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Jen Murphy

I kissed Dr. Cox....and i LIKED it!!wooooo!:D :D :D

10/13/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 23, Luv 112
  • from Rochestown!!
  • I am Down for Whatever
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About Me

Lauren Murphy molests 17 year olds....BEWARE!
Me, Myself, and I

<<<========Rave wooooo!

Can't spell fUCkeD without UCD!

WHOOOO lives in a pineapple under the sea...


I'm doing B&L and I'm better than u LOL


"what happens in cabo stays in cabo!!!"....olisa!

LUCY...."i would NEVER go with either of them........again!!!
The Other Half Of Me
Ciara O'Herlihy

Ciara O'Herlihy

So far away!!..POOOOO!:L sexy lady!!!xxxxx

Things I love...
Friends and family of course.....all the smc girls, laughing so hard that anything someone says is funny, being really hyper, SUMMER especially summer '07 greatest summer ever don't know how anythin will ever beat it, montpellier, really sunny days, having a tan, meeting new people, socializing, nights out especialy parties, vodka and razza, vodka and tropicana, the floor in bondi wooo, redz, dancing the night away, getting free drinks(always when im with ci...vip woo!), roast dinners, gravy, chipper on a friday night in laoises, being in laoises, the couch in laoises o god so comfy!, finding random shows(100 greatest adds haha lis laois!), driving, screaming songs at d top of ur voice, haha in nashies house and also in ci's kitchen or laoises car, kareoke, going out with people u usually dnt, CHRISTMAS, christmas songs, christmas dinner, real christmas trees they smell so nice! getting presents, the brown thomas magical xmas window!!, skiing, switzerland, wesendorf.....
and more.....
Aoifs sensibleness, when aoif drunkenly forgets shes sensible! a good cup of tea and a choc bar, the good feeling u get after actually going to the gym, my bday(21st of march!), me and lisas future joint 18th!, random days and even randomer nights, chilling in ci's, lunch time convos(CAR!!), home and away, scandal, random wednesday with olisa, 4th year, OXYGEN best day ever, life!lol..funny convos with people, really good convos, having a big long chat on the phone, being on the phone to certain ppl who i never see, seeing thos people!, girly nights (when we don't over do them!, having a really good sleep when ur tired, dreaming, callipo's, cocktale mmm tequila sunrise, chinese, domino's, getting dressed up, lazing in me pj's, gillian o dwyers cakes WOW, meteor what a man..high school musical, the notebook, buying stuff, finding really nice clothes, hoodys, biology with ci haha nerds 4 life, Jac and her cats, booking SANTA PONSA o god its gonna be unreal!, random ro
Kickboxing...hiiiiiiyaaaa!, im learning to sail too im gonna get my level 1 you guys!:D ....iv dabbled in a bit of squash, tennis and hockey in my time also!
Scared Of
when im older
...........i want to be lauren murphy
why cant i be more like
...lauren murphy
i want
lauren murphys babies..........and niamhs the godmother

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    1. JAC....(churches, knickers, tooth incident, and WWAAAYYY more!!lol)
    2. CIWI,,,,(likes to take 2 hr naps in the middle of her nites haha)
    3. LISA...."im horny when im drunk!"....dykeface!!
    4. MEEE....jac says im getting better!waaaaaaaaay 2 sensible 2 forget half of my nites!
    5. AOIFE.....wat a drunken mess!!!..."im going t bed" LOOOOSER!!!!lol...


  • Guys....whats worse in a girl?!?!

    1. wearing too much make up?
    2. having a bad score?
    3. being a headwrecker?
    4. having bad fashion sense?


