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Buffy Summers

Need new people to RP with :)

9/23/12 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

*Queen of the Slayers*
Me, Myself, and I

I'm Buffy, The Vampire Slayer...and you are?

ooc: Starters and Requests for Starters welcome.

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" "Angel" "Supernatural" "Smallville" "Roswell" & "Ringer" Roleplay
I am NOT Buffy Summers or Sarah Michelle Gellar, I am merely Roleplaying!

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you have to be (all mine)

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  • Old Profile

    - 19.01.1981- 30 Years Young!
    -Vampire Slayer since 1996!
    - Was once married to Spike! (18.07.2004-31.10.2007)
    Got our Finalized divorce through on the 30th October 2008!
    - Sister Dawn Summers
    - Son(s): Phoenix Alexander Black (01.09.2004)
    Jamie Ashley Black (20.10.2010)
    - Daughter(s): River Willow Black (15.06.2008 )
    Scarlett Careena Black (Died 16.01.2010)

    -I am NOT Buffy Summers or Sarah Michelle Gellar, I am merely Roleplaying!
    -Private Message me if you want to be a character that is part of my life x
    Places Ive Lived
    - I lived in Camden, London, England since 23rd July 2008 until 4th January 2010
    - I lived in L.A from 1981-1996 and moved back there briefly in 2003 and again from 2007-2008!
    - I lived in Sunnydale from 1996-2003 (where most of my slaying and high school days took place!)
    - In 2004 I moved to Rome, Italy where my son Phoenix was born until December 2007!
    - I shortly moved in with Lance Valenteen into his mansion up until 7th January 2010.
    -I am now living in Folks Washington
    Scarlett Careena Summers-Black
    - On October the 9th 2009 I discovered that I was 2 months pregnant with my third child, I was due on May 9th 2010, Found out I'm expecting a baby girl on 21/12/09 her name was Scarlett Careena Summers-Black♥ she died 16/01/2010 as a result of stress caused by her biological father Joey Tribbiani and his girlfriend Cheryl Ann Tyler. RIP baby girl, I am so sorry and I love you forever xxxxxxxx

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  • Romances

    -Oliver Pike (1992)
    - Jeffery Kramer (1994-1995)
    - Tyler (1995-1996)
    - Owen Thurman (1997)
    -Liam (Angel) (1997-1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007)
    -Tom Warner (1997)
    -Billy Fordham (1997)
    - Cameron Walker (1998 )
    -Scott Hope (1998 )
    -Parker Abrams (1999)
    -William (Spike) (1999, 2001-2007, *married 2004-2008*
    -Riley Finn (1999-2000)
    -Ben Wilkinson (2001)
    - R.J Brookes (2002)
    -Robin Wood (2003)
    -Harvey Denton (2008 )
    -Joey Tribbiani (2009)
    -Ashley Micheal-Love Black (2009, 2010) *married 1st Feb 2010-Present*

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  • People who mean a lot to me :)

    Phoenix Alexander- My son. He's going to be 4 years old in September and has been the best thing that's ever happened to me :) . I love him so much, more than words alone can describe. He was born on the 01/09/2004 in Rome. Spike and I chose the name Phoenix because he's something beautiful that rose out of something complex. I chose Alexander after Xander of course :P Spike had no say! I am so proud of my son and always will be. He is so cute and smart. He's looking forward to his new baby sister coming along too :) . Love you my darling boy. FOREVER. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    River Willow Summers- My baby daughter who was born on 15/06/08, she's 3 months old now and I love her so much, she makes me feel positive about my life and I love taking care of her, I wonder if she will grow up to be a mini me ha! She is so precious to me cause I thought I was gonna lose her, I was stabbed in the stomach a month before she was due by Gavin from Wolfram and Hart and I had to have an emergency C-Section, it really was an emergency!!! Willow healed us both so we owe our lives to her. River's biological father is Angel, though we are not together anymore, I was married to Spike when she was concieved. Love you lots my baby xxxxxxxxxx

    Dawn- My little sister. She hasn't always been there but it really feels like she has (Literally!). I could not imagine a world without her. I am ALWAYS going to be there for her whenever she needs me. I would die for her (again!). Things have been tough for us in the past, but I know she will make our mom very proud. Love ya Dawnie xxxxx

