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Yungah JamJam

Aint Gt Tym 4 "No1" M.O.B. If U Dnt Lyk Hw Im Tlkin 2 U Dnt Tlk 2 Me

12/19/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 94
  • from Green Burah
  • www.bebo.com/y_jam_jam
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About Me

Keep It Real Na Star Even Wen Dem A Cum Fi Ya
Me, Myself, and I
add dese 2 aint been on dis 4 yrs
shane montserrat
Rap hip hop reggae wateva else is gd
Any comedies or scary movies
Known dese guys 4 tym hol it dwn all of dem krouza jynx jamz joe tangles t.lucian tipikal nateman sane all of dem
Scared Of
Happiest When
Bustin jokes wid da SL wuns
Snakey ppl nd haters
Keep It Real
If u want sumfin ask get me coz i probs aint gna say no

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  • Black and White people

    God asked the White women, 'What would you like a fat ass or long silky hair?'. The white women said long hair please and God said ok.

    Then God asked Black women what do you want, fat ass or long silky hair?.' and the black women said,'A fat ass coz i can just buy some weave for 14.99 innit.' and God said ok.

    Then God asked White men 'what would you like? Good money, or a big dick? and the white men replied. ' Well some day i'd like a nice house in the suburbs with a nice job and a family, so good money please.' and God said very well.

    Then God asked black men what they'd rather want out of Good money and a big dick, and so the black men replied with. 'Shit a big dick coz i can just use it to get me a white women then she can pay for all my things.'

    5 Comments 276 weeks

  • Da difference between Fake nd Real frendz

    FAKE FRiENDS: Never Ask For Food.
    REAL FRiENDS: Are The Reason You Have No Food.

    FAKE FRiENDS: Call Your Parents Mr/Mrs
    REAL FRiENDS: Call Your Parents DAD/MUM

    FAKE FRiENDS: Bail You Out Of Jail And Tell You What You Did Was Wrong.
    REAL FRiENDS: Would Sit Next To You Sayin "Damn ... We Fucked Up ... But That Shit Was Fun!"

    FAKE FRiENDS: Never Seen You Cry.
    REAL FRiENDS: Cry With You

    FAKE FRiENDS: Borrow Your Stuff For A Few Days Then Give It Back.
    REAL FRiENDS: Keep Your Shit So Long you have to borrow it back

    FAKE FRiENDS: Know A Few Things About You.
    REAL FRiENDS: Could Write A Book About You With Direct Quotes From You.

    FAKE FRiENDS: Would Knock On Your Front Door.
    REAL FRiENDS: Walk Right In And Say "I'M HOME!"

    FAKE FRiENDS: Are For Awhile.
    REAL FRiENDS: Are For Life.

    FAKE FRiENDS: Will Take Your Drink Away When They Think You've Had Enough.
    REAL FRiENDS: Will Look At You Stumbling All Over The Place And Say "Bitch Drink The Rest Of That You Know We Don't Waste Shit."

    FAKE FRiENDS: Will Talk Shit To The Person Who Talks Shit About You.
    REAL FRiENDS: Will Knock Them The Fuck Out

    FAKE FRIENDS: Will Read This.
    REAL FRIENDS: Will Steal This, Just Like I Did

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  • Do dis plz

    Who are you?
    Are we friends?
    When and how did we meet?
    Do you have a crush on me?
    Would u kiss me?
    Be my gf ?
    Give me a nickname and explain why?
    Describe me in 3 words!
    What was ur first impression of me?
    Do u still think the same?
    What reminds u of me?
    What do you think my weakness is?
    What makes me happy?
    What makes me sad?
    If you could give me anything wot would it be?
    How well do u know me?
    Ever wanted 2 tell me sumthing u couldn't?
    Have I Ever Pissed You Off? If So Why?
    If You Cud Change 1 Thing Bout Me, What Would It Be?
    Any last message ?

    1 Comment 277 weeks

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Chantelle J wrote
at 12:09 AM on October 02,2008

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Crip Walk at Up In Smoke Tour

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  • David Toganivalu
    luv David Toganivalu

    thanks bro 4 add,hear you soon as soon as possible.

  • Aaliyah

    Im kool uu lol a rely late rep lyy cah iaint been orn dis tin fr tymm

    10/24/09 via Mobile
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  • -

    i've been ok .... hu dis btw?

  • 'Atlanta

    helloo (: youuok? been doingg? Loveyouux

  • Aaliyah

    yoo BigHeaddd :) x

  • DreamJewelz

    Aiiow..! fnxx 4 the add .. buh swr dwn ii rcogoniise yew loool x

  • 'Atlanta

    thankss forr add (: x

  • luv -


  • S.L Kamp
    luv S.L Kamp

    rahhh boi all dese messages are all too graphical for bebo lool.... keep dats shit to texts or sumink lool...... anywayz u bless yh.. ive lost all my numbas so u gotta txt man wid ur name init n ill holla bk at you....07908339276 just incase u tri say u ant got it lool..... any blesss famlieee we need to jamm real sooon..... blessss y.jamjamzz...... (NO HOMO)

  • S.L Kamp
    luv S.L Kamp

    alrite u fishy yout.....wts life sayin...... hollllaaaa (no homo)

  • Rianna

    hey yehh im gd fnx u?? umm i jus bin workin n dat :S nah i aint seen em looool hav u ? wat college u goin 2?? wb .x.x.x.

  • Katee Ox.
    luv Katee Ox.

    im on hols DUHHHHHHHH.:D omgosh im so tanned and i still have like a week and a half to go, i love it:) haa! lol and wtf loserrr, tell me ;) haa. love yahhh x x x x

  • Katee Ox.
    luv Katee Ox.

    Oii. im in ORLANDOOOO:) Ekk. lol howa youuu? omgoshh this holiday is fucking amazing! lol and ive only been here like a dayy haa! wuu2? what college you going to btw? wb love yahh xx xx xx

  • Katee Ox.
    Katee Ox.

    yeahh im good. and nah i remember you this timeee;) haa! nm reli jus workingg:( pretty boring. and yeh kk suppose i'll "link" you lool loser. x x x x

  • I LOve God
    I LOve God

    u kl?? do u rememba me styll juss passin thru ur page init bless xxx