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    1. Full Name: Jennifer Murphy
    2. Nicknames: Jen, jenny poo, jennifero...loads more!
    3. Birthday: 21-03-90
    4. Place of Birth: Cork
    5. Zodiac Sign: Aries
    6. Male or Female: Female
    7. Grade: Secondary School
    8. School: Scoil Mhuire(its d best!!)
    9. Occupation: Student!!
    10. Residence: Rochestown, Cork...but not 4 long!
    11. MSN Screen Name: JEN!!
    __Your Appearance___
    12. Hair Color: brown
    13. Hair Length: long!!
    14. Eye color: Blue
    15. Weight: haha:L
    16. Height:emmmm ill jst go measure now lyk!!
    17. Braces?: yep getting them off soon tho!
    18. Glasses?: Nope
    19. Piercings: my ears and bellybutton
    20. Tattoos: nope bt wud love a small one!
    21. Righty or Lefty: righty
    ___Your 'Firsts'___
    22. First best friend: my old nxt door neighbour tom!
    23. First Award: prob tennis!
    24. First Sport You Joined:tennis!
    25. First pet: bob the goldfish!:L
    26. First Real Vacation: Tunisia when i was lik 3!!
    28. First Love: ill get back t ya when it happens!!
    ___ Favorites___
    29. Movie: home alone,love actually,the notebook!awww!
    30. TV programme: sex and the city, friends, home and away is the best ever!, laguna beach and the oc!
    31. Color: pink!
    32. Rapper: not really into rap bt id say 2 pac!
    33. Band: anything really lik!
    34. Song Right Now: all d chrismassy songs coz its christmas!
    35. Friends: defo all d smc girls there such a laugh!
    36. Sweet: chocolate!
    37. Sport to Play: hockey and tennis and the table football thingy woooo!and BOP IT!!!lol....:L
    38. Restuarant: aroma yummy and amicus!
    39. Favorite brand: abercrombie defo!
    40. Store: abercrombie, river island, pennys!!
    41. School Subject: maths
    42. Animal: d dog i babysit!!
    43. Book: circle of friends ,ross o carroll kelly
    44. Magazine: kiss and now!
    45. Shoes: pumps, uggs, pretty heels!
    46. Feeling: happy :)
    47. Single or Taken?: single...love it that way tho!
    48. Have a crush: yep..defo do;) who doesnt lik!?!?
    49. Eating: haggen daaz cookies and cream!mmmmm.....
    50. Drinking: nothing!
    51. Typing: haha no im not!
    52. Online?: yep!
    53. Listening To: mc fly!!
    54. Thinking About: going t bed and life in general!!!:L
    55. Wanting: saturday t come coz im going skiing!
    56. Watching: the computer
    57. Wearing: my pjs!
    ___Your Future___
    58. Want Kids?: ya
    59. Want to be Married?: i do!
    60. Careers in Mind: Law id say!
    61. Wanting to live: who knows whatll happen!
    62. Car: mini cooper, clio, golf!!...3 months!
    __Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___
    63. Hair color: mostly brown or sometimes blonde
    64. Hair length: watever suits the person!
    65. Eye color: love blue or brown!grrrrrrr:D
    66. Measurments: normal?!?
    67. Cute or Sexy: Both
    68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes definitley!
    70. Short or Tall: taller than me!!(not 2 hard:) !)
    71. Easygoing or serious: easygoing
    72. Romantic or Spontaneous: love d romance stuff lik bt dont lik ppl who are 2 predictable so both!
    73. Fatty or Skinny: toned! gotta av a 6 pack lik!:L
    74. Sensitive or Loud: bit of both...sensitive guys are so cute!
    75. Hook-up or Relationship: relationship depending on d person!
    76. Sweet or Caring: caring...or sweet!!!!
    77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One:Troublemaker ;)
    ___Have you ever______
    78. Kissed a Stranger: yep!!good ol garryduff days!
    79. Had Alcohol: im a pioneer so i am!
    80. Smoked: ya so bad tho!
    81. Ran Away From Home:when i was lik 5 with a bag of teddies!
    82. Broken a bone:never!
    83. Got an X-ray: suprisingly nope!
    84. Been with someone:Yes
    85. Broken Someones Heart: Doubt it
    86. Broke Up With Someone: Yes
    87. Cried When Someone Died: yep
    88. Cried At School: not bout school stuff bt ya!
    ___Do You Believe In___
    89. God: ya i think so!
    90. Miracles: sorta ya....
    91. Love At First sight: ya!!romeo and juliet lik!
    92. Ghosts: ya never know!!
    93. Aliens: hell no!
    94. Soul Mates: ya bt i think everyone has a few lik theres not jst 1 person 4 everyone if ya get me!
    95. Heaven: Ya
    96. Hell: there must b i spose
    97. Angels:

    0 Comments 344 weeks

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    RAP IRELAND ARE BACK IN CORK!! MANGANS NIGHTCLUB - JULY 6TH & 8TH Remember the Jay-Z Afterparty?! WE'RE BACK! Since then Rap Ireland have hosted parties and concerts for Akon, T-Pain, N-Dubz and Ying Yang Twins! JULY 6TH - AFTER NEYO CONCERT - RAP IRELAND AFTERPARTY JULY 8TH - AFTER KANYE WEST CONCERT - RAP IRELAND AFTERPARTY OVER 500 TICKETS PRESOLD ALREADY!! MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON THE GUESTLIST: http://rapireland.com/component/opti... Murphy LET'S GO!!!!!!

  • Darren O Hara

    hey jen, im having my 21st on the 10th of july in liquid lounge,said id give you a shout.just tryin to get an idea of numbers,will you be around for it??you can bring a few of the girls if their up for it! get back to me when ya can thanks!

  • Ciara O'Herlihy
    luv Ciara O'Herlihy

    love for my ben!!!x x x

  • Mwahahahaaw .Efa
    Mwahahahaaw .Efa

    hey pet!!!! howz u!!?! :P not sure if ur in dub or anything but thought i'd let u no, i think the B&L are gonna try have a night out tmo (13th) student bar first and then out on the town!! :D :P spread the word! :D ;) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lauren

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!:) :) :) :) :) miss you pookie:( xoxox

  • Fiona Hoare
    luv Fiona Hoare

    hey jen :D fully recoverd?! pics r priceless..im lik holdin u up in 1of dem :L

  • Laura Nash
    Laura Nash

    jen . .. . i stole ur skin . . . . it may have been an awful doing but it wasn cause i wanted the skin, . . it was because i WANT to be you . . . . . .

  • luv Ryan M

    to be honest im afraid of wed and the bombscare that i will turn into with the influences of beer, love and beer. yeah the chalk makes us even i guess and what with every1 commenting on my photo, i happen to think i look rather BABALICIOUS in that photo, alot of time and effort went into that pose!

  • Lauren
    luv Lauren

    hey babes, ya im baiting into the library in bout a half hour, ill call u then :D my sis is studying her lil arse off n shes sick n like exhausted so im going to run to the shop to buy her red bull and surprises!:D see u in a few :D love her xoxo

  • Laurie D
    Laurie D

    im in the library jen WHERE ARE YOU??? you said ud be here at 9 poor show jen poor show .....