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Kagura Yato

Sorry i won't be on as much for awhile, i'm moving but i'll try to get on as much as i can! ttyl!

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About Me

"Gin-chan says..."
Me, Myself, and I
My birthday is November 3rd.
I am a scorpio.

I am an alien from the "Yato Clan," one of the strongest races in existence. Despite my alien heritage, I look like a normal human and talk with a Chinese accent. I can stop Gin-chan's motor scooter single-handedly and has an umbrella that is bullet-proof and can fire bullets from the tip. My stomach knows no bounds and I apparently love to eat Sukonbu.
I originally came to Earth to earn money to help my parents' financial situation. Because of my immense strength, I took to fighting for a gang. After I was told to kill a few people, I tried to escape from the gang and was almost run over by Gin-chan's motor scooter. He liberated me, and I forced him to let me join his free-lancer business. I sleep in the closet of Gin-chan's home. I have a giant dog-like creature called Sadaharu as a pet, which I had found. Sadaharu has a habit of often biting most characters, with the exception of me.
My friends
My friends are the dearest to me, just like my family. If someone hurt them then they will get hurt! My friends are my life and i want them to be happy! So if your my friend then you know you have a friend for life!! If you love your friends then put this on your profile!!!
Gin-chan is a samerai and a good one at that! He's like a big child but that's okay! He's fun to pick on but i won't let anyone else mess with him!!! I live in his closet because i forced my way into his freeloader job. He likes Shonen Jump. (sorry if i spelt that wrong)
He want's to be a samerai but he sucks. He's working with Gin-chan because he thought he would learn something from him, but he's only learning of Gin-chan's debt. Though he does have moments where he isn't half bad.
One word and one word only!!!!

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Code Gintama: The Rebellion of Kagura-chan

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  • Future!

    Hmm i seen something n someone's profile sorry can't remember who's but it got me thinking....Do we exist for the world or do we just fill up space so the worlds not lonely. Are we needed in this world? Are we meant to do great things like people say? Do we actually have a choice for our futures? Well one thing for certain is i'm not going to let anything choose my future or my dreams! If I have to fight for them then i will, if the world doesn't need me then i will make it need me and if i'm only here to fill space then i'm gonna fill space and alot of it! I'm gonna prove to everyone that I really live, i'm not gonna let these questions, these problems and certainlly not my past drag me down again i'm gonna fight to the end and not let it destroy my precious goals and my beloved family and friends! I will do anything to protect the ones i care about, the things i believe in. They world may not need us people, for it still moves even after our loved ones died, but i will make it loud and clear that i truelly lived and prove that someone can live for themself or for someone else alone, they don't need their ugly past to smear blood all over their future to destroy it, they can do it themselves but if you believe in yourself and truelly see truth in your dreams and goals you can make your future, you life into something great!
    Hehe sorry I was thinking alot and I needed to get it out of my head, sorry if it seems weird to you but this is what I honostly believe and i want my friends and my family to see and realize what i believe and dream of! :D

    1 Comment 263 weeks

  • My friends poem.

    My friend Kyoko Honda <Respect-the-Dead> Had to delete her profile but she asked me to keep this because it meant alot to her! She wrote it for her "daughter."

    My little girl!

    Your my little girl that i left behind you were lost but someone found you! You will never forget me but you will not hold back because of me. You listened to my advice and you brought your friends through too! You are my little girl, my daughter who is you!

    Tohru i hope you like it! I sorta just typed as it came to mind! I Love you Tohru! You'll always be next to me and in my heart!


    0 Comments 268 weeks

  • ~R.I.P~

    Emma Riley was a beautiful calico cat that everyone loved, she was so kind and adorable that she will always be missed! She was born in (i think) August sometime, don't know exacly when, but it was in 2004 or 2005. But she died June 14, 2007 at the vet's in Junction City. She had four beautiful kittens, three boys and one girl. Their names are Tigger, George, Leo, and Kirara(Kilala). At the beginning we were going to give them all away but Tigger was taken by my brother and Leo was taken by my younger brother, now we are keeping them all, to comfort me and my family. Emma we'll all miss you and love you!

