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Loreta - Forever Fighting

To all the people on here i could once call friends, who i'd once share my inner most fears with - I still love you all, and hope you are ok

9/3/12 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Rip Away The Fat
Me, Myself, and I
This is a small insight into
an extremely messed up mind

Theropist - 'Why do this to yourself?'

Loreta - 'My body is my canvus, its my working masterpiece! I will not stop untill i am happy with it. I will not stop until I can see beauty in it.'

Theropist - 'But your killing yourself!'

Loreta - 'All true artist suffer for their art.'

Listen to your own muse,
Find your own version of beauty, then fight for it.
CW 12.5st 175lbs yh.. HW 177.8lbs 12st7lbs GW 9st
5, 9
Just so you know...
I will not give advice but will listen to ur rants ;) cos we all need them
Its been awhile now since my last relapse, but seeing my current weight, all i wanna do is run and purge. Not in that order.

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  • Summer 8¬/

    I HATE Summer. Bikinis, skimpy clothes and all those naturally skiny b*tches get their bodies out and make me want to cry.

    So this is what i have in mind. Obv i hav to start again as iv been a lazy fatty.

    First pictures, see my wobbly jiggly body, the pure sight of my fat arse will give me a kick start, then theres mirrors... Have to work up to these things.

    food diary. cut down day by day.

    and if nessesary purge and attack
    Enough said.

    0 Comments 174 weeks

  • Letter

    Dear Ana,

    I offer you my soul, my heart and my bodily functions. I give you all my earthly possessions.

    I seek your wisdom, your faith and your feather weight. I pledge to obtain the ability to float, to lower my weight to the single digits, I pledge to stare into space, to fear food, and to see obese images in the mirror. I will worship you and pledge to be a faithful servant until death does us part.

    If I cheat on you and procreate with Ronald McDonald, Dave Thomas, the colonel or that cute little dog. I will kneel over my toilet and thrust my fingers deep in my throat and pray for your forgiveness.

    Please Ana, don't give up on me. I'm so weak, I know, but only you with your strength inside me will I become a woman worthy of love and respect. I'm begging for you not to give up, I'm pleading with my shallow breathes and my pale skin. I bleed for you, suffer leg pains, headaches and fainting spells. My love for you makes me dizzy and confused I don't know whether I'm coming or going. Men run when they see the love I have for you and never return. But they aren't important to me all that's important is that you love me.

    If you stay with me, I will worship you daily, I will run miles a day, come rain, snow, bitter cold or searing heat I will run from the pain and in fright. I will do 1,000 sit ups a day and lie to my family about what I eat and how I feel. I will stop weeping when I feel your warm arms embrace my shivering body. I will numb the hunger pains with razor blades and your strength.

    Today, I renew our friendship and resolve to be faithful to you year long, life long. I begin each year with a 3 day fast in honor of you. If you give me the strength to fade away I will love you and worship you forever.

    When I'm finally faded to nothing, when you've given me the gift of ending this torturous life. I will float on to the next world and be thin and beautiful payment for my undying love for you in this world.

    I ask only one more thing you, please Ana, remove me from this hell, from this world ASAP. Please take away this hatred for my pain and allow me to be free and light.

    Love Always, Me.

    0 Comments 248 weeks

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Loreta - Forever Fighting wrote
at 12:28 PM on October 23,2009
1064 in one morning? no wonder im not loosing weight!
if it wasnt for all the exercise... *shudders*
Loreta - Forever Fighting wrote
at 09:23 AM on May 04,2009
May never eat sausages again!
Loreta - Forever Fighting wrote
at 04:34 PM on March 16,2009
530 today! im getting worst
& ill prob be made to eat dinner :/
i hate the end of a fast!
makes food seem too tempting
Loreta - Forever Fighting wrote
at 05:36 PM on March 13,2009
Meant to have 2634? **** tht! i disguested iv had so much already!

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  • Lauren Emily
    Lauren Emily

    i cant take this any more :( please help me

  • Williams

    Hi how's u

    7/24/11 via Mobile
  • Williams

    Not alot Finnishing up my year at college and looking for a job

    6/24/11 via Mobile
  • Williams

    I'm good thanks so what's u up to lately :)

    6/21/11 via Mobile
  • Williams

    Hi how's u it's been ages

    6/20/11 via Mobile
  • Brokendown.

    good good, im alright thanks. xx

  • Brokendown.

    Hello, thanks for the add. How are you? xx

  • Lauren Emily
    luv Lauren Emily

    btw. i missed you X1984718974 :)

  • Lauren Emily
    luv Lauren Emily

    ok Hun, I have an a level maths exam today :0 how many Re you having today? I've had half a bowl of cheereos for breakfast :/ xxx

    5/18/11 via Mobile
  • Lauren Emily
    luv Lauren Emily

    :( I'm shit to :( massive binge last night an I have gained like 0.5 stone since :( how much r u now?

    5/17/11 via Mobile
  • Lauren Emily
    luv Lauren Emily

    hi babe how are you? how are you doing weight wise? I missed you! x

    5/13/11 via Mobile
  • Fatass

    Heyy Long time no speak :( How are youu? xx

  • Lauren Emily
    luv Lauren Emily

    god are you ok?! what happened? how'd you lose that?? help please xx

  • Lauren Emily
    Lauren Emily

    hey babe how you going? lost at all? love you xxx

  • Lauren Emily
    luv Lauren Emily

    hello you (: hows things? just got back from spain (: x

    8/30/09 via Mobile
  • Dreamer

    hey hun i just wanna say that you are beautiful! feel free to add me (: x x x

  • Lauren Emily
    luv Lauren Emily

    hey bubba sorry for going carazyy on you today :/ love you x

  • Lauren Emily
    Lauren Emily

    hey lovely :) miss you so lots! just so you know. my phone is having a spazzm so thats why i haven't been texting, how was it? miss you!!!! much love; ox

  • Anorexic Angel
    Anorexic Angel

    Hiya hun. How are you ? I don't think we've spoke before, have we ? I'm loving the skin by the way ! x