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The Valiants

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About Me

You give me strength to carry on..
Me, Myself, and I
Club Name: Port Vale F.C

Formed: 1876

Manager: Micky Adams

Chairman: Bill Bratt

League: English Coca-Cola League 2

Shirt sponsor Harlequin Properties

Stadium: Vale Park, Burslem

A gathering for all those fans who have been to hell and back, just for the love of the Mighty Vale.
Saturdays would never be the same without it.
Up the Vale!

'The beginning of the journey back to where we belong...'

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  • Port Vale Battle Cry

    Port Vale Forever
    Here Is A Battle Cry For Those Who Go Vale, A Short Little Story Or Short Little Tale.
    For Those Who Have Been Thrown At, And Looked Down Upon,
    For Those Who Stay Loyal When No Longer Fun,
    For The Olde Crowns Windows Smashed Up To Bits, By Red And White Morons Or Red And White Tits,
    Victoria Ground Derbies We Sung All We Could,,Dodging The Pennies And Peices Of Wood,
    The Family Stand Stokies With V Signs And Hate, Ill See You Tommorrow At Work Me Old Mate,,
    Brought Up In The 90's With Vale In My Heart, Me Uncle Said Go Stoke And Try A New Start,
    But Why Should I Bypass The Team That Is Near, And Stand With Some Fat Men From Shelton Or Meir,
    Ill Stay With The Vale Till Death Do Us Part, The Black And White Blood Won't Drain From My Heart,
    The Stoke Fans From Biddulph, Packmoor And From Chell Don't Understand Local, Perhaps They Can't Spell,
    Stay Loyal And Local And Never One Stray, Apart From Hull City Or Bristol For One Day,
    Scousers And Mancs Are Waiting To Play, The Real Football Fans Who Never Did Stray,
    Stoke City have Done It And Oh How They'll Sing, Ill Give em 3 Seasons, Autumn, Winter And Spring,
    Ill Leave It At That Cause Ive Nowt More To Say,,Be Loyal And Proud And Don't Ever Stray.

    2 Comments 265 weeks

  • Were just Vale - by Martin Tideswell

    Ding Dong. "Ah, good day to you, sir. And how may I be of assistance?"

    "I'm looking for a season ticket, please - for one of our local football clubs."

    "In that case you have come to the right place! It just so happens that I have the Rolls-Royce of such items here for your perusal. There you have it, sir. Your dream ticket to watching the stars next season. Just imagine seeing the likes of Ronaldo, Berbatov and Torres, here in the Potteries.

    "I feel duty bound to tell you there is a slight chance the team in question won't actually make it to the Premier League. But, to be honest, even a ladsandads outfit couldn't mess it up from this position.

    "No sir, rest assured your investment will see you watching the cream of the world's footballing talent from a vantage point very close to the incinerator at Hanford."

    "What colours do they play in? What are their fans like?"

    "Red and white stripes, sir. And, if I may be so bold, does it matter what the home supporters are like when one can enjoy superstar soccer?"

    "It's football, mate. I don't like those colours and I don't fancy watching a bunch of over-paid, foreign fancy-Dans. You got anything else?"

    "I see. Well, er, we do have this ticket for a club a few miles further away. They only play in League One, however. But they do have the advantage of being consistent. Consistently mediocre, that is.

    "I would say it's good value if you have no aspirations of seeing your team progress or invest in the first team, having made millions from selling your best players."

    "Sounds a bit odd to me. What colours do they play in? Who runs the club?"

    "Erm??? red and white. Although the club's hierarchy has been in place since the Boer War. You should hear their new manager. He sounds, well??? just like their old manager really."

    "Nah, that ain't for me, mate. Is that all you've got?"

    "Well, there is one other season ticket we have, sir. Although I suspect you won't be interested when I tell you about it.

    "It's for a club that's just been relegated to the basement of the Football League after a truly awful season. They sacked their manager and were humiliated in the FA Cup by a non-league team. Only last Saturday they were trounced 6-0.

    "The tickets are so cheap they are practically giving them away to 'give football back to the fans' - or some such nonsense."

    "What colours do they play in? Who runs the club?"

