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Simon O'Reilly

Yay stress......it's great not having any lol

3/31/11 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 150
  • from Jupiter (the giant's planet) lol
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 752
  • Member since: May 2008
  • Last active: 4/11/11
  • www.bebo.com/SimonO334
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NO! SHIT! Sherlock!
Me, Myself, and I
some people say the meaning of life is death, but I question that answer.

If life means death then how come we have a hundred to two hundred year wait..., which means the meaning of life isn't death but the exploration of the universe and life that surrounds us during our days on this planet, a planet we call Earth/Terra, a planet we call......Home.
most of them.
Scary Movies 1 to 4 and a few horror movies as-well, plus a load of other types too.
Best M8 from the big city
David Egan
Best film seen so far..
Death Race: Fast cars, Hot Girls and Big Guns all in one makin the best movie ever (to this date, ontill the next one haha)
This is The United Dubliners http://www.bebo.com/AIRSOFT2
worlds best outdoor games.
Airsoft Pellet gun wars.
Airsoft info.
Drogheda airsoft arena. 45.00euro for the day thats 10am-5pm with a rented gun that is supplied, 25.00euro for the day if you have your own pellet gun which is still 10am-5pm,
20.00euro when you have your own gun and on a team of 2-unlimited (team: friends gone with you) {each person without a gun but on the team will pay 40.00euro for the day with rented gun because on a team take away 5 euro} and again the day still is 10am-5pm.

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  • Ownage

    The way of ownage sounds easy but is a very difficult subject to master, but once mastered you can kick ass and make the ranks of the top players.

    Good luck trying to master the ownage :)

    0 Comments 198 weeks

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My Chinese Zodiac
Monkey: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Characteristics: People born in the year of Monkey are intelligent and witty; They are very popular because of their remarkable nature and magnetic personality; Monkey people are versatile and extraordinary inventive, they can easily solve most of tough problems, and they can success in almost any fields; Sometimes, Monkey people are opportunist and they distrust other people.

Best Career: good in any field.

Marriage: most compatible with Dragon and Rat people but not compatible with Tiger and Pig people.

Check your friends' Chinese Zodiac, setup Chinese Zodiac to your profile!

close 69 things About Me

69 Things About Me

Height: 6"3
Weight: 184 pounds
Birthday: 12th of the 7th
Town you were born in: Dublin
Single or Committed: single
Favorite band: dunno
Favorite sports team: Manchester United
Favorite drink: Black russian/coke
Favorite getaway: cliff's of Moher
Favorite pasttime: Hangin wit m8s in swords
Favorite reality show: unknown haha
Best thing to ever happen to you: still waitin for it haha
Favorite clothes: m'eh
Your hair color : dark blond/light brown
Pepsi or Coke: both
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Favorite restaurant: the Burren, Co clare
Favorite movies: most
Love or money: love
Blondes or Brunettes: all
Your ambition: CGI creator
Ever bungee jumped: nope
Ever swam in the ocean: yep
Ever been in love: maybe once in Dublin
Ever broken someones heart: not to my knowledge
Had your heart broken: yeah when I moved
Broke a bone: never
Favorite TV show character: Terminator
Cats or Dogs: both
Pizza or Burger: both
Your first crush: Jenny
Ever lied to your parents: m'eh a few time's
Worst fear: giant spiders
Your weakness: unknown haha
Any tattoos: nope
Favorite subject in school: break if it counts haha
Kisses or hugs: both
Done anything you regret: not as far as I know
Passive or aggressive: m'eh
Morning or Evening: any haha
Summer or Winter: SUMMER!!!!
Ever won a sports medal: yeah
Ever been out of your country: hell yeah spain was brill...
Your dream vacation: Spain/America wit friends
Best gift you have received: dunno
Favorite Actor: so many to choose haha
Favorite Actress: Marina Sirtis
Best compliment someone gave you: "He's a true gentleman" haha
Do you hate anyone: nope
Hip-hop or Rock: m'eh don't matter really
Ever been fined by a traffic cop: not yet haha
Country you: America
Ever been to a drive-in-movie: not that I can remember
Ever lied to teachers in school: aye
Craziest thing you: too long for this box haha
Your craziest dream in life: being able to control my hight
Ever dyed your hair: nope
City you live in: Cavan
Favorite day of the week: fridays
Favorite childhood memory: chased by farmer and gun
Do you swear a lot: yes but not a lot
Ever puked at a party: no
Ever danced all night long: nope
Have a crush on anyone: yep
Your best buddy these days: me to know you ask to find out
Are you a health freak: don't think so

