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Seány Mc

What Can i say?! Cllege is muderfuckin dayyyyyy to the cent :) I Love college I love drinkin and i love woman, said i love college :) :) :) ...

9/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Killumney
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About Me

It aint easy being CHEESY ;)
Me, Myself, and I
Cahill Leahy is a legend! Readin is overrated says the english teacher! ha debs was unreal, im seen stylin red which was unique alongside da other 40 wearin it ha! Can't even read biys ur illiterate! haha

Neway lil bit bout me..... I'm 18 doin BComm Italian in U.C.C. and absalutly loving it (mainly da drinkin part! I'm a guitarist and a singer songwriter, playin soccer rugby boxin and ULTIMATE FRISBEE at the mo! nd da gym too so ya lifes purty good :) drop us a line if ya'd like :) PEACE

Aido says "Thats a movie i could watch Over and Over, I just Couldn't watch it again!!!!!" hahahahahahah
Hogie txts me as we sit in my front room " OMG Der's two of the same people on da coutch" hahahah eilit nd a half!!!!!!!!!!!

I would Like To Take dis moment to say..........................

R.I.P. to the nicest guy i've ever met! miss you Kev, u were the nicest guy around made me smile wenever i saw u! dude nutins da same without u but as dan said..... Ur heavens gain
The Other Half Of Me
Chloe Murphy

Chloe Murphy

She does have loads of friends i swear...SARCASM:)

Richey G is a genius best singer song writer in cork along with the infamous James Morring or Jimmy as he's more commanly known! suede halo rock cock.....i mean banana! i'm loving the coronas john mayer bitta the fray nd da script cant do anyharm! i'd listen to pretty much everything tho...... ah sure! You know Yourself!
Happiest When
hitin my head off stuff....obv dat goes without sayin! eh out with hogie bear aido jay richey nd all da resta da lads! Chlo vick kayls jess aishling mel ye all know who ye are! gotta be said i love it 2 b on stage performin but best wen slightly locked at a free gaff wit da lads playin a few tunes! kno1 is sober enough 2 no im shit ha ;) oh nd of cors dnt 4get nyt trips to kerry hahahaha
new msn mufuckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! seanymc_guitarman@hotmail.com
 ! add me nd we chat twice on TUESDAY
Online now
naked :) :) :) i likey bein naked

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The Script, Live Like We're Dying(with lyrics)

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    My Baby- Chlo! love u baby!
    My savage granny-
    My bum chum- merissa!! first spoke in les mis nd just became bumchums ova nyt!haha
    my fat hound-
    My Bruder 4m anuder muder?!?!-lukey mc yea muthrfucker
    My sista from anoda mista- ah gill me lng lost sis!!
    My benson-davey hacket
    my sexy admirer- gotta b sharon!!!
    My chocoholic friend-
    My sex partner- Melissa ur savage in da sack cnt wait ta try wen i get up ta dublin!
    My prince-
    My princess-princess becky bex
    My Gay Best Friend - Jameson da 3rd
    My Sexy best friend - karen hurley
    Other best friend - fifi luv ya biatch haha only messin fiona cs a ledge!
    My lil sis-
    My Bit on the side - becky bex
    My Personal shopper - again its just gotta megz!!!
    My Crush- Emma!!!!savage but ta tell ya da truth cs in love wit me so....haha!only mesin!
    My sex Slave-
    My msn friend-
    My Shoppoholic friend- Megz its gotta b
    My Sexy biatch - savage becky bex
    My Wee tootsie - its gotta b gill ya wee wee tootsie wootsie!!!!
    My Lovely gurlie - sharon u luvly girl!!!
    My Siamese twin- rory its a pleasure bein part of u!!!haha!!!
    My Goldfish - bronagh g! c my bro dogg!
    My Valentine -
    My Chatterbox -
    My Hot admirer -
    My Messer upper -laura morley
    My Cleaner-
    My Crazy Buddy - hakattack
    My Bebo Bud -
    My Sexy Butler-
    My Masseuse- oh shar u give gr8 1's
    My Next Door Neighbour-
    My Sexy Six-Pack-Er - rory savage but ya gotta hav a keg!!!
    my sexy kegger!!-
    My lil girlie-megz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My love - has ta b my melissa luv ya!!!!
    My dear-
    My inspiration-megan cunningham murphy-she makes my life worth while!!!!
    My God- Fiona o'leary da religion is called gimps 'r' us
    my penis buddy- Jamesy g!!!!oh and ronald his penis!!!ronald nd rodriguez r best buds!(rodriguez is my penis by da way)!
    my gay luver-
    my wanna b luver- Nicola!!!!!
    my illegitamate bro- Richey o'g we is like -> <- close godam it!
    my ilegitamate sis- becky tank god i found ya
    my ilagitamate muder!!!!-
    my soon ta b monkey- kattya! a.k.a. kaitie mc!
    my willy warmer-davey my man!ahha

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    DO DIS 4 ME!!!

    Leave a comment if ur readin dis. Leave 1 memory of u & me togeda as a comment--it doesn't mata if I no u a lil r a lot, nytin u remember. Next, repost this bulletin and see how many people leave a memory about you!!!!!!!!!

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