    "Black and white. And the club is run by supporters."

    "I'll take it. In fact, I'll have two."

    "Are you mad?"

    "Nah mate. I'm Vale."

    0 Comments 273 weeks

  • Should i stay or should I go?


    Lee Sinnott this afternoon announced his retained list. He said: We are in negotiations with Danny Whitaker, Paul Harsley, David Howland and Luke Prosser and Ross Davidon has already signed.

    "We are not in a position to offer new contracts to David Mulligan, Joe Cardle, Robin Hulbert, George Pilkington, Adam Eckersley, Craig Rocastle, who left yesterday and Colin Miles."
    Article continues

    "Obviously Jason Talbot, Charlie O'Loughlin and Lloyd Ransome have been informed earlier that tey will be released, along with Keith Lowe, who will go back to Wolves, and Micth Hanson, who has gone back to Derby.

    "We are in dialogue with the four players already mentioned, but what has to be remembered is . . and this is not bending people's arms behind their backs . . we have to look at alternatives as well.

    "That will be done concurrently because we can't wait for ever. While we are waiting on their decisions, we will be working on alternatives, but that is just being sensible.

    "It has all been done face to face and it is part of the game. There is no maliciousness on my part.

    "You have to make a call which is dependant on what budget I have got, on the squad size I am running with next year, on financial factors, on footballing factors, they all come into the equation.

    ""All these things have to be considered, it's not just judging somebody on their footballing ability, there are all these other things that come into the equation.

    "It is an opportunity for us to start again and for me I couldn't afford to let the opportunity pass. We are in talks with Danny Whitaker, Paul Harsley, David Howland and Luke Prosser, but who is to say they won't go somewhere else?

    "We have brought two new players in today. They are the right age, have the right hunger, and we are creating everything again. That dressing room will be completely different next season.

    "It is good to get two new bodies in, but obviously we have got more work to do and it might take time. Supporters will have to be patient because it is about getting the right players in at the right price and at the right time.

    "I haven't got a crystal ball saying it will be all done and dusted within three weeks of the end of the season - that would be nice and we could all go on holiday, but we have made a positive start by getting two bodies on board.

    "They are two bodies that I think will do well for Port Vale. They are the right age and the right ability and we have done well to get them nice and early."

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  • Craigg

    anyone going scunthorpe away in the cup ?!?!?!?!? comment me if u are (Y)

  • Stuarts Baby-Pvfc Lass
    Stuarts Baby-Pvfc Lass

    well done to the vale in thier 1-1 draw at rochdale bring on the next game hopefully a win this time up the vale!!!

  • 'Jamie

    anymore vale skins

  • 'Jamie

    Mickey Adams' Looking Impressive. 2 Impressive Signings' + More On Way? Windass Or Savage I Think For Player Coach. This Could Be The Vales' Season. xx

  • Aa-Starhh

    well done 2 bill bratt, he got it 4 services in sport. Any1 knw waa chanel he wil b on or anythin?

    6/13/09 via Mobile
  • Stuarts Baby-Pvfc Lass
    Stuarts Baby-Pvfc Lass

    micky adams looks set to bring port vale some glory then went to see him on the day he signed at vale park and he seems confident to take us up tbf. all looking good. anyone know whether he signed yates??

  • Karrioo
    luv Karrioo

    hey mickey your so fine your so fine you blow our minds hey mickey ;) haha Up the VALE - 2012 here we come the prem :P

  • M o Z z Er

    Comee on mickyy Adams stokee cityy ere we cum :P come on vale P.V.F.C. FOR LIFEEE

  • Eddie.
    luv Eddie.

    MickeyAdamsWillBringUsNothingButGl  ory! OnlyOneWayUp! WeArePortVale!

  • Craigg

    Im Glad its Micky (Y) Up the Vale!

  • Sophie.X.
    luv Sophie.X.

    wish they would hurry up and decided the manger !x

  • Mr.Dunning
    luv Mr.Dunning

    New Manager? John Ward Av a luv Vale(y)

  • Kaat'Ee

    Paul Ince (Y) P.V.F.C. XX

  • Craigg

    Paul ince or Lawire Sanchez to be next manager hopefully