close 100 Stupid Questions

100 Stupid Questions

Are you scared of creepy creatures?: nope
Are you scared of cockroaches?: nope
Do you get scared in the dark?: I sleep in the dark
What is your favorite day of the week?: friday
Your dream car: Mustang GT 09
Your dream vacation: the moon
In your next birth, you would love to be: Me Again
In your past birth, you must have been: American naval man
Your favorite pizza topping is: cheeze
How many kids do you want to have?: 3
Last TV channel you watched: CBS:action
What are you wearing right now?: awsomeness
What do you wear at night in bed?: dunno
Your favorite toy in childhood: dragonball z figures
How many teeth do you have?: 46
When did you last visit the dentist?: 2005
Which toothpaste do you use?: sensidine
Your preferred toilet paper brand: m'eh
Three things you can: Girls,cars and Xbox
If you had one person to take with you on a deserted island, it would be: the person I like
Your dream celebrity date: dunno
Do you believe in aliens?: Hell Yeah!
Do you believe in ghosts and such?: OH! Yeah!
Favorite cocktail: Molotov
Favorite fruit: Pairs
Favorite flower: ehhmmm dunno
Have you puked at a party?: yeah
You would love to get a tattoo done on your: ehmmm maybe
Have you pretended to be sick to avoid someone or some meeting?: yeah
Do you cry easily?: nope
Do you swear a lot?: yep!
Favorite body part in the opposite sex: The whole body
Corniest pickup line used by you on someone: never used one
Corniest pickup line someone used on you: never done
What: sexmachine
What: Green Giant/Big Guy
Have you ever been caught in an embarrassing situation by your parents?: nope
The food you hate to eat: dunno
Your favorite breakfast cereal: chocomoons
Do you have any pets?: yes!
If yes, describe your pets: Angry dog & a 3 leg. cat
Which is your favorite holiday?: Summer!
Have you ever been drunk out of your mind?: nope
Ever been in a car accident?: not so far
The boy band you secretly listen to: ehmmm none
The body part you would love to get pierced: none
When did you last diet to lose weight?: last time at the gym
What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?: wake up
Do you read newspapers or books in the toilet?: no
Are you in love with someone these days?: maybe
Would you date a hottie who is totally dumb?: maybe
Has anyone slapped you on the face?: yes
What is the color of the underwear you are wearing?: Navy boxers
Which is your favorite underwear brand?: ...m'eh
What is your favorite denim brand?: dunno
If you could afford a fashion designer, it would be: don't have a clue
Your first cell phone was: Sagum M5
Do you prefer to text or talk on the phone?: both
Are you a sensitive person?: maybe
Would you go for a one night stand?: sure why not
The romantic movie you like most: ehhhhmmm dunno
The action movie you like most: Death Race!
Do you believe in heaven and hell?: possably
Which is your most memorable trip with friends?: language tour
Which newspaper do you read daily?: none
The magazines you like to read: Xbox 360 magz.
Your first job was: Bailie hotel
Did you have a best friend in school?: Hell Yeah!
Which email service do you use most?: Hotmail
Have you ever walked to save money?: yep
Where do you shop for clothes?: anywhere they sell'em
What was your pocket money as a kid?: what ever I asked for
Can you talk to someone for long hours on the phone?: yeah but gets borin
Do you like taking stupid surveys like these?: sure why not
If yes, do you have too much free time?: no, just when bored
One memory you wish you could erase: none
Any sport, you are really good at: dunno
In your purse, you keep a photo of: its walet and no-one's pic
Do you take any medicine daily?: nope
Have you ever lied about your age?: yep
The last person you kissed was: me 2 know, u 2 findout
The last country you visited: spain
Do you need music while you are studying?: yeah
A song you loved as a kid: Dragonball Z theme song
Any kiddie song you still remember: power ranger.! woo! haha
Habits you hate in others: none
On a scale of one to ten how obnoxious is this survey?: 7
One habit of yours, you wish you could change?: dunno
Do you brush twice a day?: aye
How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?: 40 mins give or take
Are you a day person or a night person?: night person
Your favorite cartoon character: Megas
Have you made a complete fool of yourself anytime?: maybe
Any word or sentence you repeat often: aye
Describe your computer monitor: square
One book you are dying to read: dunno
One movie you are dying to see: Transformers 3
One music album you are dying to hear: none
How much time did you take to complete this survey?: 20 minutes
Don: hell yes!

close What does your day of birth say about you?

