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Tracy Joelle Bear Chief

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  • Female, 26, Luv 14
  • from Siksika Nation BABY! lol
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  • Last active: 5/17/06
  • www.bebo.com/luvlyn8v
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey people well first of all im a really nice person sometimes i TOOO nice and peeps take advantage of that and i grab life by the horns and ride it through!!! lol but yea im still the same im not fake or phony and im a real friend!!! yea!!! lol i like to laugh and meet new peeps im really caring and loving and i still hate gossip and sluuty gurls lol yea they ruin thangs lol but anyways im like 5ft7 medium skin tone and im really sweet lol so talk to me! learn more HOLLA BACK AT CHA GURL!!! Peace
The Other Half Of Me


hmmm..... well i guess i love all kinds of music except for techno i hate that gay shit! oops sorry for my french im mostly a hip hop booty shakin gal.
i love comedy movies and horror but i do not like romatic ones thier toooo cheeeezy.oh wait you know what movie i loved umm...... down to earth with chris rock
i like to volleyball and i use to love playing floor hockey but those gym days are over :( lol but i love watching basketball cant play it but i love watching it :P
hmm i like water and juice.......... oh yea and once in awhile i like sprite mmmmmmm lol oh and once in awhile ill have some bacardi breezer. not to the extremes though
well i dunno i like to try new thangs cuz you only live once. YEAh!!! and i use to like hanging with friends but now there all married and the others just too busy for me!!! yea you fuckers!! lol but i like to dance thats ma love there and write poetry and listen to music. but umm i love ma nieces to peices!!!
marital status
im single as can be lol but lonely as fuck hahahah

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  • who knew?

    okay well it is febuary 2,2006 and im feeling good lol like not in the drunk way in the im living life as ma self and not sum inlove kid lol love sucks and so does a broken heart but i aint nuthin but love for yall especially the ONES who HURT me. but yea its cold outside and im done talking to yall peace outmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah

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  • ive lost ma everything:(

    well today is January 6,2005 and today i feel like shet ive lost ma best friend ma love but most of all a part of me..... i dont know what i did wrong and i dont know whats wrong with me.. i wish i kneew so i could fix it and maybe then theyd come back to me... im falling to peices and there noone here to help me pick them up. i feel so empty inside and so plain on the outside. words can explain the hurt the pain that i feel. i must have done something terrebly wrong to have lost this... i ask it why! why do you do this to me please just leave me be let ma be at peace! i was soo in love and all of a sudden its gone how am i suppose to deal with that my first love ever and i was told not to love them i feel so rejected, not wanted....... OH GOD WHATS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!

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    well once again life sucks and im bored. all ma damn friends are shacked up and have kids. and all i have are ma guy friends but there GUYS for god sakes! i cant tell them certain thangs and what not. but im inlike with this one guy but it seems like he dont want me that way which really gets to me and yea it sucks. i love em but i cant change anything. another year gone by and im still fuckin here!!! hahahah well peace all yall bitches not you guys hahaha oh and ma gurlfriends but if i dont know yah fack off lol jks peace

    0 Comments 395 weeks

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  • Chase Black Horse
    Chase Black Horse

    I just netted $925 in 5 days in my spare time! I love this site - http://x.co/KTKR Remember who hooked you up!

  • Keely Poor Eagle
    luv Keely Poor Eagle

    Hey hey gurl it just aint the same when ur n0t around im going to send my 2 get chance i get well l0ve u cuz until we meet again

    2/8/09 via Mobile
  • Morning Coming Over The Horizion
    luv Morning Coming Over The Horizion

    Too a truly loved friend tracy poor eagle your still very special to me and remember creator is with you no matter what!!!! love you as a friend forever!

