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Hannah Cruickshank


6/20/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 124
  • from at the moment up north.....
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 17,161
  • Last active: 1/28/10
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About Me

...^^^RRAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!^^  ^...
Me, Myself, and I
Fav Bverse!~ hebrews 13:5-6, 1 Corinthians 13:1-7

wer ever u r, wat ever the weather,bring ur own sunshine

<i laff my bessiers yiop!!

"WOW.wit tis kinda pocket change the world is my oyster!"~kian

quote of the week (bex): well u wud spread him on a cracker!

song of the month: strange & beautiful~aqualung

*random memories*
david & i bein stalked by a child on halloween
ICECREAM ICECREAM ICECREAM!!! (followed by dance)
hollywood homaside ~"go on...tell him the title...NASTY!"
apparently canada is a state of america
my christmas wish list
davids wonderful dislikes......
fort in the perfect room
my raciest granny
crossing the border from the north wit ines when she had no visa!
napa scraps wit david
davids fav dvd from the *interesting shop* in napa.....
ordering chinese 2 bexs house& hunting the house for loose change!
"the hairs on my toenails are erect"
playin fuzzy duck in bexs gaff wit sum awful shots of sumting
berry kiss
u can have my pill
The Other Half Of Me
Ines Cmok

Ines Cmok

leans across strange guys to lick dead wasps

**reasons not to dye ur hair pink**
u soon run outta clothes tat dont clash or make u luk like a childrens tv presenter, ur shower water is pink, public places r a challenge never mind the flippin doctors waitin room!! ur boss doesnt reckconize u but thankfully doesnt show u the door, not the best ting to do wen u live wit 2 slighty sarcastic boys, and pple ive just met tink ive a blonde sister or twin tat they saw the week be4, sum 1 walked in2 a dull room then bac out & asked who the ginger was!!!
the Notebook cos me and rebecca always sit in the middle of the street and watch the traffic lights!
David says:we're not friends anymore.
David says:sorry but i dont like you.
David says:dont cry.
David says:i know you're dieing inside.
hannah says:its my hair ISNT IT!
David says:no its just you in general. i just realised how selfish you are.. like that time when i aksed you to lend me a car and you said you couldnt because you didnt own one. a GOOD friend would have stolen one and then taken the wrap if id got caught driving it, but you're just too selfish.
hannah says:....i...i....just dont no wat to say/type
David says:selfishness again.
they need a mention...
OLD MEN!! im talkin bout guys 55-60+ yrs. like wat is the flippin problem?!??!?! y do they follow me and insist on chattin me up or just bein plain weird??

wat age are u? (i answered 16-at the time), well tats the legal age to do anyting!, (not drive!!whilst movin away)-do u like rod stewart?-my dog had an operation, but hes ok now, no ting 2 serious.-can i sit here?(whilst porcedin to sit on me)-ur a very beautiful woman.-u"ll miss ur teeth wen there gone!!(opens mouth and bares his gums at me!)- u no like the cat and dog from the simpsons!!(???)

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  • my lovely friends

    ...refused to walk me to the dart station at 11pm cos he had "no shoes"...farted in the prefect room, the guy has no shame...after a long hard school day, i bought a rewardin snickers which david saw and of course wanted, so in the quiet, studious library POUNCED on me and ate it all......ALLL.....he attacks me pretty much every day now....its becomin a bad habit...... he makes fun of my ill health....he cant play flip the pancake, he doesnt shout it at the rite moment.....i gave him my last chewin gum in geog, and he spat it out at me in the perfect room.....he tried to push me off the huge platform tingy for the year pic, cos he didnt want me in the picture...he HIT ME!!! across the head!! then kicked me wen i fell wit the pain!!...he doesnt believe in printin on both sides of a page (hes against recycling)...

    "i really wish i cud wear the colour yellow", said whilst sittin in a brite yellow dressing gown!!! "shes got the strength of a kitten!", thought it was a gud idea to pass the time at the bus stop by singing loudly and thankfully we were only there for 50 mins!!!, open tis carton of cranberry juice.....so hannah proceeds 2 open the carton, & whilst doin so takes heed of not only the written directions, but ALSO the step by step pictures, on how 2 achieve a glass of cranberry juice...oh the simple pleasures of life!

