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Dont waste your time saying i love you, because you would be wasting my life too

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

I Had A Dream We Went Somewhere Beautiful
You Took My Hand And Showed me The Way..
And Told Me Everything Was Going To Be Alright..
As We sat On The Beach You Told Me Ill Love You Until
The Sea Dissapears.......

Im all ways up for some lesbian shit you no its kool with me come and see what i got :p xxx

yearr 9
Ready To Ravee

The Good lifee.......x,
Holie Lauren Hobbs
this girl means the world to me she is the bestest friend iv always had ...suree we arnt the best behaved wen we are together but she has always been thre to help me through the hard times she has never let me down i would doanything forr her i would kil for herr the only thingg i wouldnt do 4 her is hurt her ..... coz shes the best thing that happened to me soo Hollie Lauren Hobbs I Love You No Matter What People Sayy x
lol. Leoni you left your bebo on at my house. So hacked. :P Naa dw im not doing anything wrong. just writing this simple message. well tbh Leoni i love you. your so funny. especially in P.E with Bexy. Ahhh man funny tmes. well yeah. Just a little message. love you Leoni.. xx
Love from Emily. xxxx
Will Polson
Safe blud your ma boiiiii
Jamie Mckee
Peachy x

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    CBF To Rite Any Moree lol
    if i missed you out tell me

    8 Comments 218 weeks

  • what wud you do if..

    I Died

    went out WiT Carl Binks

    SAid I Hated You

    i said i loved you

    i won the lotto 1ml jackpot

    we turned out 2 be brother and sisters/sisters

    yu saw me fightin a group, would you help me

    i asked you out <no im not a lezbo>

    i had 2 move skools

    i went out wi the person you fancied < gurls only

    i......... ohhh.... cant think of any more lmao ...

    i got sum moreee....

    I hacked yo ass

    i ditched you 4 james pak

    came on 2 youoo

    i killed your fish :L

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  • GoldFish

    :L josh mansu hangs around with ross and everyone you numbchuck :L omfg lol last night started a rave in the middle it was a rave at the end , well , not so much :L how long you grounded for? x

    11/1/09 via Mobile
  • GoldFish
    luv GoldFish

    That Ross on the comment bellow you dinlo :L x

    11/1/09 via Mobile
  • Blonde
    luv Blonde

    Yeh sound go wen r you free next ?? We should go cinema this time !! He is just desprate LOL he will get ova you !!!! Maybe LOL luv xxx

    10/23/09 via Mobile
  • Becky
    luv Becky

    nah i dont think so its like this thing organised by schools ask ryan miller cos hes going witht his michael from my school so you could get him to get you a ticket or sth there like £3 :) your not a downie:L loveyou:) xxx

  • Becky
    luv Becky

    yerr,its on the 29th october im going it halloween them :) but its not like an oceana its this thing called skaa but your school should know about iti think(: loveyouu :D xx

  • Blonde
    luv Blonde

    no not yet lol still waitin haha howz you ?????? hav luv xxxx tb x

  • Becky

    nothing really just school ,yawn.:/ cant wait til halff term a break from shitty school:L im going to weymouth with my friend nadiah in half term do you know nadiah ? wb loveyou:) xx

  • Becky
    luv Becky

    inoo its been ages yeha im good thanks, what about you? love back loveyou:) xx

  • luv Kaylabest

    Lol ikr its horrible :L loveyou x

  • Natalie
    luv Natalie

    hi ur sister told me that ur coming to r school have my love

  • Blonde
    luv Blonde

    hey i thought i would drop some luv of xx hows you been ? the other day was gd xx tb

  • luv Kaylabest

    Lol(: Okay; what shall i call you ?x yeah im gooood thanks(: have some love x

  • Hannah.
    luv Hannah.

    heeeeeeey loveyouloyts x

  • luv Kaylabest

    Hia;x Thought i would drop some love (: You Okay? Ly x

  • GoldFish
    luv GoldFish

    i love you smelly :) i want your willy :)


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