  • Mz. Vane
    luv Mz. Vane

    Hi Tracy, God Bless and R.I.P. Much Luv, girl. ;)

  • Seggie
    luv Seggie

    hey tracey! this is CJ! i still think about you night and day!! it hurts wen i see your smile or hear your laugh in my mind! or hear does songs we always argued about! it feels like i saw you just yesterday! at dat dance and you smiled at me and gave me a kiss right out of nowhere! i was so... excited! little did i know dats was gunna be our last kiss! wen i think of it i get so......sad! cuz i loved you so....much! and im glad you knew! i jus wish i cud take dat long cold walk in dark all by myself from ziggyz just 2 go C u! but no! da only way i can C u is through pics!! and my dreams!!! well dis is not goodbye my dear friend!! i still love you!! and i always will!!! i will never forget the light you brang into my life!!! and i will never forget your beautiful smile!!! i will never forget you!!!! i still cant beleive your gone!!! but i will wait to see you again!!! no matter how long it takes!! no matter how many tears!! so come visit me again!! please!! I LOVE YOU TRACEY!!! R.I.P.

  • Mills
    luv Mills

    tray i miss u so so so much i wish every day tht u were still around seeing ur beautiful smile. It was so fun whn u whr around. I still remember the last time we whr together being crazy and just laughing at all those crazy ppl. F*** i miss it and even whn we whr in the bathroom and thr was like 10 ppl in thr wit us and u whr dancing cracking every one up shit tht was so nuts. Even whn we whr on the side of tht one house and jaylene fell. Me and u whr tryn to help her thn we just both fell and we just layed thr laughing in the snow. Shit tht was real crazy. Well tray i can't wait to see tht beautiful smile again and thks 4 visiting me in my dreams tht felt real good, but i'll keep on missing u and i'll keep praying 4 u. I'll never for get the crazy times we had together. I'll always remember thm whn i have a bad day cuz u whr always the one tht puts the smile back on my face. bye MUCH LUV ASH!!!!! MISSSSS UUUUUUUUU.....

  • Morning Coming Over The Horizion
    luv Morning Coming Over The Horizion

    The Love I Show For U....well theres alt i have to say u know what i feel for u was far more then it seemed but u know how i felt andf i know how u felt about me and u know them peeps that hurt u should feel bad for wehat the did u had nothing bad to say ever u were the most beautiful girl in this hole and for u to leave that fast hurt alot but in our hearts we still love u and no matter what we or i can do i cant seem to find u in this world u were 1 in a billion and the person i could tell anything to u know i have alot of respect for ur family and wish them well u have alot of luv from my heart too let u know i love u and will never for get u and i pray for u every day and the creator is there for all of us if u need him ask him reach out to him he will take ur hand i wish so many things for u and i am making an outfit in honur of u reamber the butterflys u loved dearly well there gonna be on my outfit 1 for u 1 for me!!! well later tracy be back and reamember i luv u always ,pinky

  • Starr Marie CR

    tracey everyday i pray for you to memba us wit a smile while we try except that you are gone,cant wait to see if your goin to open the gates for me,and i try to image that you are still here wit us craken jokes,but i still love you and i just wanted to show some love to you

  • Megan Fly
    Megan Fly

    **SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF** Gurl not a days go by with out the thought of you!! I miss you so much!!! I wish i could still here you laugh, be rotten in a good way!!! Damn its so hard knowin your gone to the man upstairs. Gosh everyone was so jealous of you cause you were so beautiful, kind hearted, friendly, caring, outgoing, i can go on but words cannot express what your were!!! I miss you dearly, i've got a little girl noe wished you couldve met her, but someday!! Until then TRAE i'll remember all the good times RIP gurl i'm missin you!!!! Until we meet again Megan

  • The Best Kind Of Nightmare

    hey tracey its me tia. i miss you so much. we all do. i miss you living at my house. the only times it was fun here, was when you lived with us. you made everyone laugh, and you never got mad once!!! and you never got anyone mad. but you did make a lot of people sad. i miss you so much!! can't wait to meet up with you again!! i'll never forget you!!! tia

