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Omg Yayy!! So Happy ^__^ They're Back Togetherrr!

9/11/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

"You gotta understand that I have good ideas, they just aren’t legal" - Twinfools
Me, Myself, and I
quick reminder; this is not FDP, just a loving fan group.

Fighting Dreamers Productions are a cosplay group from Vancouver BC started on May, 9th, 2007.
kolibri, twin_fools, Lazlo, Kenshiro, Mavi, Valdrein, uchihayuna, AG and Eureka.

Group of talented people who have basically over 20 cosplays each, all handmade. Amazingly funny people who take the best photographs, tbh ;D

We love FDP ~<3

Cosplay Group- http://youtube.com/user/fightingdrea...
TwinFools - http://youtube.com/user/twinfools
UchihaYuna - http://youtube.com/user/uchihayuna21

Con Schedule 2009:
-Kei Kon (Victoria, Canada)
-Sakura Con (Seattle, USA)
-Anime Evolution (Vancouver, Canada)


And Btw ;) You Haven't Seen Cosplay Until You've Seen These Guys!

Thankyou to everyones support to this group (:

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  • Twin answers your questions (:

    ( I take no credit for this as it's simply copied and pasted from her Deviant art ) :D
    I've just picked out a few questions and will paste the link for fulll if needed ^-^

    FAQ is up! Instead of starting a 3 page essay for Archaeology class I typed a 3 page essay for a site where I post pictures of myself dresses as cartoon characters! Priorities!? Excuse me I don’t speak STUPID!!! HAHAHA *goes into daze of self amusement*

    Q: How long have you been cosplaying?
    A: As of October 2008, I’ve been cosplaying for 1 and a half years ^^

    Q: What is your favorite cosplay?
    A: This is, like, the hardest question you can POSSIBLY ask XD. After constantly changing my mind I would have to say that my favorite cosplay is Tidus, because there’s something epic about FF cosplays. However I also can’t deny Naruto, since it was my first and most commonly cospalyed character (not to mention the most revised, so I’ve been working with it for a LONG time )

    Q: What was your clique in school?
    A: I was a strange ass kid XD. I was a part of the so-called “popular” group I guess. However I was friends with pretty much everyone. On the flip side I could be considered a jock or w/e because I spent most of my time playing hockey and training for that. In elementary school I was a complete and utter angry tomboy who was too much of a smart ass in class so I got sent on jobs to be “challenged” more… I spent most of grade 7 making displays for the school or cleaning the art room.

    Q: Do you bind for male cosplay?
    A: GOD I HOPE SO! Haha, but yes I use either a compression shirt or tape binding, and I use open-shirt binding for Tidus. Butttt… there’s not much to hide

    Q: Do you retire your cosplays?
    A: No. Unless they break/get lost ect., but that still doesn’t mean I wont cosplay that character again or fix it up/re-do it.

    Q: What does your name “twinfools” mean?
    A: Nothing It was originally just a spontaneous joining of my two favorite words at the time “twin” and “fools”. I have many favorite words… currently it’s “extrapolate”
    Anyway, ironically I found a meaning for it later by relating the “twin” part to my birth sign (Gemini) and the “fools” part to my… well… MY GRACE AND SOPHISTICATION

    Q: How did FDP get together?
    A: Well, we plan to answer this in some format as a group. But I will say that it was mostly at anime meetups, and it was a bunch of chance meetings and “clicking” XD I met Kenshiro first, then kolibri, Valdrein, Lazlo and Mavi, Uchihayuna, Eureka and finally AG ^^

    Q: How many cosplays do you have/which ones?
    A: As of now (2008) I have 22 (I KNOW, epic fails in comparison to Yuna‘s total XP): Naruto (Naruto), Naruto (Naruto Shippuden), Roxas (KHII), Lavi (D. Gray Man), Takanari (Gentleman‘s Alliance Cross), Tidus (FFX), Squall (FFVIII), Yuiko (Loveless), Ichigo (Bleach), Light (Death Note), Edward (Twilight), Suigetsu (Naruto Shippuden), Natsuo (Loveless), Shuichi (Gravitation), Ash (Pokemon), Harry (Harry Potter), Moko (Skipbeat), Aang (Avatar), Daisuke (DN Angel), L (Death Note), Sasuke (Naruto), Kenshin (Kenshin) (but we don’t talk about this cosplay… SHHHH… it was very bad T_T)

