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  • Female, 22, Luv 42
  • from ♥! Dorset !♥
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 7,867
  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: 3/8/11
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
♥ oohh laaaa laaaaaaaaaaa
I Was Blonde!... Not Any More!

I Think Life Is Rather Dashing!!

!Lets Learn The Lingo, Laura ur a fuckin mentalist!!!lol!
The Other Half Of Me



♥Sweet tunes that make you boogie♥
i cudnt list my favorite music, cos i have such a broad taste but meh i'll put a few...
♥Favorite Tune~Place Your Hands~Reef♥
The Coral, Oasis, Reef, Bloc Party, fat boy slim, feeder, The Gossip, Hot Chip, Kings of Leon, The Kinks, The Clash, The Klaxons, Massive attack, The Undertones, The View, Gym Class Heroes, The Cribs, The Subways, New Young Pony Club, The Maccabees, The Go! The Black Kids, Mystery Jets.
♥My Secrete Love♥
Ur a fuckin mentalist!!!
Ur off the fuckin chain!!!
U r one shady chic!
Get our lingo!!!
U r fuckin Mad!


i love this girl!
♥Lara and Ella♥
Oh i love u both!funniest moments spent with u!ur both unbealivable....and unbelievably gorgeous......(not)hehe!Giggl
 es, Fun, Silliness, laughter
jokes, Terrible Threesom, so many Giggles!
Best Friendlings eva! i wanna have pocket sized Lara and els to keep with me at all times! x x x x
Love u 2 bits, although i must admit i was scared of u at first cos i thought u were grumpy lol! u still are on the phone! had some great times! such as when u get hyped up and flash ur genitals! lol not so great 4 me , but laura loves it! lol! plenty of love 4 u!
Party In My Pants-Ben's the only one Invited!
Hehehehehe great times sianybabes and Lazza!

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The Coral - Dreaming Of You

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  • cooeeee

    helloo my dear this is a photograph of you taken from a great height. it took lots of skill to get so high up that i could take the photo i hope you like it i think it is very modern art, with a minimalist twist to it.
    lots of love your ever faithfull photographer lord abi xxxxxx P.S. how r u?

    Abi Sanders 0 Replies
  • Hanah


    Lara Kellaway 0 Replies
  • laura the great!!!

    i love laura loads and the picture s just so cool but so not her, she is beautiful!!!! and i love her 2 pieces x x x but cor it was funny! lv u x x x

    Hannah 0 Replies

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  • Read it or die!

    All about me hehehehehe!! u love it!
    1: Name – God
    2. Nickname – Hannah
    3. Single or taken – single
    4. Zodiac Sign - libra
    5. Hair Color- brown
    6. Hair Long or Short - long
    7. Eye Color - brown
    8. Are you health freak – i like to think of my self as large
    9. Height – im a beast! im quite small but im tough! hahaha
    10. Do you have a crush on someone – everyone!
    11. Do you like yourself – lol! i created a monster!
    12. Piercings - 5
    13. Tattoo – ye i did it in felt tip
    14. Righty or Lefty – id take both

    ___Your 'Firsts'___
    15. Surgery - face transplant hahahaha didnt do my any gd!
    16. First piercing - secrete! oh go on then......my ears
    17. First best friend – a little italian boy named fred
    18. First Award – im still waitin
    19. First Sport You Joined - like i siad im large! i dnt do sport, hheh no gymnastics, i can bend my self in half
    20. First pet - lara
    21. First vacation – laras farm
    22. First Concert – s club 7! bring it on!
    23. First love – bit personal! probably god....so myself

    24. Movie – porn! haha and u think im jokin
    25. Favorite tv show – neighbors
    26. Color - orange!! all the way and forever!
    27. Music – cliff richards! ok ok tom jones, no seriously hardcore country folk!
    28. Body part not on the face- bums! there all fat! face it
    29. Sport To Play - ye lots of sports!
    30. Favorite piece of clothing – i dnt wear clothes?
    31. Brand Of Clothing? – seriously i dont!
    32. What do you sleep with? – i'll sleep with u!
    33. Favorite Animal - bears! i can beat them up
    34. Favorite Magazines – The beano

    35. I'm eating - i wish i was eatin!
    36. I'm drinking – noting! unfortunatly im not an alcoholic!
    37. I'm about to – power nap
    38. Listening to – music
    39. Waiting For – a fly to enter the room so i can chase it!
    40. Watching – you!
    41. Wearing – nothin

    ___Your Future___
    42. Want Kids? - i am one!
    43. Want to Get Married? - i am!
    44. Careers in Mind - pirate!

    __Which is better on the opposite sex?
    45. Lips or Eyes - lips and eyes! heheh
    46. Hugs or Kisses - dnt make me choose! but kisses!
    47. Shorter or Taller – taller then myself! its not hard!
    48. Romantic, Spontaneous or larma - Spontaneous larma
    49. nice stomach or nice arms -stomach
    50. Sensitive or Loud - both
    51. Hook-up or Relationship - relationship
    52. Sweet or caring - sweet
    53. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? - trouble maker!! ooo bad boys!

