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J Dot C

From My Homie To My Only Number One

4/16/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 397
  • from H-Town
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 5,318
  • Member since: May 2008
  • Last active: 8/15/10
  • www.bebo.com/Jd0tC
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Omd Ent Been On Ere For Longggggggg
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(<Looking For That Wifey>)

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  • luv MummysGurll'Ox


  • 3/14/10
  • luv MummysGurll'Ox

    >>>>>>>>&g  t;>

  • Melissa Ox.
    luv Melissa Ox.

    ermm what? ;) <3

  • 3/9/10
  • Melissa Ox.
    luv Melissa Ox.

    BEBOOO!! (:

  • luv MummysGurll'Ox

    Heyy Look Wot Iv Rit Bout You Onn Mi Ova Alf Thingy :) It Says Ur All Mineee ;) Hahaa Lol Havee Loveee >>> LoveeYouu :) 'Ox xxxx

  • luv MummysGurll'Ox

    Heyyy Ahh U Dnt No Wots Hapend Do Yaa Lol Nowttt Chillin N Shit Wbuu ?? Ill Give You Lovee Backk Coss A Love Yaa 2 I Nooo Lol But I Willll Dnt Worry Babee 'Ox

  • MummysGurll'Ox

    Taaa Lol :) && I Forgivee Yaaaa 'Ox

  • luv MummysGurll'Ox

    Oii Your Lucky U Still Mi Ovaa Halfff I Aint Had Loveee Fromm U In Agerssss :( Lol :) Lovveeee >>>>>> XxxX

  • Pwincess Jodie
    luv Pwincess Jodie

    Aha Jassssssssssson Bin College 2Day But Let Hme Early So All Good HaHa Uu ?? Yh Am Good Babe Uu ? xx

  • luv MummysGurll'Ox

    Hu Mite That Bee Ehh :) Av Love Backk >> o_O xxx

  • Babeelouisee

    Lol GoodGood Nm Tbhh On Msn Youu ?? xxx

  • Babeelouisee

    Lol I think I Texted you of beckys phonee agers agoo lol not suree you jason?? and imokaa thanks youuu :) xxx

  • Babeelouisee

    Randomm Add (: x

  • Watkins

    Yh yh safe

    12/14/09 via Mobile
  • Watkins

    6 m0nth referal orda. N she streses me owt man its killa

    12/10/09 via Mobile
  • luv MummysGurll'Ox

    Yupp I Agree I Amm Speciall Lol :) xx

  • luv MummysGurll'Ox

    I Guess You R Fitt Tooo ;) Soo Heres Anovaa Lovee Lol >>

  • luv MummysGurll'Ox

    Lovee Forr The Poshh Oneee :L Lol xx


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