    Q: What is your dream cosplay?
    A: Link, believe it or not XD Since I was in about grade 5 I’ve wanted to cosplay Link (and this was before I even knew what cosplay was ) Zelda is probably my all time favorite game, and Link is one of my all time favorite characters *basks in nostalgia*

    Q: What’s your favorite band/song?
    A: CRAP! Another question that makes me vomit with decision anxiety XP. My favorite bands are Hedley and Reliant K and my favorite song of all time is “River Below” by Billy Talent.

    Q: Do we all live together?
    A: No, only Kenshiro and kolibri live together. Their apartment (HQ) is where you see most of the skits being filmed ^^

    Q: Do you have an anime crush?
    A: Kai, from Beyblade. Seriosuly he's been my one and only true

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  • Other Cosplayers

    Wow :D
    Check these out!







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  • Websites

    Two Of The Most Amazing Cosplayers Ever.
    TwinFools && UchihaYuna.
    They Are Honestly So Cute Together Too.







    Cosplay.com TwinFools
    http://members.cosplay.com/mem ber/70183/


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Fighting Dreamers Christmas 2008

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  • Im Not Bulletproof.

    OMFG THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED!!! This is so awesome that even Naruto dont Believe it! :L But like when i found out i started crying, i was so happy :D I really love them together and as cosplayers! Long Live Twinfools And Nova :DD

  • FightingDreamersPoductions 11/12/09
  • Teh Chibi Ninja
    luv Teh Chibi Ninja

    i love FDP they are my cosplay heros and got me and all my friends into cosplay we even have our own goup now caled biginjapann although we arnt as good as these guys. they are pure awsomeness

  • Hyolee

    I kinda lose my interest in them :/ they stopped updating, why bother looking for imformation? WHERE IS DA AWESUM FUNNY FDP VIDEOS?!

  • luv Laurel

    http://www.bebo.com/finalheartscosplay plz check out this cosplay group and help them get off the ground we need everybodys love

  • Catriona
    luv Catriona

    FDP is sooooo awesome.I'm going 2 cosplay as Blindfolded Riku 4 halloween. ^-^

  • Wendy In Wonderland
    Wendy In Wonderland

    if anyone is going to the j-culturecon in derby, or just thinking about it, please add me! PLEAAAASSSEE! *claws at your jeans* kay thanks =)

  • Kizuna
    luv Kizuna

    <3 to FDP and all teh cosplayers! ! ! ~'.'~ ~Kizuna~

  • Lady Monday
    Lady Monday

    twinfools is so funny! 'Only the pure heart can touch can touch the death note!' ILMAO!!!!! XL

  • Wendy In Wonderland
    Wendy In Wonderland

    whoa whoa whoa, hold on a minute.. sasuke? pftttt why doesnt anyone prefer naruto??

  • Wendy In Wonderland
    Wendy In Wonderland

    i love twinfools! she's hot ^^ im a cosplaying bisexual. need you know anymore? lol =P please add me if you like! x

  • -'Neliel

    Love me some Twin fools! >w< Sexxy sexxy

  • TiggyBumchopps
    luv TiggyBumchopps

    Luv you FDP! I once met them at sakura Con Last year! They are so cool to hang out with!

  • Kitty Haruhi
    Kitty Haruhi

    i love fdp! our cosplay group is www.youtube.com/narutardninjaspro

  • Hana XD
    luv Hana XD

    You are amazing XD that's all I have to say!

  • Kizuna
    luv Kizuna

    KIZUNA HAS <3 TO GIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [to teh group] i wanna go to CANADA!!!!!!!!!! T^T *throws <3 around and emos in corner* Demokuse~~

  • Äñgël Äërîth

    the new video by them was great lol