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Seiao.Meki-Jurj Gurl

.. Im back on bebo..!!lolz ryt nw im readinq my bible. I love my God.!mwwwwaaah love u father. love never end..

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  • Female, Luv 346
  • from "Luk up d@h ski"
  • I am Single
  • Member since: May 2008
  • Last active: 1/6/13
  • www.bebo.com/Seiaoj10
"Love m@h familee maynlee GOD"
Me, Myself, and I
Hol@ 2 ma familee, D@h main loverz dat I hav
An alzo lyke 2 hol@ 2 mah fwendz frm skul, and maynlee fwendz frm jurj-Lov3 u'z al
Nt mch 2 sae bt jst 2 remind dat Lyfe is really hrd nowadae'z people ar reli wierd and dancherrus.
Last wrdz are 2 stil keep d@ d@ sword-God's wrd 2 guide all of yoa footpaths and stps 2 wea eva u go in lyfe...
Nt reli mch 2 sae bt " Be blezed and alwaez b blessed and 2 stae blezed"
Fantasia, pink, westlife, trisha
 , and celin dion.

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  • <<<<<My LiFe An WaT MaTrZ iN iT>>>>>

    Hol@ 2 dose dat jst tayk d@h tyme 2 jst run fru m@h pge an jst stppn 2 c hw meni hartz i hav....... WEIRD PEEPLE an VERI STUPID PEEPLE, no d@tz nt rite an agen i sae nt agen-hehe, d@tz eenarrfff noww...
    So wen i'm at yoa service it duz nt mean dat u leev wit nufing behind...u leaf wid a hart ass u'z all no d@h trill-n00t in Kindy pepol>>>> :) An rite nw dnt hav muuch 2 sae bt jst 2 leeve a comment behind an i wil b at yoa service by the nex 2 weeks-Oi I meen yrs-lol-joax

    YOUTH ;)
    Evryone i'z grate(Lyke i evr go 2 eni youf stuff-hehe
    Bt jst lyke 2 hol@ 2 all dah unknown peeple frm matagofie-sori onlee no the Mt Wellieez(Hey yo welliz) An 2 youf leeder Aylynn 4 killin me everityme i dnt trun up-jst enjoying it-Not Even!

    JURJ :P
    Jurj is fun, lotz of peeple at jurj- which iz d@h prt dat i dnt reli care abwt-sori, an jst lov feelin d@h presence of the Almighty God....Jst lyke 2 sae hi 2 all dah peeps at matagofie-MT WELLINGTON -YEI-YAH! sori gotta kep it down-looooow!

    FAMILEE :*
    D@h bst prt of lyfe iz wea u no u hav a familee,Jst fank god 4 such a blezing familee dat i have
    my mum-masui....hey mama u ruuul and mah dad-meki........u cuuul and also 2 mah badas an ma sidas an maH invisible dog an cat-hehe-lol-joax

    Yeah! and mai target everi dae dyin to go heaven, a life striving for the earthly crap is jst a waste of tyme livin.... Heaven is d@h reel place dat i belong dnt no abwt u -i fiiiiinnnnnkkkkk----------not jst joax dnt cri-nah yeah 4 all.......;)

    Alwaez hapi wen at jurj nt coz of d@h food-M@n, hw'd u no-lol, Bt jst 2 fell god talkin 2 us..
    So Dats iz wat my lyfe an wat matrz is reli abwt so may u hav a blezd dae!

    0 Comments 205 weeks

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