    P.S. If you think this is stupid and i should get over her, she's just a stupid cat then fuck off because she was MY cat and i love my animals, so if you have a problem then just go fuck yourself!!! I wont tolarate with bullies or emotionless assholes!!!

    Love and sorrow all belongs to,
    Jenn, the owner and mother (as in caretaker, and protector) of Emma, the best cat anyone could ask for!!

    7 Comments 320 weeks

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Which Element Are You? (8 ELEMENTS)

Your Element Is: Water

Your dominant element is WATER: ...can be connected to shade ...also can be affected by the next force in the circle (Ice) ...good at expressing emotions but not ideas ...likes a harmony to things, and as a result may be good at music/musical ...sometimes way too clean and may be a perfectionist ...hates being wrong, mostly about their judgement of people ...people may say they take things too seriously or have no sense of humour
Abilities: Good at harmonizing groups of people and moving fluidly such as in music or dance. Usually hate practicing due to the rigidity of schedules that they don't make themselves, though.
Extraordinary abilities: There has been at least one recorded case of aquakinesis (saw it on Unsolved Mysteries). The guy could control the humidity in a room. Impressive. Most Water elementa extremists can do that, but of course no one notices. Can sometimes 'disable' battery powered electrical equipment if the batteries are low. Also good with the nurturing aspect of gardening.
Preferences: Food preferences unknown, but generally peas, beans and soup seem popular. Maybe protein that's non-dairy? They also tend to have a strange love-hate relationship with salt.
Possible minor element: Dark or Ice
Opposite Element: Lightning

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What type of anime character and you (boys and girls)


you don't want to be seen, your best working alone in the darkness, but that doesn't mean you won't ge the job done!

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Which Greek God are you?


She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and Apollo's twin sister. Artemis is a friend
to mortals, and dances through the countryside in her silver sandals giving her
divine protection to the wild beasts, especially those that are very young.
She rides her silver chariot across the sky and shoots her arrows of silver Moonlight
to the earth down below.

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My Chinese Zodiac
Sheep: 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

Characteristics: People born in the year of Sheep are artistic and elegant, and they are highly accomplished in the arts; Most of Sheep people are timid, shy and pessimistic, and they worry about their future sometimes; Sheep people are warmhearted and compassionate and they enjoy helping other people; Sheep people are clumsy in speech thus they do not like to deliver public speech; They can easily trust other people and are passionate about what they believe in.

Best Career: doctor, artist and beautician.

Marriage: most compatible with Rabbit, Pig, and Horse people but not compatible with Ox people.

Check your friends' Chinese Zodiac, setup Chinese Zodiac to your profile!

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Kagura is a Vampire Jedi
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    Allo! <3 Remember me? *hugs* So sorry fro dissappearing like that >_< So ashamed Dx Hope you are doing great and that your 2008 was a great year! ;) Hopefully this year will be even better ^^ A new year, a new start, right? :D Hmm, I still remember our lil role play, but it's up to you if you want to continue or start a new one! xD Hope to hear from you soon! ^_^ Lots of Love <33333 PS: I like your new profile image! xD

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    Hehe ^^ I know you can do it She Smiles Happily And Winks Never give up thats what I always say

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    Thanx sakura, you have an even bigger heart then i do! I've had my heart broken! But...my soul is stolen...:( xxx-amy sorry, no more luvs!!! :( Luv is rare. You can only give it 3 times a day.

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    *whistles at you*^^ i love you jenny come back soon and godbless:)

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    Awesome ^^ Me too I graduate tomorrow :D Im so excited Hope you do I know you will coz your great person xx <33333

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    Thanx, sakura. You're soo nice to me! :) xxx-Amy hav sum luv You're a very strong person and have a big heart! :D I really see it!