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The Harder Styles

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Me, Myself, and I
Friction Convulsion and Self-Inflicted presents The Harder Styles

These events are the first of many to be run by the promoters of the events to bring you non-stop hard beats for your pleasure!! The new event has recently kicked off with there first club booking Dellers Wharf!!

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Phase 3 and The Machine - Fine Day (Hardstyle Mafia Remix)

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  • The Harder Styles Reveiw

    Convulsion, Friction and Self-Inflicted presents The Harder Styles

    October the 17th - Dellers Wharf - The Harder Styles
    There many special guests lined up for all you special ravers out there, so don't miss this one!! It's going to be a special one!
    They weren't messing around! What a brilliant night – full of the best music from two genres; supported by the gorgeous Addicted Dancers Rhia and Steph. These girls worked really hard all night and looked like they were enjoying every minute and I know their efforts were appreciated by everyone there.

    The club itself is a real treasure, on two floors with a large and well laid out dance-floor on each; leaving enough room for a chill-out area where Bassline Records were making an appearance and advertising their new premises, as well as promoting their range of goodies for the Hardstyle/hardcore fans. My only comment about the club itself would be – I know women are supposed to have their “intuition” but signs on the door of the ladies would be appreciated? However directions were provided by the helpful door and bar staff and my personal crisis was averted.....

    I managed to get there in time to catch the end of the first sets of the night; upstairs Clowny and Unleashed with MCs Wannabe and Offside - getting everyone on their feet, downstairs F-X and Rampage with MC G, building up the energy and setting the tone for the rest of the night. The next hour we saw the talented DJs Niacin and Adam FingerZ with MC Nemesiz working their magic in the hardcore room with downstairs enjoying DJ Emence delivering a stomping set with MC Outbreak. The place wasn't busy just yet but numbers were increasing and just about everyone was on their feet. Although the club didn't reach capacity all night, those that were there certainly made up for the lack of numbers with much dancing and a great atmosphere. Even the local terrorists (no really – Taunton Techno Terrorists, there's pictures and everything, have a look!) proved to be a friendly lot, no demands just yet but maybe they're in the post?

    The next three hours were the busiest of the night, by this stage everyone that was going to get there had arrived and our intrepid promoters; Ricochet, JonnyB and Wreka, helped out by DJ Unleashed must have been breathing a sigh of relief. It's always going to be a stressful time when you run your own event and although the numbers were never as high as they could have been, for an event launch night - away from the more well-known venues or locations - this must have been an encouraging start.

    Over the next hour the pace was increased – downstairs with Wreka and JonnyB with MC Outbreak who stole (oh yes they did) the Hardstyle favourite, Showtek FTS and made it their own for the night. The hardcore room was treated to a blistering set from DJ Adger and THC who built up the BPM and sweat levels. Next upstairs DJ Kickback with MCs Nemesiz and Wannabe had possibly the busier room for at least the first half hour, though most people it seemed tried to catch part of both sets over the two rooms and this was really noticeable for the Bionic invasion of Brian M and McBunn with MC Shocker. The low numbers must have been disappointing for these guys, used to the scale of South Wales events however the hour flew past while they delivered a storming set in their trademark style. It was really nice to see them taking the time outside to talk to everyone – no matter what state I was (ahem!) I mean what state they were in. Unlike the Addicted Dancers, not everyone can carry off the red and sweaty look........

    The problem of having such strong line-ups on both floors was probably the biggest lesson of what is undoubtedly a very steep learning curve and this began to become more obvious during the next hour. For Ricochet and MC Nemesiz, the Bionic invasion was always going to be a hard act to follow – but follow it they did with style and energy. Upstairs, Firewall favourite DJ Bishop wi

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  • Ravers are
    Ravers are

    RAVERS ARE: EXPERIMENTAL (((( SATURDAY 18th APRIL ))))) ((((( LAKOTA - BRISTOL - BS2 8QN ))))_ (((( 9pm - 6am - ALL NIGHT )))) Main Room - Ravers are: Experimental Hixxy Scott Brown Joey Riot Squade UFO & Supreme Sharkey Frantic Bubble Chunkey Boys Pikey Bishop Whizzkid - 100% Exclusive ALL NIGHT Wotsee Sharkey Casper Obie Knight Room 2 - Hindsight vs Resonate Uberdruck Cally n Juice Scorpio Nick The Kid SL-DJ Wragg Iain cross Teflon Ribbz Shocker Si THe Sigh Outbreak Room 3 Totally Old Skool Druid Uplift Wink b2b Miss Special K Kickback Deny b2b Blend Jaba Trigger Verbal Danny J Angel Orion Messiah Deverstate Room 4 - Up and Comings Barbers & Blitz Scar Jimmy Whizz Marcio, Menace & Rennz Gazzy B Midje Tuchet & Worm Buzzy Lil Bri Wreka & Ricochet Hosted by Venom MC & MC Dreame

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  • GunterAndUnleashed
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    that was self-inflicted :P

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  • Your My Xtc
    Your My Xtc

    wens da next event bud???

  • Matt O'Brien
    Matt O'Brien

    was a bangin nite...!! :D :D :D :D

  • DeeJay Unleashed
    luv DeeJay Unleashed

    Updates coming soon hold tight =]

  • DeeJay Unleashed
    luv DeeJay Unleashed

    The Harderstyles Does Christmas Bash @ Blake Arms Bridgwater 7-1 Djs: Swankie Dj & Kashi Wreka & Unleashed Ricochet & Niacin Suspect & Sk8ta Toxic & Conflict Ak47 & Inquisitor Mcs: Fugitive Adger Hi Reality Nemisiz Offside

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    raver ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆ │▒│ /▒/ -------- R4V3R │▒│/▒/ --------- │▒ /▒/─┬─┐ -- │▒│▒|▒│▒│ -- ┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ -- FoR │▒┌──┘▒▒▒│-- └┐▒▒▒▒▒▒┌┘-- └┐▒▒▒▒┌┘ --- \_____/ ---------- L1F3 !! ☆ ▦ H.T.I.D! oioi ;) x

  • Convulsion
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    Have some lovage from convulsion possy =]

  • Mitch Ireland
    Mitch Ireland

    only 11 days 2 go...if u got DSI, cum ask 2 av ur pic taken, need 2 spot more people, and, well, if u dont ask, i'll take a pic neway...ha...

  • Chantel Plenty
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  • Rushgbh Aka Rushtex
    Rushgbh Aka Rushtex

    Not long to go now folks cant wait to come down and rip the granny out of dellars!!! Look forward to meeting you all on the 17th bring on the filth!!!!!!!!!!!\o/

  • BIONIC & breathe
    BIONIC & breathe

    Hardstyle Sounds to Blow your Minds ;) Check the Tunes out Guys!! and Upcoming Events ;)