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Gráinne Dennis


8/11/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from DanceFloor :)
  • I am Single
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[╔♥&».GЯÅiiЛЛЄ ЄЯЄ .»&♥╗]
Me, Myself, and I
Is Mise Gráinne :) . SevenTeen :) ! Love Life ! Im Single Cause Fellas R DickHeads. I Love Me Girlys Jodie I Know Her Like 6 Years :O :O Shocked Onli Feels Like YesterDay We Onli Met For Da First Time And Sara Is Me Besty In Da Hole WORLD Cant Wait For Da Summer Gonna B Savage :DD Can Tell Her AnyThin And She Wont Judge Me :DD . Love Yas All :DD :DD . I Love Shoes All Kinda Of Shoes Ha Dere Savage. I Love Pennys. River Island Is Startin 2 Grow On Me Big Time :L . Music Makes Me Smile Even Wen Im At Rock Bottom So If Ya Ever C Me Sad Put A Bang Tune On And Ill B Brand New In No Time:L :L . I Love Me 2 Doggys Snoopy And Bella Dere Cooli :DD . Love Me Family. And Hate Bk Stabbers And Liars Ya Reli Find Out Who Ur Reli Mates R After Dey Lie 2 Ya. Well Leave A Comment Or Sumthin Toodles :DD

Summer10 8)

RelationShips R Gay!! >:(

Bye Byeeee!!
The Other Half Of Me


Always Dere For Me :) Love Ya X

♫"Yea Ur Love Ur Love
        Is My Drug"♫
Robert Pattinson Is Totally Fiit
Glee Fuckin Rocks:DD !! X
.Sara Harnett Best Mate Is Da World B Lost WitOut Her :DD :DD
All Da Way Baby

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Gráinne Dennis
Nosey Bitch :) X
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    Kesha - Your Love Is My Drug (Official Video)

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    • Sara Harnett :)

      Dis Girl Is Me Best Mate She Lives In Me Gaf Robbin All Me Star Bars Ha Love Her Always Has Me Laughin About Stupid Stuff We Never Agree On AnyThin Always Shoutin At Each Other Ha Does B Gas Never Judges Me We Love R Drink :DD And Movies :DD :DD Movie Mad We R Love She May Aswell Call Me Ma Ma Cause She Is Always In Me Gaf Her Ma Is Sooooo Cool Ha I Would B Here For Days If I Was Gonna Rite How Much Of A Best Mate She Is 2 B So All I Gotta Say Is Like Me Sister Love Ya Sis :DD :DD

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    • Boredem Ha

      1O favourite:
      show - Ah 2 Many Ha
      food - Chinese
      person - Me Mammy :DD
      movie - Emmmm Da Twilligh Saga Ha
      music - Waaaaaaaaaaaay 2 Many Ha
      season - Summer
      day - Wednesdays Thursdays And Saturdays

      1O facts:
      hometown - Swords :)
      hair color - Brown And Blonde Mite Change It Was Ya Think Ha
      hair length - Reli Long Near Me Bum Ha
      best friend - Sara :DD
      eye color - Blue
      gender - Female :)
      height - 5 Sumthin Ha
      current location - Bed Ha
      peircings - Ears And Belly Buttom

      1O love life:
      have you ever been in love? Yea Its A Bollox
      do you believe in love? Yea
      do you give up on love easily? No Way !
      someone likes you? Reli Ha
      have you ever broken some one's heart? Not Dat I Know Of
      ever loved someone but never told them? No I Told Dem
      are you afraid of commitment? No Way
      fall in love easily? Dont Think So
      do you believe in love at first sight? Yup
      do you want to get married one day? Yea A Big Weddin Ha

      1O this or that:
      love or money? love
      white chocolate or milk chocolate? White :DD
      flowers or chocolates? Flowers
      one night stands or relationships? A RelationShips
      television or internet? Oh A Bit Of Both Ha
      pepsi or coke? Pepsi
      wild night out or romantic night in? Ah Depends On Me Humour Ha
      coloured or black and white pictures? Coloured Ha
      phone or text? Both
      I.M or bebo? Both

      1O have you ever:
      have you ever been caught doing the dirty? No
      have you ever been completely in LOVE? Yea :(
      have you ever been on a house boat? Dunno Ha Dont Think So Ha
      have you ever done something you regret? No Everythin In Life Happens For A Reason
      have you ever sky dived? No But Wanna
      have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker? Yea Haha Took Ages Ha
      have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt? Yea :( :(
      have you ever been streaking? No Ha
      have you ever been skinny dipping? No But Dats A Plan Ha
      ever wanted to marry a celebrity? Ha Eh Yea All Kids Dream Of It Ha

      1O emotions:
      are you missing someone right now? Kinda
      are you happy? Kinda
      are you talking to any one right now? Yea Jono On Msn X
      are you bored? Not Reli
      are you german? Random
      are you irish? Yup Ful Irish
      are you french? Random ha
      are you italian? No Ha
      are your parents still married? Yup
      do you love anyone? Yup

      1O last:
      last phone call? Me Bro Ha
      last thing you read? Well Im Readin Dis While Writin It So Dis Ha
      last text you recieved? A Smiley Face Ha
      last item bought? Me Real Uggs :DD Best Shoes In Da World
      last thing you ate? Chips
      last time you were nervous? Ah Dunno Ha
      last person hugged? Me Mam Wen She Was Goin 2 Bed Ha
      last film watched? Jennifers Body :L
      last cry? 2Day
      last time you ran?Ah Yesterday Race Me Ma 2 Da Car Haha Was Gas

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    • -Sara
      luv -Sara

      I Fuckin Love Youuu!!!

    • Anto

      Hey:) wats up?hw are you?u keping alri your slf?wat u been up to lately?xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • -Sara
      luv -Sara


    • -Sara
      luv -Sara


    • -Sara
      luv -Sara


    • -Sara
      luv -Sara


    • -Sara
      luv -Sara


    • -Sara
      luv -Sara

      Am Still Wreckd Frm De Other Nyt:( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • -Sara
      luv -Sara

      Love 4 me Beaty xxxxxxxxxcxxxxxxxxxx

      7/13/10 via Mobile
    • Micky.

      Wft was tht mail msg about :L ;) ahh your flithly:D

      7/13/10 via Mobile
    • -Sara
      luv -Sara


    • Halloween Breakout
      Halloween Breakout

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    • -Sara 7/9/10