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I Loveee Billie-Joe Armstronggg. <3

9/1/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

I Wanna Be That Someone That You're With.
Me, Myself, and I
Tbh, new bebo, new msn, new start. (Y)
If you actually wanna tlk to me, my new bebo is www.bebo.com/PigeonsPoop

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  • :L Youu should read thiss. ;D

    Becca: Are we in the right place?
    Lauren: Yeah i think so.
    *Carry on walking*
    Lauren: I dont think we are Becca.
    Becca: Me neither,but theres tons of fit guys.
    Lauren: Should there be :S this isnt really the right place for them..

    Ten minutes later.

    Lauren: WHO?!
    Becca: Fuck knows,but hes sure hot.
    Lauren: Mmyeah *drools*

    Becca: This songs kinda catchy.
    Lauren: Why do they have songs and people like these at this place?
    Becca: Dunno love.


    Lauren to Josh: Are we in the right place?
    Josh: Errr yeah.
    Becca: WHYS HE HERE?
    Lauren: Ssssh,i think he has a boner.
    Becca: OMG MY NAME ;)
    Lauren: SHUP

    Lauren: So josh,shall we take this upstairs?
    Josh: If you like.
    Becca: Oh hey mikey.
    Mikey: Lets go hoe.
    Becca: oKAY :D

    *Ffiteen minutes later*
    Lauren: Is this really the rediscovering dinosaurs place?
    Becca: I dont know,but im sure what i just saw wasnt a dinosaur.
    Lauren: Me neither.. It sure was big.
    Becca: SO WAS MIKEYS.
    Lauren: High five*:D

    Lauren: ITS OLI SYKES!
    Becca: ITS Billie-Joe Armstrongg

    *Skip off hand in hand with oli and Billie-Joe Armstrong.* HAHA
    Then we see josh wilkinson and andy :D

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  • Things To Do. :D

    Everyone Has One. So Im Gonna Make One. :L

    Meet Up With Alana && Lauraa.
    Seee Wild Child.
    See Batman.
    See McFlyy && Go:Audio
    Get A Picturee With Andy Silk Booth.
    Not Eat So Much Ice Cream. :L
    Take Lots Of Random Pictures.
    Have A Long Termishh Relationship. xD
    Not Be So Fucked. - Getting There. :D
    Stop Singing To Like Every Song So Much.
    Get Tht One Boy I Wantedd.
    Make Something Out Of Cotton Budsss. :D
    Buy The Hole Series Of Skins.
    && The Hole Series Of The Inbetweeners.
    Take A Decent Photo Of Mee.. Prooving To Be Very Hard :L
    Meet Up With Lauren/Grandmaa. :L
    Thing Of Stuff To Put In This Thing.

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  • Do it!? : )

    .♥ Who are youu?
    ♥. Are we friends?
    .♥ When and how did we meet?.
    ♥. Do youu fancy me?
    .♥ Would youu kiss me?
    ♥. Have youu ever said something about me behind my backk?
    .♥ Give me a nickname and explain whyy?
    ♥. Describe me in one word.
    .♥ What was your first impression of me?
    ♥. Do youu still fink the same?
    .♥ Do youu think i like youu?
    ♥. If you could give me anything wott would it be?
    .♥ How well do youu no me?
    ♥. Whens the last time youu saw me?
    .♥ Ever wanted to tell me something youu couldnt?
    ♥. Are you going to put this on your blog and see wot i say about youu?

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  • Dextern
    luv Dextern

    Heyyyy, I dont think you come on here at alll but thought i'd message =/
    message me if you get this ^^

  • Andreaa

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  • Liamy

    heyyyy you got msn i dont use this anymore ? xx

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  • Aoife Cullen.
    luv Aoife Cullen.

    Oh mii gosh :P It's been ageeess.. How are you doing hunni? :D Xxx

    3/10/09 via Mobile
  • P.
    luv P.

    HEYYY! ok will do! do you have a new msn your never on :S OMG YES WE HAVE TO ! are you selling your house ? loveyou x x x x have some Love

  • Shakey Jake
    luv Shakey Jake

    omg where you been for like... forever? I tried the link for your new profile bt it dont work >_> xx

  • Stand out and be Urself
    Stand out and be Urself

    We at xXPwettipepoXx think that your are a pwetti person and should join us just ask and you can get your pic up please comment and even join our comp http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Memb... Peace and Love♥

  • Unique Perfection
    Unique Perfection

    Cycle Two Is In The Blog,.

  • Hannah Daviis
    luv Hannah Daviis

    yess becca it's all the girls in england we HATE jasmine You Guys Where All Soo Right She Cries Ova Everything And ALWAYS Gets Her Own Way We Should Of Listened To You So Can W Make Up And Bitch About Her

  • Unique Perfection
    Unique Perfection

    Cycle Two Has Changed Slightly And You Have Been Picked.. Details Will Be In The Blog On Sunday When It Starts x

  • Babou

    Hey hun. How are you? Xox

    10/25/08 via Mobile
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    The most inter8ing profiles on Bebo

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    Heyyyy :) how are youuu? http://www.inter8ing.co.uk/vote.php?... vote for voteee maybee? xx

  • Olivia

    helloo could you bring in my cardigan tomorrow please thankyou x

  • Roisin.

    I lv billie joe armstrong more!

    9/9/08 via Mobile
  • Michal F
    Michal F

    Hi! Want to win inter8ing? we have some tips and tricks for you!:) http://www.bebo.com/Blog.jsp?MemberI...