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R.I.P Sam Passey

Any body Who knew Sam Feel Free to Leave Comments or Whatever and thanx to every1 who didnt know him for the support :)

5/20/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Lost But Never Forgotten
Me, Myself, and I
R.I.P M8 You Will Never Be Forgotten
It always happens to the best!! . ....I will See You 1 day soon!!
We all loved you m8
18.05.08..R.I.P. ...S.P....

Sam Hopefully you're reading this so you can see how many people really loved you n thought the world of you ......it wasn't your time but watch over every1 m8 especially your mum nikki your dad shane and your brothers fabian, kiah and connor we all miss you passey.:(

Judgement day sunday m8 me and my brother will dedicate our wins to you!:D

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  • Miss You M8

    Can't even begin to explain how much it hurts knowing your gone, it always happens to the wrong people....always happens to the best! ...it hurt even more because of the simple fact that we were talking about you around the time it happened , you were such a good m8 to me and to my bro n i know it kills him inside knowing we won't see you in this lifetime again ......you've been there for both of us since we were so young n its been fucking awesome growing up with you m8 we've had so many laughs n a few rows .........but all that has come to an end way too soon , i know you won't need any1 to look after you up there ....so look after yourself m8 we will see you soon! all our love

    5 Comments 270 weeks

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  • Kickboxing

    Fashion Connisseur by Fashion Connisseur
    As most of you probably sam was an awesome kickboxer if not you do now :P ......well i'm setting up a memorial page on facebook where every1 thats added i would like them to donate at least a pound so i myself and a few others that sam used to train with can set up a memorial competition which i personally would like to keep going for years to come ...so let me know what you think...
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  • miss u

    we miss u loads give anything to see u again hope u am at reast now. till the day we all meet again we will think of u every day all our love xxx sarah, paul, harvey,chayton gillard

    Sarah Turley 0 Replies
  • love

    Sam its hurting me nowing i am losing a member of the family every second of the day and why we lost you out of all me i don't now i can name sum people who i wont dead because of what they have done to me and my family but Sam mate i wont you to keep an eye on the rest of your family for me bec...

    Chelsea D 0 Replies
  • SAM


    Tanya Smythe 0 Replies

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  • WelchY
    luv WelchY

    NUF LOVE 4 P.M

  • Conor P
    luv Conor P

    r.i.p miss you allways bro wish you were here things woulld be so differant think of you eveyday bro love you to bits carnt wait to see you agian you will allways be with me sam r.i.p sam and shane ..................................  ..................................  ..................................  ..................................  ..................................  ..................................  .......................passey massive 2k10 stick up kids uwa uwa

  • Facebook

    did he have a lil sister called amy cuz if he did i dont now him but heard alot about him what ive heard he is one of the m8s u cud of i dont now yh but r.i.p

  • Sowfiee Darliin
    luv Sowfiee Darliin

    R.I.P Babes M&NF xx

  • Dannii BUbss
    Dannii BUbss


  • luv Victoria C

    here is some love, miss you you were a great cuz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx

  • Chelsea D
    Chelsea D

    ♫ Stay With Me Dont Fall Asleep Too Soon The Angels Can Wait For A Moment♫ ♥Sam && Shane♥ Rip Boys :( xxx Miss Youu

  • Thomas Eward Davies
    luv Thomas Eward Davies

    Rippp Samm + Shane :( Miss Youu Never Stop Lvin Or Thinkin OF Ya Both Christmas Ant Gunna Be The Same With Out You To To Smash The New Years Party :( LoveeYouu Bothhh Chels xxXXxx :D

  • Chelsea D
    Chelsea D

    i>-- Rip Boys Gone But Never 4 Gotten :) we Youu Loads + Miss You Always x :D A flower may die.. the sun may set .. but a friend like u i'll never 4get ur name is precious,it will never grow old its engraved in my heart in letters of gold See Youu At The Gates Try To Wait :D lyl x x xx

  • Sowfiee Darliin
    luv Sowfiee Darliin

    R.I.P Sam xx

  • Conor P
    Conor P

    r.i.p bro love you more than enything in the world still carnt belive that your gone still waiting for you to come back your little girl is so beautifal she is a darlin the little chunky fucker miss you more and more everyday wish you were here we all love you so much x x x

  • Chelsea D
    Chelsea D

    -- i thought life was gunna be easy after some 1 cloes dies but let me tell ya suamt i have been fucked about all my life and its come to a point were i need to thank some people 4 tellin me the real reason why i was being a bitch :( it hurts to say but i have gone throw more shitt then i ever thought its come to a point were i am having to go to themeeting n take tablets to chill out man just wish youu didn't leave becuae people don't understand the pain u go throw once sum 1 dies cloes to ur heart miss ya daddyy n shane rip passey gone but never 4 gotten xxxxxxx

  • BrodieC
    luv BrodieC

    RIP passey masive love youu samm

  • Chelsea D
    Chelsea D

    Ripp Darlinnn :D lovess youu all :D xxxx

  • If Thiis Aint Love
    luv If Thiis Aint Love

    . Riip Samm. :) (LL)

  • Chelsea D
    Chelsea D

    :D Alryt good luckin :D miss youu shane + sam lots see youu soon at the gates :D hope youu watchin over loved 1s :D loveeeyouu both lots n lots n lots :D xxxx

  • Paige'Tamara'Jonesx
    luv Paige'Tamara'Jonesx

    RIP-Sam , miss you so muchhh xxx iloveyou

  • Chelsea D
    Chelsea D


  • Bobby
    luv Bobby



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