    Willow- I don't think I would of survived Sunnydale high without this girl. She is my best friend in the whole world, and is more powerful than ever. I have a lot to thank her for cause without her I would not of been able to save the world. She is a goddess. xxxxx

    Xander- I wouldn't of been able to survive high school without this guy either. He is a wonderful friend, a good listener and has always supported me through everything. I wish him all the happiness in the world cause he deserves it. He would do anything for me and for the good of the world. A true hero. xxxxx

    Giles- Giles IS my father. He has always been there for me and has always looked out for me with my best interests at heart. I consider him my Dad cause he has done more for me and has been there a hell of a lot more than my actual Dad has ever been. I couldn't imagine not having Giles around. Thank you for everything. xxxx

    Joyce- My mother, who sadly passed away on the 27th February 2001. Not a day goes by when I don't think about you and I wish you were here to see me and to see Dawn grow up into the incredible woman she's becoming. I wish you were here to see your grandchildren, cause no doubt they would have loved you so much. You always guided me and protected me the best way you could. I miss you so much Mommy. Love you with all my heart. xxxxxx

    Spike and Angel- I love them both in different ways, I could never choose. Its far to complicated. But I've made a mess of things. Everything was going well since the end of Sunnydale and the battle against the First. Spike and I settled in Rome and got married and had a son, but then when Angel came to visit last September I made a mess of everything, I let my past feelings take hold of me and slept with him. Spike found out almost straight away and chucked me out. I then discovered I was pregnant. Spike's convinced that its Angel's baby and I'm just not sure. I then lied to him and took our son as he had kept me away from him for months. I have now ran away to L.A and just told Angel who is all confused and doesn't seem to want to know. I feel so stupid and weak and ashamed and I hate the fact that I'm bringing my daughter into the world and situation like this. :(

    A Special Mention to some great friends:
    Oz, Anya, Tara, Cordelia, Faith, Robin, Andrew, Kennedy & Clem

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  • Sammy

    hey sexy

    9/25/12 via Mobile
  • Theresa Louise Harris
    Theresa Louise Harris

    Thank you so much hun for saying that :) family is good. Little Charley has started pre-school this week and she loved it. Hows you and Phoenix?

  • Theresa Louise Harris
    Theresa Louise Harris

    Hi Buffy, how are you hun?

  • Michelle

    yes i know hun x:)

  • Michelle

    yes it is next week i have my 3th scan then iam 20 weeks :) , we can talk in chat if you like

  • Michelle

    Thank you Buffy :) , pregnancy is going all good

  • luv Michelle

    Yes time go by so fast , thank you for the congrtz for the pregnancy , iam now 19 weeks :) , 8 years getting so big , i hope all the good things for you and youre son

  • Michelle

    We are okay , he turn 2 in september , how is youre boy doing ?

  • Michelle

    Hey Buffy , iam doing okay , how are you ?

  • 6/23/12
  • Willow Rosenberg

    Thanks for adding me as a friend! :)

  • Willow Rosenberg

    Thanks for adding me, Buffy!

  • Michelle

    Yes iam free on Wednesday hun xx

  • Buffy Summers
    Buffy Summers

    (: yay! sorry i wasn't on lol.

  • Angel

    en busy all week,he was sat in work looking over some files,looking over files was the one thing he hated the most,he loved being out helping people,so he got up walked out of where he worked as he looked around the street and started walking down the road*

  • Buffy Summers
    luv Buffy Summers

    (: its ok. when you going to start being on more?

  •  Amy

    Hey :) , things are going alright with me , how are things with you ?

  • luv Michelle

    Hi Buffy :) long time no see , how are things with you ?, thank you iam excited yes , iam now 14 weeks pregnant :) , sound a good plan that we can hang out some time , just let me know a date and we can try to get toghter xx

  • Angel

    *Angel walked into the kitchen*ehm about 11 months

  • 'Faith Lehane
    'Faith Lehane

    [Ooc- Hello, I'm sorry for not saying thanks for adding me :) I haven't been online much cause I been drinking a lot the past couple of days....:L I am more then willing to roleplay with ya...:) ]


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