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Becca Young

summer '09 fund so far: £100.16 :D

3/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Nr.Bristol
  • I am Single
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About Me

i get by with a little help from my friends (:
Me, Myself, and I
< this is me looking like a tard

the sears' family are my brother's from another mother and i warn you you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of them.

God gave us our instincts for a reason...

find me on facebook bebo's pooey
type in the search bar:
Becca (Rebecca) Young
jodie and michelle XD
they are my best friends and probably know me better than i know myself. they keep me safe and make me laugh. without them i wouldn't know what i was doing next week :D . sorry i can be a butt or a pain in one but i love you so very, very much. thankyou (:
i'm 16
i have small eyes, big lips and an even bigger nose
i'm always happy and when i'm not i pretend i am
i'm intuitve and stubborn and inpatient
if i don't like you, you won't know about it :L
i'm good at arguing i promise you, you wont win
even when i know i'm wrong, i'll convince you i'm right
i'm very particular about spelling and grammer (except non capitals on bebo; that's allowed.)
i like my friends which is a bonus.
from oscar to becca
Yeahh Oli's Gay :P
Just Popping by to say hello and ILoveYou :)
You are the light in my world and you shine brighter than anything :)
i love you so much and you are great :) i love you, i love you, i love you!
from oli to becca
well becca i love her:D shes the nicest person ull ever meet shes caring rather atractive if she dont mind me saying weve been best friends for about 2 years and hopefully for eva more:p
love you Becca :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
tgs a co.
angus thongs and perfect snogging is a lie, sitting on your hands to make them numb does not mean it feels like someone else is touching your boobs, the tg's spent a whole tutor period trying it!
my name's not becky >:(
too amazing to put into words they put up with so much and i love you all to pieces thankyou for being my friends i love you.

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  • sarah & i :D

    - scouts :L
    - axe jam :L
    - she ate our pudsding :O :o:L
    - we need the loo ;) :L
    - they undid our tent :O while we were in it :O :L
    - see you next tuesday :L
    - the penny in the flag :L
    - lets go hide in the store room ;) :L
    - the rave :L
    - subway :L
    - anne summers :L
    - you dropping your bag in the road :L
    - when we were in the lift taking photo's and people kept comin in :L
    - the rude child! :L
    - the druggies in the scary place :L
    - we missed the bus so got hot chocolate :L
    - matching phones ;) :L which one's which?
    - germans!! :L
    - fishy fanny :L
    - nazi's :O :o:L
    - becca becca becca becca becca :L
    - the maze :L
    - becca's stuck :( :L
    - alex :L
    - we are taking pictures of the team! (and then zooming up on alex:L )
    - bristol!
    - finding houses :L
    - the museum :L
    - the lady who didn't like us :L
    - HSBC :L :L :L :L :L :L
    - the other lady who didn't like us :( :L
    - watermelon and cherries ;) :L
    - costco! :L
    - employeee of the month!! :L
    - my mum spilling her drink :L
    - the photos :L
    - industrial fan!! :L
    - hiding in the jungle ;) :L
    - cookie love!! :L
    - bb texting sessions :L
    - we bought cookies! :L
    - the two people who wouldn't stop making out :L
    - oh they've stopped- oh no just coming up for air :L
    - scary pedo men in weston :L
    - pig noses!!!!!!! :L
    - naomi: 'no that's my job' :L ::L :L
    - our conversation with alex on the trampoline :L
    - zack's a rapist :L
    - locking the fletchers out of luke's room :L
    - numerous roast dinners ;) :L
    - laughing literally all the way home from costco! :L
    - SPOONS!!!!!!!!!!! :L
    - kids on tour turkey '08 :L

    2 Comments 260 weeks

  • sarah :D

    - i am allergic to henna tattoos
    - i have died my hair a couple of times
    - i want my eyes to be blue
    - i am the only person in my family not to have been prescribed glasses
    - i have brown hair
    - i have size seven feet
    - i have braces
    - i have one dog and a cat a tortoise and a couple of fish
    - i have one pair of hippo slippers
    - i once had to go to hospital because my dad bent over whilst holding me and my eye got poked by the thatched roof he was looking at :(
    - i love welsh accents
    - i can speak some basic french
    - i love photographs that aren't posed for
    - i have lived in three houses
    - i have two brothers
    - i can read maps and use a compass
    - i like learning dances with jodie and michelle
    - i love rice pudding
    - i have my ears peirced once
    - i get tooth ace from fizzy haribo sweets
    - i don't wear foundation
    - when i take tablets i urge
    - i can't save money
    - i am petrified of foxes
    - i have 6 cousins, 3 second cousins once removed and 2 step second cousins once removed
    - i have never been on telly but have had my name in the paper lots of times
    - i am addicted to tea
    - i want to go to africa
    - i support chelsea and bristol city
    - i like reading the newspaper with my breakfast
    - i don't understand rugby matches or the offside rule in football
    - i want to live in the country when i am older
    - i like making collages
    - i am bossy
    - i love friends
    - i used to want to be an interior designer
    - i tan really easily and very rarely get burnt
    - i hate escalators
    - i used to live in a three story house
    - i love chinese food
    - i love hockey and my team
    - i like neon colours
    - i like listening to the rain when i'm in the conservatory
    - i want to go sky diving
    - i find geography really intresting
    - i would like to go to glastonbury festival and get absolutely pissed
    - i like it when people comment my pictures