    ___Have you ever___
    54. Kissed a Stranger - yes serioulsy try goin 2 france! there all ova u!
    55. Drank bubbles – yes!its a hobby
    56. Ran Away From Home – i dnt have a home!
    57. Broken a bone - im unbraekable!
    58. Got an X-ray - ye might aswell
    59. Broken Someone's Heart - y not! no im jokin! ye i have, i stabbed 1 b4!
    60. Cried When Someone Died - ye

    ___Do You Believe In___
    61. God - i am God!
    62. Miracles – i am 1!
    63. Aliens – hell ye! i met 1 once
    64. Magic – yes i create it
    65. Heaven - that would be nice
    66. Santa Claus - of course! i met him
    67. Sex on the first date - sorry wots sex? serioulsy guy can some1 tell me?
    68. Kissing on the First Date - if its al gd
    69. Angels - i am 1!! hahahha

    ___Answer Truthfully___
    70. Is There someone You Want To be with right now? - yes , jesus along with others. ok in all honestly.......maybe

    0 Comments 354 weeks

  • lara!!

    half term soon and lara is goin on holiday!!! oh im gonna miss her!! she's my partnew in crime, i wont b able to cause mischeif together! oh love u loads! and when u get bk! blatant sex fest!! hhehehehehe im not even jokin! and u no it! remember never wear clothes always b naked!

    0 Comments 354 weeks

  • x x x Sweet 16 x x x

    sweet 16 soon!!!
    so many birthdays recently!! i love it! let it continue!!!
    anyway i expect a huge big ass house along with a car and all!!
    no seriouly cant wait , lara we'll be havin a sex fest!!
    every1 else we'll be havin a party!!
    x x x x x x xx x xx x x x x x x x

    0 Comments 356 weeks

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    Gerry Villiers

    I scored $415 in my spare time being online! I went to - http://goo.gl/tj8yT Dont say I never help anyone!

  • Shadrack Shadders
    Shadrack Shadders

    Mrs parker hows u

    11/30/08 via Mobile
  • Lara Kellaway

    hey hey! Hana txt u! but no reply i can never gt hold of you lol! wana meet up soon?? wb xx

  • Xxx Alice Xxx
    luv Xxx Alice Xxx

    awww thankyhu huni! :D c u 2morow ready for our mock in psychology! apparantly its been moved 4ward from friday to 2morro! :S 2morro night should b gud fun though! glad u can come! :D Love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxx

  • luv Lara Kellaway

    hey hey! hp i no u wont reply lol but have to meet up soon coz friday was funny lol! and this time we need to do somethin suring the day lol!! wb xxxxx

  • Ella C
    Ella C

    hey bitch this is probs pointless cos u never go on here but just 2 say i love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lara Kellaway

    hey!! im really sorry i havent been txtin you bak i dnt have any credit!! i miss you and our crazy times!! (India and mr goon! i need oto watch that again soon!!)going in to yeovil was really cool the other week even though i hate it lol!! we will have to meet up soon!! im out every nyt tis week but wat you doin on sunday?? myt get cred soon wb!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxloves xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Shadrack Shadders
    Shadrack Shadders

    sup hannah how are the parties over there.i haver turned into a druggie please come and save me.love you and your big black booty

  • Lara Kellaway

    hey you!! i cnt believe you dumped me!! for your bf!!! omg!! im bak you larey bastard!! lv u!!! lol!! xx

  • Abi M
    Abi M

    Heyyy Hun! You Ok ? I Have Had A Great Hlf Term Babe N Urself? WB x x x

  • Ben

    i just bought u a potty 4 xmas!!! its 2 stop u from pooing on my bed and in the bath!! x x x

  • Lara Kellaway

    hey thanks! for the txt just found out i can go online lol! woop woop!! omg its like 810pm here and only 610pm at home!! miss u already!!! lol!! laters xx p.s i got a greek that lives down the road im sure he will love you i will bring him bak for you!! make way ben hotty here!!!! xxxxx