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Kristle Krisandra

Tina Henderson

8/29/12 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 28, Luv 430
  • from Tsulquate
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  • Last active: 11/17/12
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♥Love u forever and always granny Louisa♥I will never forget u!
Me, Myself, and I
Dream big~ Give it good energy~Stay realistic~Stay free of "Gaining at the expense of another" as ownership will reflect honesty that offers true spirit~
Build honest relationships with others~ Be compassionate, loving, caring and be of gentle spirit as this makes for a shield with a unique protection against the unhealthy spirit to live all of the above through another's voice and livlihood and will make for a life long relationship foundation.
Be confident~ Accept self strengths and weaknesses and allow respect for others for who they are as this will always allow openness to walk side by side with those closest to self.

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chicks with sticks
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Just Believe
¤soccer, ¤hockey, ¤basket ball, ¤skating, ¤swimming, ¤running, ¤skiing (did it twice to my recolition) :P
If u dont succeedu must try and try again.
Cant means try harder
People will doubt what you say they won`t doubt what you do.

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  • Jeremy B
    luv Jeremy B

    how you been? its been long time since ive been on here last but i decided to drop by to say hi :) most of videos no longer in box now and i had to remove alot of apps from my profile as well. anyways tc

    May 7
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    Ele Wilson

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    Cathy Swain

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  • Crystal Walkus
    Crystal Walkus

    I just netted $883 in 5 days at home in my spare time! Made it from - http://goo.gl/oach3 Your going to be so happy!

  • Robbie
    luv Robbie

    Hey Kris, just wanna say hi! and share sum good ol bebo love

  • Shane Loughran
    Shane Loughran

    hi ya...

  • Jeremy B
    luv Jeremy B

    When you finish courses that youre currently taking? I cant remember whos playing besides the calgary/ottawa game. Hope you find a job. :)

    2/9/10 via Mobile
  • Jeremy B
    luv Jeremy B

    Im pretty busy now working 2 jobs. Things are looking better now that im slowly paying off all my bills. So where are you moving to? Hope its not too far away from home. The game i meant was the canucks vs the sens. Ttyl :)

    2/9/10 via Mobile
  • Jeremy B
    luv Jeremy B

    Hi! How is everything? Cant believe January's over already. Im pumped for thursday's game. :D

    2/2/10 via Mobile
  • Jessie Walkus
    luv Jessie Walkus

    oh yeah thanks for the comment and the heart tooo... and it is nice to back at work and doing things again not just home doing absolutely nothing..yeah come by anytime and you can help me here even lol jk... oh for sure write me that letter for a raise lol.. thanks ahead of time too.. lol i love you toooo a whole bunch..ttyl

  • Jessie Walkus
    luv Jessie Walkus

    well helloooo crys. finally checking my bebo out havent been on here forever.. but nice to see your still leaving me messages and hearts even love you lots...and wish i was rich id buy you a car...

  • Jessie Walkus
    luv Jessie Walkus

    helloooo there been a while hey? back to work now miss ya love ya and all that trying to catch up on all my mail.. come by and visit..

  • Shane Loughran
    luv Shane Loughran

    hi hun ..sum luv ur way .xx.

  • Jake E
    luv Jake E

    hey:) hows it going?

    8/29/09 via Mobile
  • Lynn H
    luv Lynn H

    Hey hows it going today? me tired up late lol but yeah you can copy that pix that was a fun nite hey that we all got really drunk lol but anywayz i'll ttyl

  • Robbie
    luv Robbie

    Hey sister!! how are you? im just tryna kill time b4 hockey. did you have fun at the dance? and after the dance? sorry for ditching you all. i was just too tired and wanted to go home and sleep. i'll see ya in a bit tho..

  • Lisa Swain
    luv Lisa Swain

    Hello! How are you doing these days? It was really nice to see you & talk with you for a bit when I was up there...hopefully longer next time! It's always great to see your beautiful smiling face! We will hopefully be up there sometime and soon! It sure was nice to be up there...but as always, time went by fast:O :( ...was very hard to leave without tears! Anyway, have an awesome summer...and sending you love & hugs from all of us! Lisa

  • Tino
    luv Tino

    hey yeah i had fun! yeah i am looking forward to this summer. are you? well heres the love back love yeah.

  • Tino
    luv Tino

    hey auntie how are you? just dropping by to say hi and give a heart! love yeah lots! tino