close Games

close About Me

[x] Name: Simon/Big Guy
[x] Birthplace: Dublin
[x] Current Location: Co.Cavan
[x] Eye Color: blue
[x] Hair Color: brown
[x] Righty or Lefty: Righty
[x] Zodiac Sign: Cancer
-----------------YOU PREFER------------------
[x] Pepsi or coke: Coke
[x] McDonalds or Burger King: McDonald\'s
[x] Single or group dates: single
[x] Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
-----------------DO YOU------------------
[x] Smoke: nope
[x] Take a shower: ye
[x] Have a crush(es): yep
[x] Who are they: why should I tell ye?
[x] Do you think you have been in love?: yes
[x] Want to go to HIGHER college: yeah
[x] Like high school: tis ok
[x] Want to get married: some time in the future
[x] Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: wats de point?
[x] Believe in yourself: yeah
[x] Get motion sickness: nope
[x] Think you are a health freak: no
[x] Get along with your parents: yeah most of de time
[x] Play an instrument: nope
-----------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
[x] Flown on a plane: yeah
[x] Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: yeah
[x] Cried during a Movie?: nope
[x] Ever thought an animated character was hot?: no
[x] Had an imaginary friend: no not that I can recall
[x] Had crush on a teacher?: nope
[x] Been caught "doing something": maybe
[x] Been in a fight: a few times back in dublin
[x] Shoplifted: might\'ave
-----------------NUMBER OF-----------------
[x] Number of BOYfriends / GIRLfriends you have had: 3 girlfriends
[x] Number of people I could trust with my life: 100 or so people
[x] Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: never
[x] Number of things in my past that I regret: 0
---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------
[x] Yourself: yeah
[x] Your friends: yeah all of\'em
[x] Santa Claus: nope
[x] Destiny/Fate: maybe
[x] Angels: maybe
[x] Ghosts: yes
[x] UFO s: yes
[x] God: kinda
--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
[x] Do you ever wish you had another name?: I have 3 so no not realy
[x] Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: I have a girl friend
[x] Do you like anyone?: yeah
[x] Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: none
[x] Who have you known the longest of your friends?: Dave
[x] Are you close to any family member?: yeah
[x] Who do you hang around the most?: you more then likly know
[x] Whats the best feeling in the world?: Makin ppl happy if sad
[x] Worst Feeling?: makin ppl feel depressed
---------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
[x] Met someone: yep
[x] Drove a car: yep
[x] Talked on the phone: yep
-----------------OPPOSITE SEX------------------
[x] Best eye color: Don\'t mind
[x] Best hair color: again don\'t mind
[x] Short or long hair: both
[x] Best height: smaller or same hight
[x] Best weight: not to skinny,not to fat
[x] Best first date location: Castle Lake

close Sniper Are You?

What Sniper Are You?

My result is: Barrett 50. Calibre

You Are The Barrett 50. Calibre Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. The Strongest Of Them All, But The Recoil Reduces The Accuracy, So As You Aim You Take A Deep Breathe Then Take Your Shot.
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close ***-ThA RaNdOm QuIz-***

***-ThA RaNdOm QuIz-***

My result is: Ur average....Ur normal

YEY !!! ur normal ...okay so ur not off tha hook random bu at least ur not a squidward!!!! uR A winnie the pooh. U Have ur hyper days wer everyone thinks ur drunk or have went crazy ND u have ur depressd days lyk everyone. Bu if yah ever wanna go 100% random drink evian water...lots of it ...abou 2 bottles a day.!!!!!lmao...it really does work...dont ask!!!!! Nd if it doesnt work then ur supposed ta b a normal person :D
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Are you a royal or a dub?


You are a dub!

close Should you go in the Royal Navy, Royal Airforce or the Army?

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What Action Hero Are You?

My result is: Sly Stallone

You have starred in some of the most amazing films ever from boxer to green beret, you are well known for your serious acting and
trade mark slur. Also you have killed more people than anyone EVER!

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Simon O'Reilly
Your Name Is Too Too Sexy! :)

Your name scored 257 in the How Sexy Is Your Name Test

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    Haha epic, id say u wer electd haha

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    fuck all crc te b hnst.... did ye get lockd hhaha

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    erm haha which nite? i 4gets the most of them haha go me... wats crackin? how d bailie go sat nite?

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    awh dats a gud idea hoi lol

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    Haha ok ok i will respect ur wishes lol awh sure none ere wiv me lol cant beleive its nearly august...!!!!

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    Nope i mean sodium polyacrylate...its da plastic in acrylic paint, da stuff in nappys, fake snow and da stuff dat ya put in da bath to turn da water to goo lol

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    Lol awh i will dont worry lol quote "simon where is the sodium polyacrylate...???" lol

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    Hey hey..:DD well mr working man hows da job goin so far :P will have to go dwn to tesco to test u sum day lol :L So wua...??? Xxx

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    meh gud point lol when ya goin for ur theory test...???

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    Whoop whoop congtats man hope it all goes really well and do us all a favour and dont crash...!!!! :L :P :) xxx

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    Wel scrk...!? How ya enjoyin bein 18..:DD :L xxx

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    Happy Birthday....!!! xxx da big 18..!!!

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    Oh yeah dat is defo wild lol xxx

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    sounds gud lol so did ya get up to netin wild or exiting lately....??? xxx

  • E.T
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    OMFG happy (early) 18th b-day lol nah not much ere lol just bored like everyone else lol was thinkin of gettin a pet Bearded Dragon lol so wat ya doin for ur 18th...??? :DD :L :P 8) xxx

    7/6/10 via Mobile
  • X-McClory-X
    luv X-McClory-X

    wel simon dno if il b able 2 go ou 4 ur bday cz iv ta go ou tnite 4 keelz sis bday n dnt no if mam wil let me ou nxt wk aswl cz il need muny frm er. :( Bt il let u no b4 nxt sat kk :D

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    Wel :DD scrk....??? Wua....? :P :L 8) xxx

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    ha ok den :L :L :L :P