    ..."hes so not deep, hang on wats the word? oh shallow!"~DeeDee, "id high 5 u but im wiping my ass!"~DeeDee...(whilst playin twister)~"u cant just push sum1 over!!"~kian & shane~"tis is a street sport!!"

    1 Comment 285 weeks

  • napaaaa

    truely a "bleedin massive" time!!~the ants~havin a self put in2 the wardrobe at 8am! drills involved!~the way i r, go dwn go dwn etc~dancin on bars, free shots, dangerous mix!~posh knobs!!!~slidin door always open~high skol pples, amazin crac!~tattoos:made in scotland, made in serbia, made in ireland!~addiction 2 pool!~water sports!the obrien!~ines' "wounds"~general clubbin!!epic!~runnin outa moola on the 4th las day~AIR CON!!!~mr seEEXXyyy!!~bexs free drinks from the owner~99c carton of wine!~go kartin!!:crashin in2 parked car, dave almost dyin!~many a nite in the mini pool~happy bar! claimed many a sober man!~tesco value choco spread in the shop~findin a clean towel wen packin ~the corina's 1 playlist~findin sunglasses on the las nite! havin my bday the las nite: a huge cake, song, cigar, champagne and thrown in the pool

    0 Comments 285 weeks

  • im sorry but it needed its own blog!

    the following r quotes from the fab nite at 21's tat took place on 7th oct.06. many pple took part in these amazin words, and many i hadnt a clue whom they were:
    surfin!.get ur hand off my wall!.ur the guy that got us on the radio..o i rember ines but NOT u!.breathing on d neck.You're so beautiful!.u r very confident for a girl!(kiss cheek).lurkin..!."SCORE!"..do u no them?..no..!."they look like theyr havin fun", "help"!.NO96!.VIP ROOM?."please get down from this dancefloor area". jaggerbomb?6.40-no, 6.80, no..!.you are so beautiful.ITS ME AND U, NOW, I BIN WAITIN!!"u guys r STIll here..". 96....96.....96!!!!!!!!!!WAT U MEAN U GOT THE SAME NUMBER!??!?!?! UP TOWN GIIRRRLLLL!!!ha!BILLY!!!!BILL Y CONALLY!!!!! guys....u on the 84N????....im upstairs....on my own....wit loads of drunk dudes singing......guys?!?!??!?

    0 Comments 354 weeks

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    Caroyln Ginnings

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  • Rachel

    hey duno if ul rem me but i went to apostolic wit yas years ago!! jus thought id say hey n hope ur keepin well xxxxxxxxx

  • Damian Stephen
    Damian Stephen

    wel wdc? how u been?

  • Becks Cruickshank

    GGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!

  • Alisa Nebotova
    Alisa Nebotova

    hey ya hun, jeziez yea, dont even know wat u luk lyk anymore... life is grand at da mo, hows u?

  • Ben Ferguson
    luv Ben Ferguson

    February... thats ages away!! nd its a pitty cause i had the most amazing present as well,ah well,i'll just throw it out!! the airplanes are still flying neway,havn't crashed one yet!!! are you still in charge of the jewlers??? theres loads of jewellers down here you can be in charge of......

  • Ben Ferguson
    luv Ben Ferguson

    howiya loser.... so when are you cumin down 4 christmas???

  • Twentyone Club
    Twentyone Club

    Friday NOVEMBER 28th Presents: :D :D THE PRODIGY @ Club XXI - Live DJ Set from LEE-ROY:D :D Tickets €12 on sale from UCD Artsoc & at the door FREE BUS FROM UCD @ 11PM w/ TICKET :P €3 Drinks & €6.50 Double Vodka Redbull:P Doors 10pm comment service provided by beboads@yahoo.com 16-Nov-2008 08:56:06.981

  • Eoin Larkin
    Eoin Larkin

    ass face? how immature, you're an ass face. whatv u been up to since u wer last in civilisation? u stalling it back down anytime soon?

  • David Long
    David Long

    Call me soon and come visit even sooner, I miss you loads! x

  • Andy Nixon
    Andy Nixon

    i no ye its been a while alright! dats cool i'd say its good crack! u got a job no way! :L :L so can u hook me up with some bling??? not much crack really i'm real busy with work at the mo i've been workin non stop! and den drinkin in the spare time :L :L ! did u do anythin for d summer?

  • Ben Ferguson
    luv Ben Ferguson

    by any chance do you live near newry????