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Me, Myself, and I
  Safee 4 Kumin On My Page :)

.   Thaa Names Ben 16 Years of age , walsall Collage studet :D
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    ★☆★!..ιм α $uperѕтαя..!★☆★ 

ben my bestfriend <3
u've left school now. a while ago tbf. u was like my brother though it. i miss you so much now. just for you to come back to 6th form for one year, for the last year im there i'd do anything. i've left it too late to tell you i want you do that instead of goin to college because you should have started back at school tomorrow. it doesn't matter though we're still gonna see each other hopefully. i'm never gonna forget you. even if we do drift but we always come back out strong. i love you my bestfriend. never change. your the reason my contract bill is sky high but it 'doemalla' ayit. xxx

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  • 4 u

    I can’t help but wait…
    Oh I, can’t help but wait…
    Check it out

    I see you, you're with him - he ain’t right but you don’t trip
    You stand by, while he lies - then turn right 'round and forgive
    I can’t take to see your face, with those tears run down your cheeks
    But what can I do - I gotta stay true
    'cause deep down I’m still a G

    And I don’t wanna come between you and your man
    Even though I know I treat you better than he can

    Girl I can’t help but wait
    Til’ you get that with him, it don’t change
    Can’t help but wait
    Til’ you see that wit me it ain’t the same
    Can’t help but wait
    Til’ you, see you, for what you really are
    Baby girl you are a star
    And I can’t help but wait

    Listen, it ain’t fresh to just let him call the shots
    You’re a queen, you should be, getting all that someone’s got
    You should be rocking the latest in purses, bracelets, and watches, your worth
    Much more than an occasional "I love you"
    I’m thinking of you

    Get it together - you can do better
    Seeing’s believing
    And I see what you need so
    I’m gone play my position
    Let you catch what you’ve been missing
    I’m calling out, girl 'cause I can’t help but wait

    Oh - can’t help but wait, babe
    I can’t help but wait
    Oh-oh-oh, can’t help but wait
    No, no, no

    0 Comments 226 weeks

  • wag1

    wag1 ppl

    0 Comments 269 weeks

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  • Goon'

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  • - E.
    luv - E.

    i <3 u stranger!

  • Yesbowyy.

    eloooox ii was juust lookin threew mч frewnds ohn bebo aand ii camee across чuee ahha noot sure i knw u but id thought id leeave чuee a comment ahha чuue ok? wuu2? reeplч bak xx

  • Staciee. 1/13/10
  • Staciee.
    luv Staciee.

    i loveee u benj :D

  • I Love Jarrod

    hello, just passin thru :) don't think i no you haha :/ whats your msn ? :) , if you don't mind that is :/ x

  • R.Dhami X
    luv R.Dhami X

    lOve :) x

  • K.

    orite bab/ you oka ?? xxx

  • R.Dhami X
    luv R.Dhami X

    hahha baree funny man trying soo hard not to laugh infront of the coppers and security :L yeahh everything is alritee :) wbuu ? returning the love x

  • Bdottb
    luv Bdottb

    koll ben wubu2 uok have the love back fam

  • Bdottb

    yes ben its liam

  • R.Dhami X
    luv R.Dhami X

    Faughtt id drop some love (: x

  • K.

    ignore the text its wrong :L :L just text me when um on msn :L x

  • Chell.
    luv Chell.

    im oka thanku, you? and we need to meet up soon. aint saw you for ages! xxx

  • K.

    what was that arrgon geeza on ? hee seems to be on summet :L and soo ban dont allf make me creaasee teelliin arroon how to be niice ; a beautiful yound lady ; ahah you joka :L and what was it again PRINCEESS arr geez ; &+ how low do you want your trousers ? :L like they am already by your knees ;) might as just have em off :) and ii core beliebe he wouldnt seel the fags to you ; :L why does he want my numberrr anyway ? :L and btw ii got home safe ;) x

  • K.

    you sound strange on the fone :D :) x

  • K.

    sunday then ? x

  • Chell.
    luv Chell.