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Kayleigh Babess Xx

why did you have to go my handsome boy? i will always love you, and never forget you leon. xx

10/31/09 | me too! | Reply

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Live To Dance ♥
Me, Myself, and I
Kayleigh Ann Faram x3

13 x3

Cwmtawe Community School

Love all my friends :)
You mean the world to me :D

Leon i will always love you, and promise i will never, ever forget you you had such an impact on so many peoples lives, and meant so much to so many people, you will never know how much you truly mean to me you were brave, and you gave so much to so many. Sleep sweet my gorgeous, handsome boy :) R.I.P. baby xx

The Other Half Of Me
Click For Owen

Click For Owen

Owen - my bruva from another muva :D My best m8! x

Boys & Girls x3
Boys and Girls you are ALL amazing ii Love Yoou All tbhh. I dont know where i would be without you :D LovesYooouAlll !! x33
The dream
It's every girls dream, to meet "the one", that one boy who makes you feel like you're the most important person in the world. The one that hugs you so tight, you never want him to let go. The one you feel safe with, laugh with, cry with, talk to, be close to, be friends with. That one boy who makes you feel giddy, shaky and excited all at the same time. The one who will love you no matter what your faults are. The one who is proud of you, and who tells you how beautiful you are. The boy who will laugh with you and not at you. The one that you never want to lose, and will never let you go. The one who will love you. It's every girls dream.

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    do thiss pleasee (:

    1. who are youu ?
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    5. would you kiss me ? only answer if ur a boy plz
    6. give me a nickname and explain why ?
    7. descrie me in one word ?
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    .9. do you stilll think the same ?
    10. how well do you know me ?
    11. when was the last time you saw me , if you ever have seen mee ?
    12. ever wanted to tell me something you couldnt
    13. if we were together right know what would you doo ?
    14. what will be the very last thing you say to me ?
    15. are you going to put this on your bebo and see what i say about youu ?
    byeee mateee

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  • Sara J
    luv Sara J

    heyya babe you ok n :L im soo bored just sending messages to people that send mee some :L lol have my biggest love haha you know its true :P APRIL 9 TH woop woop - APRIL 12TH :D :D byebye xx x

  • Rhyso
    luv Rhyso


    2/3/10 via Mobile
  • Kerrianne

    Hia Kaileigh wats u r nsn addiee xx

    2/2/10 via Mobile
  • Emilybabezzxo
    luv Emilybabezzxo

    hay babezzz any crxzzz :)

  • Sara J
    luv Sara J

    yhoo to babe lol happy new year :L have my love sis

  • Kiraah
    luv Kiraah

    Kayleighh babe :) aint spoken to you for ages :O you alrighht ? have a nice christmas? loveyou(L) xxxxxxxx

  • Tk Max
    luv Tk Max

    wellll ur more threatening than rhys :L

  • Tk Max
    Tk Max

    lol :L

  • Tk Max
    luv Tk Max

    Urmm i dunt mind, u can drop it off if u like and if u fire it at me ill hav 2 fire 1 bak :L

  • Sherr Babes X
    luv Sherr Babes X

    Hellooo babes imm Glad yoour showw went well :) ii Caant wai untill yoour baack in reg :D :L i'vee missed yoou :O xx

  • 12/15/09
  • Click For Owen

    Thanks Kayleigh :3 I got 4 left :3 xx

  • luv KyyleeThhommass.

    hey freaky yer fine u

  • Sherr Babes X
    luv Sherr Babes X

    ii Looveee KAYLEIGH FARAMM ;) :L xx

  • Sara J
    luv Sara J

    hia babe :D chufin bout .......... LOL hehe and omg i cant believe she sorrt off heard :S opps see yhoo soon walking in the winterwonderland :D have my love xxxx

  • Sherr Babes X
    luv Sherr Babes X

    loveeyooou (:

  • Anyaa.

    Heyy babe:) you kayy?? up to much thern?? bumm back soon luu x Gicvve u love when i get some ayee;) x

  • Emz
    luv Emz

    heeey kaylz :) get well sooon babe. i missed youu todaay, hope ur feeling better (yn) loveyouu xxx