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ILoveeYouu. Bethannie

4/9/10 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 18, Luv 128
  • from bishop auckland
  • I am Down for Whatever
  • Member since: May 2008
  • Last active: 11/10/10
  • www.bebo.com/chloe1674
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About Me

Chloee..Natalie..Connie..Cath  erine..Beth
Me, Myself, and I
♥well im mee.. :)
The Other Half Of Me


ILoveeYouuu + Best Cuz xx :)

Scotish Girls ♥
Scotish Girls ♥

English Boys ♥


Thats the way life is :)

Why spend your life worrying about what people think of you fuck them be diffrent :)

Laugh The LOUDEST... :L
Smile The BIGGEST :D

Only God Can Judge Me

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  • Chloe lowther 2k9

    Name ?
    Age ?
    Eyes ?
    Would you ever hug me ?
    Would you ever hold my hand ?
    Would you ever Kiss me?
    Would you ever Get off with me ?
    Would you ever Shag me ?
    Rate me out of 10 ??
    Do ya luv me ??
    Put 3 kisses if ya luv me
    2 if u wnna kiss me
    1 if u like me x

    Chloe Lother 2k9 xxxxxxxx

    3 Comments 232 weeks

  • wood u ever ??

    lWhat is my name: ?
    Where do i live: ?
    How old am i: ?

    Would u ever hug me ?
    would you ever kiss me ?
    would you ever snog me ?
    would u ever have sex with me ?
    would you ever meet me ?

    do u fancie me ?
    do u h8 me ?
    do u like me as a m8 ?
    do u like the coulour of my eyes ?
    leave a comment plz ilusfm if ya de xx lyl xx

    0 Comments 234 weeks

  • answer yes or no x x >> U can pick more than 1 x

    What Is The best thing about me ??

    My Smile ?
    My Eyes ?
    My Lips ?
    My Bum ?
    My Legs ?
    My Nose ?
    My Hair ?
    My Face lol ?
    My Figure ?
    My Hands lol ?
    My Eyelashes ?

    Do you want to say anything be4 u go x bi x

    0 Comments 245 weeks

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    - L'VL

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  • luv Bethannie.

    yoyo ladies mr k is in da house wiki wiki wa was braap. listen up bitches ive travelled so far ,dk's in town and he wants to take off your bra,, im smooth im sexy im uncommenly cute, so how about playing a loe tune on my flute, ive got a range of techniques to my dispossal so why dont u except my indecent propasal,, coz its comic relief fun like you need more fun ,, if you let me stick my willy up your bum BALAMORY !! lloooooove yaa;D<3?!!

  • Catherinebbz.
    luv Catherinebbz.

    hiiyababe , heres ma last love :)) loveyoubabe:) xxxxxxxx

  • Bethannie.

    wikki wikki waaa waaa brap xx

  • luv Bethannie.

    have another one..

  • luv Bethannie.

    love braaaaap.

  • luv Bethannie.


  • luv Bethannie.

    oioi bitch:D .

  • Natalie.
    luv Natalie.

    heres your love back babes. because i love you too:* . yeah im fine, what about yourself? xx

  • Gayboys United
    luv Gayboys United

    hiya, have a love;) ! xxxxx

  • luv Bethannie.

    hiya baby:) im ok not alot just school and that boring old stuff you? love returned baby:D xxxxxx

  • -Sinead

    Yeahh am finee =) u ?? +&* u will have to come down myn 1day unni X X X all ows you the love xx

  • Peachy
    luv Peachy

    Loveeyouu :D x x

  • N I K K I
    luv N I K K I

    iyaaa bbbz :) ! good uuu ?? thanks heres it baak :) .xxx

  • luv Bethannie.

    hiya bby. yeye but you are loved well more here take it its not needed for anyone in particular see you soon miss you!!!!! xxxxxxx

  • Broganjoy
    luv Broganjoy

    Heyyah Hunn xx Yaahh Oreeeyt Tonyt Beeen Funny hahah..x Chair Spinningg..x..x ILoveYaahhh...x

  • N I K K I
    N I K K I

    awww okaae doke bbbz :D ! going out with anyone theen ?.xxxxx loveyou !xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • N I K K I
    luv N I K K I

    iyaaa :D ! thats goood bbz yeaah am goood thanks :) :L have uu hd your otober holidaay yet yeaah? missing you million too bbz:( ! and okaae dokee :) ! lyl bbz;) heres it bk:D .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • N I K K I
    luv N I K K I

    chloeee bbbz :D ! iv not spoke to you in actuall ages bbbz:O ! how are yooou? wubuuu2 ?? :) when uu next upp?? lylyly.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Bethannie.

    looove you too !!!!