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Lar Mortimer

Home sweet home!

12/8/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 25, Luv 69
  • from Camross Co.Laois. Home of hurling!!!
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: April 2008
  • Last active: 3/31/10
  • www.bebo.com/LarM05
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Tourin round oz at the moment, enjoyin every second... :D
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Drinking, being wit friends, watching MAGNUM PI and being with Màire...
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Maire Melia

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  • Brendan Madden

    ah ya u wont bet bein out in the fresh air but cold these mornings, ya christmas was good only a few more days left of the hols now and then more torture again, its hard to find work these days, r ye stayin put for a while or hittin the skyies again

  • Shane Mulqueen

    well how ar tings wit u lar were de boys saying dat ur home?

  • Brendan Madden

    wel lar how ya after the christmas, relaxin these days r u or did u find work

  • Gillysome
    luv Gillysome

    Great to have ya back.....the country has gone to the dogs since ya left:L Ill fly the exams dont worry:P Do try and make the sesh......there is any amount of places to stay and the whole job. Veronica says ste bud

  • Gillysome
    luv Gillysome

    ste bud......ya back in the land of the spud pickers yet?? Break up night is the 17th.....would be mighty if urself and maire could make it down for the sesh.

  • Fran Keenan
    Fran Keenan

    hey,thats no hassle at all,injoy it down therr anyway,so ur off home then wednesday,god the time is after flyin!No dont think ill make it home for christmas,but u can tell them all i said hello!

  • Fran Keenan
    Fran Keenan

    Have u arrived in the us?

  • Chippy Phelan
    Chippy Phelan

    wel ye i wasnt left 2 long witout netn like. im fukin dead afta yday had ta carry buckets of rubble and bricks up 3 stories of hills and steps and knock a few walls and stuff was fair tuf tinkin bad of goin bak monday bu i hav ta. oh jesus ye shr tom will hav d fire blazin get urself a nice cumfy stool and ul b sorted. ah ye itl b kul ta c every1 and stuf id say afta bin gone 4 so long.

  • Chippy Phelan
    Chippy Phelan

    i sent him home a menu anyway so he mite av sumtn on it if not tro ur shoe at him. work was gr8 til i got paid and sakd in d same day dy gave a lad dat used ta work der his job bak and den der wasnt enuf 4 me. afta getin a fone call bout 5 mins ago got a start labourin in d mornin so wel c at dats like menta b tuf bu i may du it if i wana eat and sleep in a bed and stuff. u lukin forwad ta gettin home evin tho d weathers shit? ye getin hot now alri dus b over 30 most days work will b tuf in dat!!

  • Brendan Madden

    she said she is kind of goin bald but alright, stressful times, joe dowler asked for ya a new lad in the class, no prob will meet ye in galway when yer back over the christmas, u will be back in time to sit const mgmt with dolan<:( big session on the 17 come on all broke here to, tell maire galway is flooded.

  • luv Brendan Madden

    make sure ye do the celebrity tour of hollywood very good and do universal studios cool place, when wil ye be home

  • Chippy Phelan
    Chippy Phelan

    ah ye im gettin more used ta it and dat and likein it more bu i will definitly go home mis a few ppl 2 much and shr d sister is pregnant so il av ta go c d baby sumtime ill stay long enuf tho that i get ta work save and travel like ill cum bak in a year r 2 tho wi a few odr ppl. di ya du anytin excitin in nz any bungys r anytin?? did u get a ferg burger????????????????

  • Chippy Phelan
    Chippy Phelan

    by lar how u gettin on hows d travels goin howd u geton in nz wat u tink of it? where u now?? wen u due ta get home? i got work duin sign writing same as wat eoin dus so im happy ou its mon ta fri half8 ta 5 so its grand headin ta luk at a house in a min still in dat cunt of a hostle. no news here notin excitin happenin.

  • Gillysome
    luv Gillysome

    Open the hiace out on them. Drive her till she begs for mercy:P

  • Rita O Rourke
    luv Rita O Rourke

    Happy very very belated birthday cuz!d pics look brill yer avin a ball,say hi to Maire 4 me chat soon xx

  • Gillysome
    luv Gillysome

    Your a filthy individual. I can almost get the stink off ya this side of the water:L :L Hows the road trip going?

  • Gillysome
    luv Gillysome

    Go on d hiace............Birthday luv

  • Maire Melia
    luv Maire Melia

    Happy Birthday Lar!!!! x x x x x x x

  • Fran Keenan
    Fran Keenan

    Boston is fine,snowin here today so u better bring ur winter wooleys wit ya!!how long u gone now?

  • Fran Keenan
    Fran Keenan

    Well me man,oh will b still here alright,ur more than welcome to!!are u headin home soon then yea?Where u now?havin a ball i bet!