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Ii LOvee Mariiaa

Crip 4 lyfe' rep Blue-$

7/7/10 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 493
  • from mOii hOusee ! naahrr AUCKLANDD ~
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  • Last active: 1/26/11
  • www.bebo.com/MariiaA11
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◄- Mo0ii a to0mboii !! R.I.P Michael Jackson..We all you
Me, Myself, and I
Hey my name is mariia Also known as Riia !
ii am a pro0u'D girl with lovinq parents !!
mybest friend is Brooke ! she is always there for me !
shout out to you Brooke !...
My STUFF....

Parents: beni + Ofa Alenii
School:Jean Batten Primary School [ We are namEd after a famous pilot ]
Friend:B rooke,Emma,Mariie, and Nana !!
Teacher:My Best ever Teacher miss Olderhaver {a Big shout out to you]

Aww ! When ii grow up ii wanna play rugby and Cricket ...Good night .

Kayye i said most things about me now BYYE !

ii am a happy girl with everything ii need ! SEEYAH !

mORe ~~]] go to Mariiaa11

R.I.P Michael Jackson
We you

Michael Jackson , you are not alone, dirty diana, thriller, black or white, beat it, the way you make feel, smooth criminal , heal the world , they dont care about us, librarian girl , billie jean, bad, childhood, earth song, you rock my world, ben, one more chance, break of dawn, man in the mirror, i just cant stop loving you, dont stop til you get enough, rock with you, why?, evacuate the dancefloor, outta here, batllee field, stand wit yOu, ghetto flower, dont know what to do, you belong with me, Obseseed, Beautiful, ii miiss yOuu, bOOm bOOm pOww, ii gOtta feeliinq, dOwn dOwn dOwn, yOur a jerk !....
Dance moves
moon walk, robot, wave, shuffle.....
Rugby, touch, basket ball, soccer , soft ball , athletics, cricket
Scared Of
Lots of things :L
Happiest When
michael jackson was here....miiss yOuuee sOee mujj !!
Faceezs !!
:P :L :( :) :)) [moon] [b]
lOvees !
mariia, Fam bamm !....schOOl, leearniinqq, ruuniinqq.....daanciinqq.....
 eeatiinqq sweetzs !LOL...
The Other Half Of Me
Ii LOvee Brookee

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  • Michael jackson

    Dear King 0f p0p..

    Yhuu wer da BEST siinqer 0hf awl tYme nd Yhuu wiill alwae'zs bii remember'D Yme suum1 listen'zs tew Yhuur s0onq'zs. The famiilY 0hf miichael jacks0n all m0oii l0ove nd do0rt'zs r wiiff Yhuu b'Cuz ii ahm awls0o pwettYY uuhbset hii diie'D . ii Ho0pe Yhuu can get fruu diiz tuuff tYmee ohf hii'zs Death. Bea'D iih'D , Friller , Smo0ff Criminal , Ba'D , r juuz suum o0hf hiz best so0nq'zs!!

    '' MJ Yhuur da best nd Yhuu awlwae'zs wiill bii ''

    Yhuu will bii remember'D 4evah bY evwii1 aro0uun'D dah wo0rl'D especiallY Mo0ii!

    Fwo0m a Michael Jackson fan , Mariia
    Muugh luff

    0 Comments 212 weeks

  • Michael jackson

    Missed the memorial? Catch up on the event of the year at the staples centre in downtown Los Angeles!

    The time has come for the final goodbye to music superstar Michael Jackson, who passed away almost two weeks ago at the age of 50.

    0 Comments 212 weeks

  • Michael jackson

    He's with us in spirit
    Past away on Thursday June 25th 2.26 pm.
    He was crowned KING OF POP
    So give him some RESPECT

    D.O.B:29.08.1958 - 25.06.09
    Full name:Michael "Joseph" Jackson

    He was a HERO a FATHER a SON
    m0stly an INSPIRATION

    Qu0te:The meaning of life is c0ntained in every single expression of life.It is a present in the infinity of forms and phenomenal that exist in all creation.

    His music will live forever..Even though he's g0ne he will never be f0rg0tten!!
    You have true FRIENDS m0st imp0rtant FAMILY

    N0 matter h0w 0ld he is he is the best danser ever
    May your s0ul rest in peace..
    We all will miss you and y0u'll always in m0ii hart

    __________?§$$§??$§? ***LEGENDS NEVER DIE.***

    0 Comments 212 weeks

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  • FuatinoRockz

    whos ths?

  • -Cheeky

    hey marria wow havnt talked tew yhu in ages aye? uptos?? r u gna tik da box :L

  • Maui

    Hey reeyah x , whatt yuoo doinq ohn so late ?? x

    9/17/10 via Mobile
  • Maddy Heti
    luv Maddy Heti

    Hey. Maria . iloveyou.

    8/17/10 via Mobile
  • Deleriouss

    Suhp mehh tuaine wahd u uhp tew

  • CoØkiié Mönstå
    luv CoØkiié Mönstå

    hay itz ur mahhrez other half just saying watz up 1 haert left sorry

  • Tracey

    Is iht kool there ae?

    7/7/10 via Mobile
  • Sarah H
    Sarah H


  • Tracey

    Hard im jst kickn iht ae hehe waht skool du yhue go tew nw ae?

    7/7/10 via Mobile
  • Tracey

    Shup ghee waht yhue ub tew ae?

    7/7/10 via Mobile
  • Ii LOvee Mariiaa 7/6/10 via Mobile
  • Fcuktart

    so iim with rose boii suwOop

  • ºShivneel .
    ºShivneel .

    narh i didn't see her cause i ran to fast

  • Fcuktart


  • Fcuktart

    hae dnt be a snob aye nd straight ub blood niggar hae ue no who ii go owt wid

  • Fcuktart

    Oh UhM NoHt MuJj Aye Jt HaNgIn WiD MwEe GrL

  • ºShivneel .
    ºShivneel .

    Awh hea dehn heartmehhbaak LMFAO :L :L she was in maii way and i was running for the ball farhk`i heard a crack when i hit her lol

  • Fcuktart

    nah fuhk daht ii aint cmn 2 ue waht ue ub2 anywayz nd ur dah snob

  • Fcuktart

    FuHk MaYn IF Ue Do BeLiEvE MwEe BwT DaH TaLk DeN iL cMe 2 Ue

  • Fcuktart
    luv Fcuktart

    cEe MaYn Im NoHt A sNoB hEaS a HeArT aNy WaYz LuV yAh MwAa


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