    2 Comments 260 weeks

  • </3

    i'm having a bit of a rough time at the moment and to be honest i'm not good when it comes to making decisions :( oscar knows that all too well. it doesn't help when people tell me bad stuff about him, tbh that makes me love him more because i'm stubborn and i don't like being in the wrong. i know you're just trying to helpand be my friends but i've heard it all so many times before and just because you say it more wont get me to give up. another thing people say is listen to your heart and you head but its impossible to listen to both if a)you dont know what either is saying and b) if what they do say contradict each other. i try to remember that as you go through life things get thrown at you and you should learn from your mistakes and from other peoples. it's impossible to forget something so hurtful but its harder to forget all the amazing memories and when you wiegh it up there are more happy memories than bad mistakes. :(

    1 Comment 260 weeks

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  • X Joe Ere X
    X Joe Ere X

    babe do you hate me cuz i head butted him ? x

  • X Joe Ere X
    X Joe Ere X

    did you have a nice time at the party babe, i didnt sleep that well the floor was hurtin my back got skl monday how shit xxx

  • X Joe Ere X
    luv X Joe Ere X

    dw bout it i couldnt sleep any way im good thanks babe u ? xx

  • X Joe Ere X
    X Joe Ere X

    it was ok babe and i never said anything to any one who been sayin that wb xx

  • Ben Sears
    luv Ben Sears

    its gonna be grate fun im not cleaning my room for you haha

  • Ben Sears
    Ben Sears

    yay lol

  • X Joe Ere X
    X Joe Ere X

    did you have a good night? wb xx

  • Ben Sears
    Ben Sears

    alrit best m8 u cuming down to stay with us ly big sis

  • Ben Sears
    Ben Sears

    alrit gel howa udoing

  • Charlotte Young
    luv Charlotte Young

    okay yeahh, you will deffo have to send me a link :D i dunno really, they both bore me :L but then so does this classical civilisation more than anything! so i cant win! :L oh okay fair enoughhh :D good weekend? andd um yeahh, we go on monday the 6th till friday the 10th :) so we can go to nanny's on saturday :D looking forward to seeing you then xxxxx

  • Charlotte Young
    luv Charlotte Young

    yeah they are hard, and its funny coz i thought drama would be a doss, but its the hardest one! i hate it! and classical civilistaion is some kinds of weird greek subject, im not too sure my self tbh:L but i didnt want to do geography or history so i kinda had no choiceeeee :\ we're studying the odyssey ::L its really hard :\ but in my school you dont get a choice to do like buisness studies or any good subjects :| its gayyyy. ohh woww, i vet your really excited! i wanna see the dress! haha. wheres it from, whats it like etc? :D your doing chemistry and maths a level? i'm told that they are the hardest ones! good luck! :) and good luck with all your gcse's and that :D schoool again tomooo =\ xxxxx

  • Charlotte Young
    Charlotte Young

    yeah the film was goood :) it was so cute. really long though! 3 hours! my pick and mix ran out too quick!:L mmm i know tell me about it! =\ i hate them, so much. you ve got study leave soon i'm guessing? and im doing french, spanish, drama, classical civilisation and all the core subjects :\ do you know if your staying on for 6th form or anything yet? ahh nicee, did you buy anything? xxx

  • Charlotte Young
    Charlotte Young

    hahaa i always go to the cinema on orange wednesday. cheapest day to go :D haha thats hilarious:L :L i wanna do it! :P :L :L i dunno, its got brad pitt in it though ;) . i think its like where he's born an old man, and gets younger when he should get older. and he falls in love. and yeah, im not too sure. but i'll find out on wednesday :D its meant to be quite good :) and umm not alot of other plans, orthodontist tomorrow =\ and err not too sure :) i have loads of revision to do though, cos i have gcse modules when i go back to school :( grrrrrr >=| whats clarks village? xxxxxxxx

  • Charlotte Young
    luv Charlotte Young

    awhh cooool :) oh right haha, i wont see it then! :P have you seen seven pounds? its sooo so cute! ahh and im seeing the curious case of benjamin button on wednesday (orange wednesday you see, always saving money me:L ) ahaa. you up to much half term then? xxx

  • Charlotte Young
    Charlotte Young

    ahh coool :D its rained like all weekend, especially today. i was soaked. i may aswell have jumped into a swimming pool coz i would have been dryer! i didnt have an umbrella you see :L so yeah, no more snow :( oh yeah its his birthday soon! say happy birthday from me! what did he do for his party? coool is that film goood? i wanna see it. and i really wanna see the curious case of benjamin button. it looks so cute. :D umm went to bluewater on saturday with some friends which was good :D i lovee hollister! its so nice. i want to buy the whole shop. :) and on sunday i went to work with my uncle and got some money aha :) xxxx

  • Charlotte Young
    luv Charlotte Young

    awhh hahaa:) and yeah,, went to school wedensday, thursday and friday =\. most of the snow has melted now though =\. which is a shame, might have to wait like a whole year before it snows again! >=| what about youuu? good weekend? :D love you xxx

  • Charlotte Young
    luv Charlotte Young

    ahh yeah that sounds gooood :D i sahll look forward to it! ahaa cooooooooooooool, i love snow! so much. i hope it snows tonight, they said it will, but the weather people often lie =\ :L :) xxxx

  • Charlotte Young
    luv Charlotte Young

    oooh yeah that'd be good! :D havn't seen you in agessss =\ have you had fun in the snow? my school has been shut yesterday and today so its all goood :D but now the snow has turned to ice =| hummmm. xxxxx

  • Ballin'
    luv Ballin'

    good ain it .. :L :L lol x.