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Dj Tetley

wot a fukin day woop woop !!!:D :D :D

3/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Broxburn
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"When the weekend lands. All that exists is clubs, drugs, pubs and parties. I've got 48 hours off from the world, man. I'm gonna blow steam out my head like a screaming kettle,I'm gonna lose the plot on the dancefloor. The free radicals inside me are freakin', man! We're gonna get more spaced out than Neil Armstrong ever did, anything could happen tonight.This could be the best night of my life." from Human Traffic (quality flick lol !)

I Am Currently Banging Out The Tunes For Coasters Dj Company
Hear The Fucking Bass And You Will Know Tetleys In Town
Im The Master Of Remixes.The Master In Control Of The Decks
Follow Me Into The Land Of Music And Let My Beat Control The Beat To Your Heart
Let Go....Its Time To Live This Fucking Worlddd

Have It

And All You Hating Bastards.......JOG ON YOU CUNTS

DJ TETLEY 2009 ON TOP...NON STOP!!!!!!!!!!!
The Other Half Of Me
The Tunes
Armin Van Burren, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke And Of Course DJ Fucking Tetley
Flicks And Programmes
Scarface, Taxi Driver
Scared Of
Being Put In Rehab
Happiest When
Partying Hard As Fuck And Djing For Coasters (i love ma job)

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  • Ryan G
    Ryan G

    awryt mate wot you been uptae :L :L

  • Sir Tony Valenti
    luv Sir Tony Valenti

    Wat u up tae shags. sum weathler latley lyke ae

    5/24/10 via Mobile
  • Ross Hughes
    Ross Hughes

    wats snappnin man u gtn oot ur tattie ?

  • Danielle.Magee

    what you upto tetly ? xxx

  • Currie

    fuck Roxie bet me to it :L :L ! Count Dracular ! LMAO! :L :L xxxx

  • Roxie Hughes
    luv Roxie Hughes

    count drac in killer rabbit :B :L :L :L ;) xxxx

  • Misty Moo

    hi sexi pmsl

  • Alan Davies
    luv Alan Davies

    gee me a drink any vorka :L :L :L man

  • luv EmmaBt

    ere xxx

  • Misty Moo

    u got you laptop up and running yet :))

  • EmmaBt

    im wrkin at 2 was ment 2 b off but i swapped shifts so im off on wed now tell di ill c her wed think me n deeky r doin cards ;) xxx

  • luv EmmaBt

    alrite wot u sayin 2 it? 'and if u don't know now u know nigga' :P :L xxx

  • EmmaBt

    luvin it ;) :D

  • Roxie Hughes
    Roxie Hughes

    orite u gawn tae millers the night ?/ xxx

  • Just Brooney
    luv Just Brooney

    awriteee jamesy better at fifa yit sir :L ? x

  • Roxie Hughes
    Roxie Hughes

    orite tetel wots happnin u enjoy urself sat then ?? a did a wiz wasted man :L :P xxxx

  • Marco

    alrite m8 whts happenin

  • EmmaBt

    oh aye we should just do that every few months book a hall get fucked up :P xxxx

  • EmmaBt

    now james that was a party ;)

  • Aynsley Merrick
    luv Aynsley Merrick

    Happy birthday :-) soz cant make ur party 2nite :-( got scott n jamie x

    7/10/09 via Mobile