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Teuru Tiraa Passfield

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  • Female, 22, Luv 488
  • from Matavera, Rarotonga!!!
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 5,951
  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: Jun 29
  • www.bebo.com/Teuru
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There's more to life than just being really, really, ridiculously good-looking. - Derek Zoolander
Me, Myself, and I
Finally, finally travelling the world, and having the time of my life!!



The Netherlands







Next Stop: South East Asia!!

x x x
whatever makes me sing along.
Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle. Zoolander. Shaolin Soccer. A Night at the Roxbury. Hot Rod. Juno. Grease. Stand By Me. Hot Fuzz. Nacho Libre. Remember the Titans. Pink Panther. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Dodgeball. Pineapple Express.
Oe Vaka
i LOVE these BOOKS
Harry Potter 1 to 7, even though the movies kinda killed it.
Being Happy. Laughing. Funny People. My Family. The Beach. Paddling. Traveling. Happy Songs. Funny Movies. Good Food. Friends. Raro. Taking Photos. Corleone. Did I mention being happy?
The Other Half Of Me
Its Tee

Its Tee


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  • Gap Year/OE 09/10

    I'm in Australia, just about to start my big OE - Scary!

    I've lost count of the number of goodbyes i've had to say already! Sieni & Corleone, my friends in Raro, my sisters, my mum, my grandma, and soon my dad! I've left people for way longer before, but this feels really weird cos i'm going on my own - which kinda freaks me out, but just a tad.

    Anyhoo, just for general, informational purposes, my rough plans are:

    6wks in Cornwall (and travelling around the UK)
    3mnths in Europe, various countries
    3mnths S.E Asia, Bangkok as our base
    3mnths Australia, gold coast as base??
    1mnth New Zealand
    2wks Raro
    1mnth USA

    So I'll be back in Raro for 2 weeks at the beginning of july and then again in august for the rest of the year.
    Not that anybody even wanted to know, and not that anybody is even going to read this but i'm bored, so. yeah.

    Haven't made my mind up about what i want to do after my trip!!!

    Will keep all you avid readers updated!

    Bye now.

    0 Comments 210 weeks

  • 2008 Ups & Downs

    Its been an interesting year.... a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but I'm guessing that's normal.

    I started the year off in Australia...on holiday. Then headed back to Samoa for a final goodbye before leaving for Raro.

    1. Started school at Tereora - Neutral.

    2. Started paddling again - A definite 'up'

    3. Made new friends, and still hung out with the old ones - Up

    4. Got a job - Rewards an up, People an up, but work in general, a 'down'

    5. Holiday in Samoa - Up

    6. Exams - Down

    7. Paddling trip to Tahiti - UP!!

    8. Exams - Down

    9. Flipping with the skirts and not knowing how to get out - DOWN!

    10. Exams Again - Down

    11. Being named Dux of Tereora - :P :D Up

    12. Vaka Eiva: Everything about it, but especially WINNING!! - Definite UP

    13. Death of a classmate - Big Down

    14. 95% of my savings being stolen - Definite down

    15. Holidays, Christmas and New years with my family - biggest 'up' of all

    So that pretty much sums it up. The in betweens were neutral!
    Looking forward to '09, but in a way, I'm sad to see the end of another year.


    bye now.

    ps. have just got rid of lots of the junk on my page, hopefully this is good feng shui.

    1 Comment 238 weeks

  • The Square Root of 3

    I fear that I will always be
    A lonely number like root three

    A three is all that’s good and right,
    Why must my three keep out of sight
    Beneath the vicious square root sign,
    I wish instead I were a nine

    For nine could thwart this evil trick,
    with just some quick arithmetic

    I know I’ll never see the sun, as 1.7321
    Such is my reality, a sad irrationality

    When hark! What is this I see,
    Another square root of a three

    Has quietly come waltzing by,
    Together now we multiply
    To form a number we prefer,
    Rejoicing as an integer

    We break free from our mortal bonds
    With the wave of magic wands

    Our square root signs become unglued
    And love for me has been renewed

    Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

    0 Comments 244 weeks

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  • 'ROi'

    hi itz roi

  • Its Tee
    luv Its Tee

    Just because. And because its almost christmas, I haven't written to you in years, like actually. hope your are fine my old friend. Love lots, Tee.x

  • Raukura Ellison
    luv Raukura Ellison

    just sharing the love !

  • Riki Puni
    Riki Puni

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  • Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez 9/29/10
  • Tony Cafuy

    how are u

  • Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez
    luv Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez

    wasuppppppp.. lolz raro style C!!..

  • luv Jay Vaai

    right back at ya

  • Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez
    luv Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez

    haha.. which means kool rite.. lolz.. fahh thats alot tah read.. kay.. weo i think i got one.. i keep it to maslf..haha. hias your one.. lolz.. choww.. oxx

  • Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez
    luv Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez

    last one.. okay call me tee.. hay thats so kool.. all our names start with the letter TEEEEEEEEEEEE... :) mean oi.. ... hey ill be newtral.. haha.. or u give me one..buhh i like tee.. lolz.. hey they call you tee aswell huh.. same as puna and also i. lolz.. hay have u topd up yet oi??.. later holmes... oxx

  • Raukura Ellison
    luv Raukura Ellison

    hehe yes i know ! wow its been a while ! well i better heart you back then ! seeing as i dont get comments from anybody else ! hha xo

  • Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez
    luv Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez


  • Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez
    luv Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez

    hay my bro.. lolz.. hia have some love..:)

  • Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez
    luv Antonio Tungane Manuel-Fortez

    yes yes.. mean huh.. i dig it.. haha.. hias some smoochy moochy.. lolz.. hay so what you think??.. i changed it.. lolz.. rite on.. laelae.. haha.. im neutral .. so im lovin it.. haha..

  • luv Jay Vaai

    OMG!, you know its funny, after all these years, ive never taken a a second to look at the stuff i wrote as a 15 year old.hahahahaha!!!,, omg im suj a LOSER!.lol... and yeah my lavalava/sarong fell off coz i didnt tie it down properly, but due to my samoan pride, i KEPT goin hahahah! honestly i kept dancing in my rugby shorts.lbahahaha, omg..finkin about it is krakin me up.lol. im in NZ, wellington to be exact, thinkin of comin raro to see my niece, hope your algood there.watr you doin there?.

  • Jay Vaai

    heya teuru hope things are good..got bored :-P

  • Sapphire Manuxz
    luv Sapphire Manuxz

    Hy gurl...hw r ya???wea u@???? muj love....ms u heaps.

  • Raukura Ellison
    luv Raukura Ellison

    oh lol ! nah yeah my foot is like swollen! haha but thats algoods heaps of ppl were worried i was an egg..hhe but my foot got me a day off skool so thats kool ..hha yeah shall talk to you soon! loves ya too! xo

  • Raukura Ellison
    luv Raukura Ellison

    sorry bout sat wen i jumped you! x