sometimes but right now im very confused about my sexuality so im going to say....no... yeah thats right no
    ●Do you like yourself?- on the odd occassion
    ●Think your awesome?- Sometimes i read a book.... then im going to have a shower
    ●Piercings?- I had many til surgery stole them from me... satan hospitals
    ●Tattoo?- three, a rose and a bee both on my hip to symbolize the death of my grandfather and a dismembered body along my spine
    ●Righty or Lefty?- lefty

    ●..Your 'Firsts'..●
    ●Surgery?- about 6 months ago, i had a 25 by 25 centimetre tuma removed from my left ovarie and i lost the ovarie while i was at it, the insision goes from my belly button to my groin and like i said i hate doctors, hospitals and everything sergically related, i go in there expecting keyhole surgery and come out missing body parts with as massive fucking cut in my poor very white flesh... death to surgery
    ●First piercing?- ... um my ears when i was 6
    ●First best friend?- i have best friends and they are, Chu, Coralie, Matt, Erin, Liz, Lily, Robyn And Gangles
    ●First Award?- i've recieved an award, whoa wish someone had told me about it
    ●First Sport You Joined?- netball sadly
    ●First pet?- Bluie the talking budgie
    ●First vacation?- centeral coast
    ●First Concert?- Nightwish
    ●First love?- Must we go there? he's now gay and its Chu so fuck you all

    ●Movie?- Rocky Horror Picture Show and V for Vendetta annnnnd Girl interrupted
    ●Favorite tv show?- TTTTTVVVVVVV what is this strange phenomena... um, family guy maybe
    ●Colour?-Black and Red And Silver is ok
    ●Music?- Alternative, Metal, Industrial, Synphonic metal, death metal, thrash metal... depending on what im taking dance or techno
    ●Drink?- Vodka... always vodka
    ●Body part not on the face (on a girl/guy)?- um, backs are pretty cool and chicks with nice butts and breasticles are great
    ●Sport To Play?- lifting the bong is a sport right guys?
    ●Favorite piece of clothing?- i take it you guys havent seen my wardrobe... um probably my long black velvet medieval dress
    ●Brand Of Clothing?- i like op shops
    ●What do you sleep with?- pillows, A BED blankets on the odd occassion a person
    ●Favorite School?- wagging was school right?
    ●Favorite Animal(s)?- kitty kitty specifically the lynx
    ●Favorite Books? Obernwetyn chronicals, anita blake series, all ann rice books, the green stone grail, the ancient future series, clan of the cave bear series, oh fuck im always reading
    ●Favorite Magazines? Anything tattoo or Art related

    ●I'm eating?- absoloutly nothing
    ●I'm drinking?- shockingly coke
    ●I'm about to?- call my dealer if you must know
    ●Listening to?- some strange song on tv
    ●Waiting For?- what arent i waiting for, i dunno totla destruction of all fuckwits
    ●Watching? my mates a channel surfer i dunno im watching everything and nothing all at the same time
    ●Wearing?- black pants, black long sleeve studded top, emily the

    0 Comments 281 weeks

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  • AnnA

    Bebo sucks! I barely use it anymore! you should hit me up on xxxmatch, its the best place for hooking up ever! check it out at http://goo.gl/Wb607

  • Kirsti Farmer
    luv Kirsti Farmer

    You drug addict! I mean hello LOL. I just had to post a comment here coz i'm not sure if your emails the same; which one is it? i have like 30 saved under your name lol. Anyway, i was looking through my saved emails and i found some of the crack letters! We totally need to write some more, but i thought bebo was a bit public to do so...so email me some crack! meanwhile i wander aimlessly through a sea of DBZ fanfiction and will await a crack letter...please send me a crack letter! BTW why am i not on your list of best friends? If i had a list of best friends you'd be top LOL. Catch ya on the flip side! what does that even mean?

  • Colin

    hey long time no c or speek howza life going in orange for ya

  • Colin

    hey how ya going hope things are going for you

  • Emma

    sorry i took so long to write back ...... ive been like totally over the net for a while now lol but i was like im gonna check if i got ne comments lmao......... and yea u was with a guy and 2 chicks i think lol i dont really rember now but yea ne way ....... hope ya havin fun..... next time i see you im gonna say hey ok...... so if some random chick walks up to you and sez somthin along the lines of HEY baby how you doin? thats probley going to be me lol haha .......... yea but u totally love random strangers ... well if ya dont to bad.. kk lov ya cya bye

  • Colin

    yhea he be a great mate hez been there for me when i was about to loos it its good to keep your friends close even when you want to be alone you still need them to be there to talk to or help

  • Colin

    yhea deex (Curtis) is a great mate hes been there for me when i was about to looz it back in the day along with the other guys (jono, nick and jhob) that sux

  • Colin
    luv Colin

    thats not good but as i always say you can never give up hope in finding it some where it just a matter of time till you do just remember that you are never alone in this world because your friends will be there for you but some more than others :)

  • Colin

    um i lost contact with my ticker for a bit but i made contact with it a few minuets later so in other words i was walking around with no heart beat

  • Emma

    hey darl.... hey what colours your hair now???? coz i think i saw you at FSW shoe warhouse the other day i was gonna say ello but i wasnt sure

  • Colin
    luv Colin

    how are you feeling today

  • Calista Cam

    Re: hi Cybill Bebo is being stupid! I cant upload my pics for some reason. Hit me up on msn messenger jane21pink@live.com talk to you later

    8/9/08 via Mobile
  • Colin

    ya got a point there some times i just feel like im missing out on the hole thing but enough of that

  • Colin

    yhea its all true you think you've found Mr/Ms right but then they turn around and stab you in the heart an leave you in the gutter crying like a baby then they walk of as you ask them why they broke your heart it was good to meet you finally face to face but sorry if i seemed to be a bit on the edgy side it was just an of day for me im an easy going fun type of guy that you can slap around and i will still call you a mate but i was just a bit nervous but next time we meet ya can c the real me it was good to meet you hopefully we can get together for a party some time :D

  • Colin

    do you have msn

  • -Pezzinni-

    In teenage language this leaves us in between fukd and more fukd!!!! It tastes like a ciggerette!!! Get in the car!!!

  • Colin

    Real tears are not those that fall from the eyes and cover the face But are those that fall from the heart and cover the soul Thats one of loves many mystery's and also how we know we are in love with that certain someone would you say that this is true

  • Chanee
    luv Chanee

    lol pretty much just working dont do much else exciting hey lol yeah weve been gonna come and see u since u moved into ya new place but obviously we havent made it there yet lol but we will!!! hows the new place gin anywayz???

  • Colin

    six big sweedish gals walk into a bar with their six big shot guns an hold up the place all the men in there are drunk so they didn't need the guns just ...? dam! i for got the ending but it funny

  • DJ Type-D.Curt-B
    DJ Type-D.Curt-B

    Oh yes, i sure did, we'll have to make a point of doing it again sometime soon