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My Grandma ruined my Fred T-shirt!

8/22/08 | me too! | Reply

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I'm so freakin' annoyed!
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did i mention, my neighbours squirrel thing in their yard?
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JUDY! Shes soo attractive! My shirt, I only have one shirt, it's cool! No offence to all the people out there with more than one shirt but it's cooler to have only one shirt. I also like eating dirt out of vacuum cleaners. IT JUST LOOKS SOO GOOD!!!
Scared Of
Fireworks- I swear they're bombs! The Dentist, Old Men who ask me to come inside their house. ROTTEN CHOCOLATE. And settling argument in a physical way.
I say peace 'cause everyone on MySpace says peace so now I'm cool!

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  • Amanda Barry
    Amanda Barry

    OMG... this girl is showing everything on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on CindaBoudlemvedp@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Emily M
    Emily M

    uh.....hi i dont really talk 2 u dat much so dats all im gonna say In reply to: " My Grandma ruined my Fred T-shirt!" by Fred

  • Steph.

    Waah time is he on icarly :O ? xxxxx

  • Nicholas B
    Nicholas B

    ill see ya on icarly tonight

  • George Swan
    George Swan

    yes man fred!!!!! hows it goin?? u are joke!! an tell ure mum shes a fat bitch frm me!! scribble bac blocky G

  • luv .

    Hallow (: Oh my golly it's Fred! *Screams and Pokes* Your amazing freddy weddy teddy :D How're you? Pretty Please Write Back (: Lots' Of Love, Emma, xoxo. :D

  • Steph.

    Hey fred =] awsumm fan here =] were can i get a fred t-shirt =] ?? xx

  • Nicholas B
    Nicholas B

    i started a riot aboyt kevin and he has a restraing order. he can't come within 35 feet of u!

  • Charlie'

    thanks for the add x

  • Nicholas B
    Nicholas B

    dude! i've seen all ofur videoes.fReD for prez!!!

  • Chloe D
    luv Chloe D


  • Steph Nicholson
    luv Steph Nicholson

    Omqosh !.. YhOor Shows Are AMAZING i Watched all the ones on yhOor bebOo. :P keep making new shows :) Keep it Up !Xx. StEff. iLy Fred :D

  • Emmaa
    luv Emmaa

    other half?? i LOVEE yuhh yuhrr so funny nd imaginativee yuhrr the best tree ever even better thann the 1z at the parkk :) :) KEVINZ FAT!! judy... 8->

  • Samm
    luv Samm

    UR a LEGEND :D

  • Tiffany Randall
    luv Tiffany Randall

    ThAnKS FOr tHeCoMmenT FrEd i ENjOy COMmEnTinG YoU ANd i KnEw HoW yOu FeLt mY MoM wAS IN rEHab TOo lOvE YaH TiFfANy RanDall

  • Tiffany Randall
    luv Tiffany Randall

    HeY aRe you REaLLY OnlINe? yoU ArE LiKE FamoUs And yOUr MOm waS AT BILo whEn i wEnT TO GEt cANdY foR a PARTy AND i WaS iN The wATeRMElOn aiSlE ANd i Went uP tO HeR BEcAUSe SHe wAs TalkInG To HERsELF aNd i sAid do yOu kNow FreD aNd SHE SaiD dOES HE HavE A BlUe FrED ShirT ANd I SaId nO itS rED shE SaId my HaCkIn mOtHer ProBaBLy DIED iT anD I sAid yEah fREd ToLD Me ThEN ShE SAId mY lItTle spICEmelOn aS I wALkeD AWAy!