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aah sorry, not been on in a while, its the holidays and i have been soo busy :|

2/16/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
    tasha ; fourteen ; june2008.

umm , yaa<3 i'm tasha , and i live in scotland . yaay . not ? i've been editing since june08 and i love it , even though it has its ups and downs . im genrally a nice person , so pop a comment ae ;d ? i can be a bitch tbh though , ive warned you : ) . i don't do requests , they take up too much time , i might when i settle back into editing again , ya ? . oooh . i'm fourteen . fifteen in 3 months < 3 . can't wait man ! . paris with my best friends in june <;-) ! cannot actually wait ! . julie, shannon , i love yous < 3 ! x im rambling now , ima go , byeee sweetcheeeeeks < 3 ! x x x


The Other Half Of Me
Gone Forever.

Gone Forever.

check her out bubs&lt;3!

photography, fashion, holidays, fairylights, vanilla, frappachinos, starbucks, bestfriends, dancing, taylorlautner <3
rain, scotlands weather, slowlaptop, coldfeet, beingill, costa, tkmaxx, daytimetv, jonasbrothers, mileycyrus </3
fourteen, scotland, graphics&art, fashion&photography, thirdyear, brownhair, browneyes, fivethree, got the drift ae?.
cherylcole, katieprice, taylorswift, pixielott, beyonceknowles, haydenpanitayre, emmaroberts..

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  • Voila.

    you should come back, i miss you<3.

  • Tasha.
    luv Tasha.


    7/5/10 via Mobile
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  • Kirsty Kissed Sitemodel
    Kirsty Kissed Sitemodel

    Herlloooo :) WHtaya been up to. ITS FRIDAY WAAHHOOOO :L got any plans for the weekend?

  • luv Megs.

    awh thanks :) im good tah, you?x

  • Incite Read Blog
    Incite Read Blog

    hey! omg freaken gosh! i haven't replied to comments in over a week :( i'm so sorry about this! i've just been so incredibly busy, friday nights are my only free time... haha awesome! your school has only been open for 20 years? :O your welcome! -charlotte (:

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  • ExquisiteHell Is Back
    ExquisiteHell Is Back

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  • Babeh'Jay'Ox.
    luv Babeh'Jay'Ox.

    thaats fiinee. minee was alrightt ; ! x was abit ahh but i still dOnt wanna gO tO schOol tOmOroOw :( xxx

  • Babeh'Jay'Ox.

    hello gorjj, xo. you ok? how's your holidays goingg? :/ takeecaree. loveyouu <333