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Jesus Christ


8/6/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

in jesus we trust
Me, Myself, and I
Well hello there my children, i am here to guide you through the world of bebo as i have done in the real life, thats totally existed and is in no way a lie or made up or anything like that, honest! Id also like to add a big shout out to all the hardcore pimps out there, yes i know its a sin and all but i do admire how it "aint easy" and you make such a good life from it, so for once i say fuck it on yersel !!!!!
I love sandals they get you from A to B and they let air get about your feet
Passion of Christ - i look pimping in that flick its off the chain
I do not care much for sports its mainly there for my children to pass their time
Scared Of
Big crosses, Party hats, Nails, Black and decker guns
Happiest When
Parting the seas, sampling water/wine
bread and fish, never get tired of a good fish sandwich
i like making loads of wee models, i made a spitfire the other day

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    well hello my children and peace be with you. Im sorry i havent been in touch but ive been very busy. I thought this thing would make things easier for me but since i logged on theres been a major increase in faith down there. So many more people belive in me again. where have you all been? I havent been this popular since i appeared on toast!!! Anyways i took a little holiday er, i mean retreat, at the vatican. Just layin around in the sun, which is easy when you can control the weather lol, by the private pool (i never go in, the cross shape freaks me out and i cant help hovering on the surface!) and shootin the breeze with popey. I did get to do some good people watchin tho. Saw somethin interestin in a hotel room on saturday, you know who you are lmao. I also got a killer tan, or at least it would be if i could get skin cancer. Seriously folks, cover up, look after yourselves, cause thats some bad shit. Sorry dad. xx

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  • new technology is wonderful

    well hello everyone, peace be with you.
    well, OH MY DAD, have i been busy. what with all the prayers, visitin the new arrivals up here in heaven, miracles, and now i got this. not that im complaining about any of it mind you, i love it all and ive got all the time in the world, literally. lol
    but its a sad thing that my voice hasnt been heard as much as it used to be and i was lookin for a way to improve this and im fed up with 'scientists' dismissing every noticable thing i do as effects of global warming, do you have any idea how many people and for how long have been praying for a little warmer or not so cold? so i turned the thermostat up a little. If i hear "i dont mind the rain so much but its the cold that gets to you" one more time.... boils, i promise. tried raining frogs but 'scientists' came up with some lame weather excuse. i mean really whats the point? anyway i was lookin for a new way to be heard and john t. b. sugested this and what a god send it is turning out to be. well, it was actually sent by argos not dad but you know what i mean. people are starting to hear again and thats gotta be a good thing.

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  • Jon Gillespie
    Jon Gillespie

    ur a fable, at best a myth.

  • Jenna Babeyy
    luv Jenna Babeyy

    thanking you lol i gues if you and god are real i have you to thank for blessing me with a kid lol :S xxxx have a love back xxxxx

  • Jenna Babeyy
    Jenna Babeyy

    write back x

  • Simon Carr

    what a farce

  • Jenna Babeyy
    Jenna Babeyy

    haya hows the view from up there ???? well must be reall if ur on beo....(not) love in away x x

  • Bernard Dowling
    Bernard Dowling

    mon the hoops eh big man

  • OinkOink'

    oh dear...:L

  • Deborah Suniga

    heyyyy come check out me and my friends get down and dirty on cam its FREE! www.bebocamz.com laters

    7/19/08 via Mobile
  • Amber H
    Amber H

    yea i better get a front seat den ey?? U tidy old perv .. lookin down girl tops!! .. i thout u had repect! haha .. wht else u do up der den?? i bet it like a porn placs init truth b told ! haha i bet ya name jesus yea n JEEsUs Luvs us all!! x

  • Loren.

    heloo there explain to me what the weathier is going to be like for auguast? are we going to get any sun this year atall ?

  • Jodii Jones
    Jodii Jones

    hello big man in the sky how is your mother the virgin mary but she gave birth to you in stable please explain to me ?

  • Amber H
    Amber H

    Sound Groovvy babey Dnt it!! yea baby Shag-a-del-lick baby ;) I HOpe I Get Good Seat Whn im Croock/Die . N Wht Ur name?? Jeuse Luv YOu He Luv Us alll xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Amber H
    Amber H

    Oh ma daiiiss DEr is a Lord out der !!!!!!! I want u 2 judge me! Do tell me wht cme first egg or the chicken??

  • Marie

    is it jesus that loves me? LMFAO!!!!

  • Ginger

    hi jesus