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naruto characters think of you

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About This App
Do you want to know what the naruto characters think of you, who likes you,who hates you...mabey even who loves you..well then take this quiz :) Comment and rate! Also feel free to take my organization XIII quix if you a kingdom hearts fan(not just the organization other characters included) Any love or comment given on this page will be appritiated and or rating :) Err.....YAY! Thanks!

Please messsage me on this apge as it will be appritiated thanks - and vote on the pole thing bellow ;)

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    Organization quiz working again yay! sorry but this makes me so happy.........goes and plays kh2 out of happiness...oh yea if anyone has anyspare love give it to this profile page \(Althought dont feel abliged) Its just this page is getting lonely...omg its turning into GAARA! SO COOL...oh no its....sasuke....quick love LOL (no offence to peeps who like sasuke, i done persobnally hater him) Thanks chibs X X X

    p.s: Comment..u know u wanna....

    0 Comments 270 weeks

  • Take this quiz...

    Hey...i always shunned cshort crappy quizzes...not anymore...it is so hard to make a half decent quiz..hell mine isnt even spelt right lol *sigh* i made an organization XIII one and it deleted itself....what a drag! Anyhow take this quiz!

    0 Comments 273 weeks

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  • Who is most awsome (naruto boys)

    Fredling by Fredling
    Considering writting another quiz about naruto love stories...what possible results do ya want....

    A.) Gaara (me:P ick this one)


    C.) Neji

    D.) Shikamaru

    E.) Kiba


    G.) - Do u want some one form the atasuki or kankuro or som1 like that....or iruka or kakashi!

    -Either comment on the profile or commenton the message part of the quiz (not 2 hard just leaave a message tanks!) :)
    2 Replies 270 weeks

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  • by Emma The Shape Shifter loved it loved the story
  • Minako Yuki by Minako Yuki I loved this quiz!!!!
  • Catári by Catári i love it
  • Rhi Salazar by Rhi Salazar so awesome!
  • Bubba Gump by Bubba Gump i couldnt get it to work!!! >:(
  • . Kaea by . Kaea its cool lolss =]
  • Whatsittooya by Whatsittooya my fave character is gaara and i like the story
  • Trishaa by Trishaa This is the bestest of the bestest quizzes i had ever taken. I LOVE IT!!! :D
  • by Jezz woooooo lol i liked it :)
  • by M E G A N I Almost cried :D Your Stories Kick Ass! ^__^
  • X-Naruto Rocks-X by X-Naruto Rocks-X that story was amazing you should publish it
  • Rasta.Baby by Rasta.Baby Well the Storie writer was really good i was so romantic and indulging soo i read it about 5 times
  • Hinata Hyuga by Hinata Hyuga I love you story!! But I was wishing for sasuke:L Haha But I love garaa To:D :L
  • Sirsak C by Sirsak C it sucks!
  • DJ-S. by DJ-S. hey u person who made this add me! this rocks u make the best quizs ever i love them
  • Andie Rahr. by Andie Rahr. that was AWESOME
  • by Ellen Meyler ?
  • Sita by Sita um with most quizzes all u get is awsome pics an d a word or two but the results made this quiz worth while. how do people come up with these thingz lol =p
  • Xx.Wickid.Green.XX by Xx.Wickid.Green.XX I cried!! lolz!
  • Bails by Bails u were really good at writing but why did u put all those question marks in it

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  • Whatsittooya

    it wont work on mine and i dont want naruto i want garra....:P :(

  • Bridget.Howard
    luv Bridget.Howard

    very cool!!!! my friend has the manga stuff like these characters!!!!

  • Aradia Megido
    luv Aradia Megido

    I Loved The Quiz!!I haven't Taken A Good Quiz like This one In A long Time ya Know :D You Deserve 5 stars for this one!!!! If You Make Anymore I Wanna Take Em!

  • Gaaraxawesomenessxkazekage
    luv Gaaraxawesomenessxkazekage

    oh i never got to message u on this quiz sorry! loved it lolz by my name u mighta guessed who i got:P loved it so much!:D

  • Shannon
    luv Shannon

    Hey heres sum luv cool quiz ps i vote kiba