  • LB

    Wussup Ma, its Pa lol(remember, Lanny n Tracy aka. Ma n Pa)lol!!!, this last year has been the hardest year of my life, and wen things wur hard i always phoned u jus like u always phoned me, i will always love you and miss you, but i will never forget u, not a day has gone by where i havnt thot about u, o ya i'm gitting a butterfly tattooed on me in your memory, and if i can afford it, i'm gona try git ur beutiful smiling face with it too, its got ur name on it and i'm still designing it, but it looks wicked, i hope your ok, i pray for u everyday, and i cant wait til i see u again, remember wen u would never let me say bye on the phone, bcuz u always told that we would see eachother later, well i really do believe that, and i know we will. i will always love you trae, but wen i see u again, i'ma giv u shiit 4 leavn me down here all by my lonely, lol jks. i love you trae, and i will see u later. LOVE YOU MUCH LANNYBOY

  • Byronthe Nightmare Pooreagle
    Byronthe Nightmare Pooreagle

    this is your cuz byron and i miss u alot and alot. ive wished and cried that this would never happen to our family. i miss my cuzin alot and sometimes when i see her picture i get a lump in my throat thats how much i miss her and itll always be until i see you in gods kingdom. Ive prayed so hard that this could just be a dream and soon someone will tell me to get up that its time to visit the family, but now there will be 2 missing links in our family chain i just have to say TRACY i wish you and JORDAN were here with the family you guys are missed very much. R.I.P Tracy Joelle Pooreagle R.I.P Jordan Amos Pooreagle. with my my love forever and always i love you and i will see you soon both of you

  • Kyle Doore
    Kyle Doore


  • Crystal Dawn
    Crystal Dawn

    This is one of ma best gurlz. She was most trusted and loved, and now shes most missed. I know we will see each other agan in that place were the roses never fade. beautiful sweet sweet trae, I luv and miss for you were one of friends I can turn to for crazy laughs and gentle greetings. Now you can bee sprit free and watch over the people you care for and the people who care about you. untill we meet again, reast your body and free your sprit. lov you lots, your good friend, Crystal Black Horse.

  • Bunni

    Tracy i miss ya :( alot same with everyone else u have been in contact with but i just wanted everyone to that she was a very Awesome person very Kind hearted and always made us laugh and yet its sad that we wont be able to do that any more but at least all we can say is that we share time with her well she had her time here on earth she had many friendships all over. But yeah Trae i really miss ya sometimes i still think ur gunna come over and me u and my sister would just have those moments when we just laughed and told each other our crazy stories but at some point we had our great moments when we didnt give a shit and did some pretty crazy things lol :P but yeah i just wanted everyone to know that i will luff ya forever and yes i forgive for what u did just like u said in ur letters i remember most of what u wrote u said to "FORGIVE" and i do. Well Rest In Peace Girl :Z and i a wait the day we meet again much luff <>*MWAH*<> Bunni Brass #1911

  • Lance Doore
    Lance Doore

    well tracy i miss so does many others and i hope to see u very soon.im just happy that we were friends and i"m glad i always made u laugh everytime we talked. u were one in a million, u also had a very kind heart. it's too bad i cant talk or see u for a long time we all miss u so much. R.I.P TRACY

  • Freddie RabbitCarrier
    Freddie RabbitCarrier

    R.I.P Tracy P.E U Were A Good Kind Hearted Person But Most Of All U Were A Very Good Fwend 2 Me Miss U Very Much (FREDDIE) :( MISS U Tracy XXxFilthY43xXX

  • Im A Flirt
    Im A Flirt

    I jus decided to build my page 2day n i was goin through some shit here n all of a sudden i saw ur this beautiful gurl!!! i was like "OMG :O ITS TRACEY!!!! gurl i know we didnt have time to really get to know each otha but i do miss u. we had some laffs didnt we? if there really was some gurls buggin u @ skool u shoulda told me i woulda set them str8... but damn aint nuttin i can do now. gurl u were so beautiful n u had so much to live fo. u know ur luved n missed by everyone u crossed paths with. n i know ur lanny boy misses u also, i saw him shed tears fo u @ his aunties bout a month n a half ago... he really did luv u. i hope ur happy where u r n we'll meet up again one day n have our laffs again!!! R.I.P Miss Poor Eagle