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my pocast went up 22456places in the charts today boiz..well happy:L :L check out the new ignite websitehttp://ignitefm.weebly.com/

4/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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Trance,progressive,Uplifting EDM & Hip-hop
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Let them praise His name with dancing! Psalms 149:3
Me, Myself, and I
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**This page was NOT set up to Promote "Bladez" but simply to bring fame to Gods name**

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.Romans11v36

If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness.2 Corinthians 11

I am {{Nothing}} But God is {{Everything}}

Let them praise His name with dancing! Psalms 149:3

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  • christian Dance mixs


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  • Christian Trance

    “So many people find it either amusing or precocious of me that I class my music as such. Certainly, the argument has been made to me over and over that music, by virtue of its boundless nature and appeal to many diverse tastes, cannot be pigeonholed by any one belief or religion. I wouldn’t be so ignorant to suggest that my music can only be relevant or appreciated by other Christians. Yet, I tire of the bad language and offensive content that I must listen to each and every time I turn on the radio. I find that the world has been so desensitized by secular ideals and immoral principles that there is no longer the desire, much less the ability, to do anything about it. For the most part, even Christians sit like dumb mutes in front of their stereos being force-fed notions like “love is a feeling that often goes away”, or “it can’t be bad if everyone is doing it!” without so much as blinking. This is not what Christ teaches. I’m sick of the degradation of our society. I am doing my part to stop it. In the music I produce that contains vocals and lyrics I will choose to exalt Jesus and uphold biblical truths. By labeling my music as Christian Trance, I am simply stating for the record that I am using my music to convey biblical principles. And it is much deeper than that. Everyone has seen the “Christian Rock” section at the music store and no one questions that. Why? Because obviously the lyrics are indoctrinated with Christian values. But what of the music? What about pure, instrumental music. Can it be Christian? I say it can, without a doubt. Consider the fact that this work is a physical offering to God, an act of worship. Not just the performance of the music itself, but the very act of creating it, designing it and working on it are all elements of the way I choose to worship the Lord. Therefore, it is more than a song. It is a sacrifice of praise. And what better genre to choose to do that!? Trance is uplifting, spiritual, and vibrant!”

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  • Sound OF Bladez Podcast #1 TRACKLIST

    1 Summer of Love - Sunlovers
    2 When your looking like that - Topmodelz
    3 Day at the beach - The Filterehadz
    4 Cary Brothers - Ride
    5 Solarstone and aluard - Late Summer
    6 Oliver smith - Restless
    7 Bangin side of life - Jerry Coughlan
    8 Never Be alone - DJ Tony Foxx
    9 Yimanya - Filterhead


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  • L-E-V N
    L-E-V N

    haahaa shup :L :L

  • Dave Ashe 'The Official
    Dave Ashe 'The Official

    Happy new year bladez

  • luv Viki.

    teehee you look like your in a cartoon (: you could easily be a superhero now :D

  • Lil Vee
    Lil Vee

    oh wan udda thing............ Plz come to Anois! :) Xx

  • Lil Vee
    luv Lil Vee

    Hows my man? Im loving this...good music Shane yooh have a future, ders not manni christian Djs out der! Dat makes you brave and it shows dat yooh dont let ppl put you down! I have big R.E.S.P.E.C.T for You!! Thumbs up 4 Dj Bladez :DD Xx

  • Dave Ashe 'The Official
    Dave Ashe 'The Official

    We indeed indeed lad!!

  • Dave Ashe 'The Official
    Dave Ashe 'The Official

    One of the finest DJ's on the Scene in my eyes, hes got the convidence!!

  • Andrew M
    luv Andrew M

    got some serious ignite photos!!

  • DJInferno DJShaneyT
    DJInferno DJShaneyT

    we had our skin with months!:L

  • The Shaftsberry Trio
    luv The Shaftsberry Trio

    legend! join the trio fan club

  • Chaz H
    luv Chaz H

    so its the video box i can listen ta ya... den wats this my stuff thingy... x

  • Johnny


  • Johnny


  • Aoife Hegarty

    :L :L :L Tis fair good isn't it! :D :L


    I REALLY NEED YOUR support FOR a up && coming New DJ.... Quoted a 'Pro in the making' Join Join Join Pics,, Songs,, Soon to be videos!!!

  • Bladez

    304 subscribers..:D cheers guys

  • spotify

    http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/Home/D... vote for dainele its neaar the bottom andf i will give you 20 loves! Please vote please i really want him to win

  • Xeno

    "Finally the new GPW is ready! Gunpowder Rec is known also for the effort invested to help and find newcomers and talents from the deeper underground scene and give them a first opportunity. So this time we are proud to present you the first ever Northern Irish hardcore artist to have a official release. Xeno bring us three strong tracks, in particular The Future that has the numbers to become a fu*kin floorfilla. Enjoy the irish noise, the time for a hard awakening is now!" cat.: GPW009 title: The Future Artist: XENO Tracklist: -The Future -Awakening -The Time is now Now available from the following platforms (previews online also) http://www.trackitdown.net/recordlab... http://www.beatsdigital.com/gunpowderrec http://www.dance-tunes.com/artist/63... http://www.junodownload.com/ppps/pro... Thanks, and enjoy :)


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