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Kenneth Hay

I'm fed up with rainy weekends and sunny weekdays. IT'S NOT FAIR!

3/1/09 | me too! | Reply

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Even if it is a Cinquecento now, I'm not changing my username!
Me, Myself, and I
After 3½ years of toil, I finally got my theiss corrections approved, and I have now graduated to become Dr. Kenneth Hay. It doesn't feel much different actually!

Meanwhile, I've got a job. I had 2½ days of freedom between handing in my draft thesis and starting work. I've got a flat in Stirling so I can carry on working on quantum cascade lasers. 3 years obviously wasn't enough!

I am still spending time working on my bus! See
for the latest on its preservation. It has just finished having an engine transplant which has been one mammoth piece of restoration work!

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  • High time for an update

    I've just noticed it's almost a year since my last blog, so I probably need to post another one.

    Meh, can't be bothered. Too busy writing a thesis instead.

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  • Bus rally next weekend, and bus still not fully reassembled...

    As some of you might know, the bus has been off the road since November with one problem after another, apart from about a week between the back end being finished and the compressor packing up. It managed to pass it's MOT that week though so it's not all bad.

    Having taken off the back bumper, cleaned up and welded the underframe, fitted new brackets and put the bumper back...

    And sent it for MOT, had the front brake pads and two air valves replaced...

    And dismantled the front wing to get the compressor out, stripped down and repaired the compressor, put it back, rebuilt the front wing, replacing two panels in the wheelarch...

    And discovered a leak in the air tank, taken it off to find a new patch of bad rust, cut it out, welded in replacement framework, put the new air tank in AND repaired the exhaust, it'll be pretty good to be able to actually drive the bus again!

    Photos of work ongoing are at http://gm47.fotopic.net, and hopefully I'll be able to get hold of Peter's photos too. He's done most of the work too - I wish I was an undergraduate again with free time during the week!

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  • All fixed now

    The RAC phoned at lunchtime, to say they'd be here in half an hour. They were, and it took about half an hour to put the new window in, so my wheels are working again! Woohoo!

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  • JC

    Hi Ken, I wish you a belated happy birthday and hope you enjoyed the day immensely.

  • Louise Morrison
    Louise Morrison

    Alex used to stay in that area, nice area and handy too. I stay in Falkirk, working in Bo'ness is bad enough! Where is it you're working?

  • Louise Morrison
    Louise Morrison

    Hi Kenneth! Good to see you're still doing well! Congrats on the job! Welcome to my neck of the woods! Where in stirling are you?x

    3/31/10 via Mobile
  • Janet Colvan
    Janet Colvan

    spoke to the curry house so I just need to go to her with the labels for each diner. Will give you a phone this tuesday after I speak to her. Was hoping the hall man would let us into the church early (we could pay an extra £10) could you contact him or send me his phone number. Send love to everyone:P :P :L :L :L Have a good weekend honey :P

  • Eileen
    luv Eileen

    Its a 1.4 micra. Hopefully I will fit the new one with my dad at the weekend. Glad the bus is going well. I had a look at some of the pics. Im so glad I am having a break at the moment but im doing a post grad with aberdeen uni so I need to do some work for that. Let me know if you are free for a coffee E x

  • Eileen

    My car radiator went!!!! Bought a new one on ebay!!!! How are things? E x

  • Janet Colvan
    luv Janet Colvan

    has crawford spoke to you about the copetition nigght pal as we need tomove quickly . have somr luv :P :P :P :P

  • Craig McInnes
    Craig McInnes

    definitely physics based then. are you in the physics department or are you electrical engineering? i know a prof (walter johnstone) who does stuff lasers but he's been moved to the electrical engineering dept. which was weird. so what were you doing? analysing the vapour or altering the laser itself?

  • Craig McInnes
    Craig McInnes

    yup, the place is crawlin with ex williamwood folk. i only spotted you because michael law and andrew melville were friends with you and i instantly remembered the name. are you doing a physics styled PhD? the machine in the background kinda made me think that. ahhh, duckin out of the sixth year. probably a wise choice but i gotta say, it was really the only year of school i actually enjoyed. it felt easier to make friends with folk you'd never spoken to before. anyway, that's miles away now. i see you ride a bus and are a magician. pretty freakin cool!!!!

  • Michael Law
    Michael Law

    hey! glad to see your getting on well! im super impressed you have your own bus. thats brilliant.

  • Craig McInnes
    Craig McInnes

    hah, no way!!! totally wasn't sure that you'd actually remember me from school! I'm quite a forgettable fellow, but there you go. impressed that you're on your final year of your PhD. that's a year ahead of most!!!

  • Janet Colvan
    luv Janet Colvan


  • Yellow Bentines
    Yellow Bentines

    We're playing Barfly on Saturday 11th October. Would you like to come?

  • Paul O'Donnell
    Paul O'Donnell

    Scary stuff my friend. Its always the worst part o finishin uni - realising that you have to be a grown up and get a proper job lol!. Thats gd that ur PhD is goin well chief. We will all need to arrange a night out tae catch up wit each other.

  • Paul O'Donnell
    Paul O'Donnell

    Alrite Kenny Hows it goin buddy? Hows the PhD doin? not seen u in an absolute age.

  • Eileen

    Hi Kenneth Was talking to your physics teacher from Williamwood at the iop conference!!!! How are things? E x

  • Littlemissarah

    i kw kinda scary but at least there from weeks ago so it isnt all bad lol, oh when were u doin the competition well done on coming second but am sure its ur act nt the pictures the judges liked, off to centre parks for a week with everyone hopley would kill mw dad durin the week see ypou soon

  • Catriona Hay

    you came up as my random friend on bebo. aww u r soo random! lol im so bored, everyone has abandoned me for the day and i dont know wot to do with myself....i might go and hide all your socks Mwhahahaha

  • luv Littlemissarah

    hey kenneth hws u, my dad give me the magazine and said there was apicture id want to c, was windin me up for 30 mins untill i found the picture lol typle my dad, thank u for givin me a copy that wa nice of u i forgotten id done those drawings for ur dad lol talk to u soon as sure bye bye

  • Catriona Hay

    I'm thinking of making my sexy meatballs on friday for u n paul if you'd like that? let me know so i know how many sausages to buy xxxxx