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Crimson Blade

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Crimson Blade had been searching across the galaxy for a place he could call his home on his journey he discovered that he could call upon the Force and use it to his advantage during battles by the age of 21 Crimson found the planet Yinchorr the training planet of the Crimson Empire. The King Kir Kanos liked Crimson Blade from the moment he first saw him but like all the warriors in the Empire Crimson Blade had to prove himself worthy of become a member of the Empire. So Kanos told him to fight in the Battle Circle, after defeating many of the best Warriors King Kanos clapped his hands and welcomed Crimson Darkblade into the Empire. After many months of watching the Kings Daughter Cressida Kanos. He grew more attracted to the Princess. After a year of impressing the princess she finally gave him some notice started watching his every move.
* Ashla Order
* Jedi Order
* Galactic Republic
* Confederacy of Independent Systems
* Sith Empire
* Ragni Empire
* Crimson Empire
Known Masters
* Kir Kanos
Kyber Crystal with a Blood Red Focus Crystal bilt into a Gold Hilt

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  • Kratos Kanos
    Kratos Kanos

    I am Sparta!

  • Vampha Vlan Ordo

    we are good Spatan exept im mostly the last of my kind

  • Vampha Vlan Ordo

    greatings Spatan

  • Lord StarKiller
    Lord StarKiller

    * Hello Emperor Palpatine prepare to meet your fate* *I walk up to u and ignite my blade, I strike at u as u strike back, I then lift u up into the air using force grip and then i jump up and use force repulse* *I then using force lightning electrocute you and then stab u with my sabre*

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader

    [Care to Roleplay??] |: The Dark Lord's attention suddenly froze over, his intonation halting as if pulled by a tractor beam toward this omnipotent power summoning his presence. A lapdog to his master. A shattered man now shelled away from those he loved in an emaciated, skeletal mask. "As you were, officer." He turned to pivot on his metallic heel, draping the black smear of his cloak across the bridge of the Executor. His presence was unfathomably monstrous, so dominating yet beneath all that facade came a man whose shield had been broken watching those he loved betray him so. Silently, ruminating as he entered into the Hologram room, Vader sank to a single knee. A shot of pain rushed through his system, the burnt skin ripe and awkwardly positioned against his metal knee caps and joints. His gloves tumbled over one another in subservience, as he projected the Hologram into the quarters. "...My master?"

  • Darth Teron
    Darth Teron

    And whom do you serve

  • Darth Teron
    Darth Teron

    So you are Ragni

  • Darth Underlord
    Darth Underlord

    Rise my apprentice, the time has come for you to face your first Jedi Master

    2/9/10 via Mobile
  • Darth Nihl
    Darth Nihl

    my master how are you