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Emma Tbph.

Feeling soo much better about everything :)

2/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Essex Baybeee :P
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

18 /
Me, Myself, and I
*Emma-Jayne Hatcher

*Great Baddow Sixth Form College

*16 years old

Holding Hands All Day,
Its Kinda Clamy But Its All Ok,
Cos' He Makes Me Smile,
He Makes Me Happy,
Telling Me I'm A Beautiful Girl
The Most Beautiful Girl
In The Whole Wide World ♫      

     - Tbh ♥ Lewis Wooton.
     And Beckie&&Mel

Everything Happens For A Reason
Youre a fucking crazy girl. i made you promise we'd run away together. and lol, it better happen: P i'll hold you too it. Thankyou for being there for me whilst i was pissed outta my head aha. I'm always here for you. Us against the world, we're gunna be forever, ill always catch you when you fall. Hehe suchaa good night. I love you so much, doubt i'd be me without you. Thankyou xxx
NANG NUMPTYS Basically my love, you are amazing. fucking wouldn't be anywhere without you. yes we've had arguments, and funny patches, but they'd be pretty much doubled over a hundred times but the laughs and smiles you've caused to appear on my face soo many times. i love you

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  • -Bex.
    luv -Bex.

    i do love you (: youre pretty fit tbh but dont tell anyone xD hope youre feeling better today loveyou nang numptys(Y) xxx

  • luv Fleur.Sophia.Huntley

    Heyya Emma (: How Are You ? We Havet Spoke In Awhile x lool x Wubu2 x Scribble Back Love You Fleur x :)

  • Melissa
    luv Melissa

    (: Noooooothing. lmao. you looser! Good Girl lol. iloveyou, more. xxxxx

  • Melissa
    luv Melissa

    Alright you sexy mofo. haha. you okay my dear? wubu2? using protection? good girl. do as sex instructor (me) tells you LOL. iloveyou, sex god. lol. xxx Ps. im in a wierd mood. if you havent guessed(:

  • Melissa
    luv Melissa

    :D :D :D we are still going to run away together btw.(: hahaa, that was rather funny! i was like woooo! calm down love! lols. you're getting as bad as me with hitting things lol. like down molsham street and that metal thing, i cut my finger:( loool. Hahahah! bless ya. probs when we were running. lmao. Love you lots! xxxxxxxxxx

  • Melissa
    luv Melissa

    Thankyou, Soo much for last night. you made me laugh with our walk lol. you've been there for me so much recently, and i really appreciate it. like what you said to me last night, "i'll always be there to catch you when you fall" same with you sweetheart. you will always be one of my best mates. i really do love you too bits. Thankyou. xxxxxxxx

  • Lil-Shawty-Maytee.X

    omg i miss you babe :( !!! wher u bin?!? we needa meet soon trust miss al da tyms weve ad i love you gurl x

  • Sxc Jadey Baby
    Sxc Jadey Baby

    heya huni how r u? long time no speak wb xxxxx

  • Melissa

    Emma Fuckin' Jane Hatcher. Tbh. You're Gay:D Hows The Lover + Yourself?? + The Summmerrrrr:D ?? i Loove You. 'xo

  • Melissa

    Heey Babe:D . Can You Please Delete My Msn. Coz Sum Gay Has Hacked in:( And Add My New One, MK_dammit92@hotmail.com Thankss Darlin, Please Spread To More People. Coz People Getin Abuse From Whoever Has Hacked in. Love You millions. 'xo

  • -Bex.

    Babee;; Saturdayy.. My Housee.. 6-11pm BBQ (: Pleasee Comee.. Text Me When You Know If Youu Can (: Lovee Youu (: xx

  • -Bex.
    luv -Bex.

    Aww i Jus Read What You Wrote Bout Me &+ Mel. i Miss Youu Too ): Dukes Was Soo Fun. Reminded Me Of Old Timess Too (: Glad We Have All Put The Past Behind Us Now (: Cant Wait Till Next Week (: Dukes Again Lol Well If Youre Goingg Lol Lovee Youu Lotss "Nang Numptys" :D xxx

  • Melissa

    Aww Bless. Wha You Put Bout Me + Beckie. Miss You Tooo Babes. HeHeee. Bumchums Always. Could Never Forget All Them Amazing Times :D :D Read Mine HeHe. xxx

  • Melissa

    Good Good, Yehh Taa. im Great Fankks Babe. With Mum + Nan @ A Magazine Company Thingy, LOL. :D :D :D Goood. Well See You On The Podium:P LOL Yupp Exactly, Wierd But Goood. Missed it.:D :D :D Love You Lots. 'xo

  • Melissa

    Heey Sweetiee:D Youu Okaay ?? Whaa You Up Too ?? Im Soo Bored, At Work Atm. Amuse Me Please:D LOL You Going Next Elle's Dukes Party ?? + Too The After Party ?? LOL, Hah!! Me; You + Beckie, That Was Soo Funny, With Our Podium Dancing + Raving LOL Awww Bless!! Great Times.:D Bumchums, Were Like Reunited LOL. Ahaaa!! Anywayysss, Lots Of Love. 'xo My Fellow Bumchum.

  • Melissa
    luv Melissa

    LOL Bless Youu Both:D HaHaaa!!, Emma's Sexually Frustrated:P i Can Sort That Out. Oi Oi LOL Ahaa!! i Make Myself Laugh LOL. *Hug Hug Hug* Errmm, Nm Amys Party Tomorrow, You Going ?? Was At My Loverrss Tonight. Went Round His Gnans For Dinner:) Love You Lots. 'xo

  • Melissa

    Ha!! i Wish:( LOL, HeHee i Know:P Awww LOL Bless, Noo Kissing LOL. Ahaa!! Poor You LOL. Bet Lew Got Furstrated With Your Teasing LOL. LOL Good He Should Be:D LOL.:( *Hug Back* LOL, Yehh Was Pretty Much LOL. Been Best Mates Since Like Year 7 LOL. Lovee You Loads. 'xo