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the new bebo layouts are great :O

9/3/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
piercings i got one or 2 haha X

if u have one _________well add ur self ???

or ur thinking about geting one it dont hurt lol

ALSO this Page Is For Everyone hehe, Even Though Most Of The People Are EmO/GOtH


But Yeah U MUST Join (: :P

If You,

***Have Any Piercings

***Want Piercings

***Or Just Like Piercings

And ask for me 2.....

Add Your Picture To The Photo Stream (:

and i will upload for u pictures



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  • HollyChaos said

    ScotBickel by ScotBickel
    when the middle of ur bottom lip is pierced its called labret piercing.
    the double beaded ring (like mine) is a circular barbel and one like urs is a captive barbel. studs are called labrets (like the piercing) lmao scott uv much to learn bug! apeish shall teach u in the ways of piercing like a jedi knight but better eeeeeeeequ sick! x
    0 Replies 264 weeks
  • snake bites done

    ScotBickel by ScotBickel
    got snake bit but one ring is bigger than the othe cuz of swelling lol will get new ring tho and got ring in nose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W|B
    0 Replies 268 weeks
  • me

    ScotBickel by ScotBickel
    i will up low ed photos of me with snake bit 2 moz lolxxxx
    0 Replies 268 weeks

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  • - Alex

    Belly button piercings dont hurt. I have 7 piercings. Nose, belly, 3 in one ear and 2 in the other

  • SkanK

    i wanna get my belly done, hurt?

  • Delilah Diederich
    Delilah Diederich

    very nice :P always taking time to look at great pages like this ... btw.. we are all beautiful :D

  • ChelseyCupcakes

    piicaa upp ?tell me when itss upp ?

  • Charlotte S

    yeah i got it>< as well as my bf who ear pierced so he can eventually have a strecher lolo.

  • Munchie

    heyar :) right where to start? haha. i got snakebites, tragus, tongue, top of my right ear, and begining to stretching my right ear. i used to have my nose done.. got it done 3 times all went infected and gettting done again! lol. scribble bakk :]

  • Maz Shaddix
    Maz Shaddix

    hiyaah joined :D pic up?? its abit old but u can see my lip piercings :D xoxox

  • Jordan Knight
    Jordan Knight

    got both ears done at 1in(25mm) n a lip piercing, plan on gettin more though!

  • Pierced Princess Sarah
    luv Pierced Princess Sarah

    Hey I so had to join this group! I'm on my 23rd piercing and counting :] Can't get enough of em! xx Here are some of them....

  • Luke

    i got my libret done yesterday tehy had to peirce it twice as the pericer fucked up sucks

  • Panda.

    peircings ive had and currently have : ears x8 ( taken out 4) 22mm tunnels snakebites (taken out) angelbites( taken out) bridge (taken out) dimples medusa belly collerbones (taken out) i dont know if i have enough enough to qualify scott? :( ;] xxxxxxx

  • Kiara Baker
    Kiara Baker

    twice on left ear, 10mm stretcher on right ear, belly button and nose. :D

  • James Walker

    thanx for add!

  • Maisy Watkins
    Maisy Watkins

    4 in one ear, 3 in the other and my belly :) :)

  • Nikki Byrne
    Nikki Byrne

    have had every were peirced nearl on my body but take m out after a while i love m

  • Charlotte S

    only have my ears done but getting the top of my ear pierced in a week or so :) not sure whether to get navel as well :/ hmm we'll see:D