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  • Male, 19, Luv 182
  • from swansea city
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Member since: April 2008
  • Last active: Mar 2
  • www.bebo.com/BenWheel
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close About Me

Me, Myself, and I
     " Ben Wheel "
First breth :24 september 1993



Love: boxing family nd the lads

Live:Swansea in a little place called blaen-y-meas




T H E . R I N G
I S . M Y . C H U R C H

B O X I N G . I S
M Y . R E L I G I O N

B O X I N G . N E W S
I S . M Y . B I B L E

P O W E R A D E . I S
M Y . W I N E

T H E . G L O V E S
A R E . M Y . C R O SS

boxing is....
10% luck
20% skill
15% concentrated power of will
5% pleasure
50% pain
100% reason to remember the name

---| B-Y-M |----
Boxing record
David Andrews-won pts

Raymand Strue-lost pts

Raymand Sture-lost pts

Josh Baker-won pts

kazim ghani-lost 1 point welsh final

Raymand Sture-won pts

Adam Lovlle-won pts

Josh Baker-won pts

Daniel Ruffle-won pts

Charlie Edmans-lost on pts in the semi finals of the british

Adam lovlle: lost by one point robbed
C.Y.P welsh Champion this year

Bronze in the british of the C.Y.P
The lads
Johnathan williams, stephan williams, Jordan stone, Josph smith, Luke darlling, Dean norward, Karl norward, jordan jekins, liam pritchard, Robet templton, Josh dennis, Jamie bevans, Kyle dicks, David lewis, David jhon, Josh berry, Ben simons
Boxing, football, Tennis, Table tennis, pool, snoker, badmiton
R.I.P Liam Thomas x
Tнιs ls Tнε Wαч Чоυ Łεғт Mε , lм Nот Pяετεиdιиg , No Hоρε , No Łоνε , No Głояч , Nο Hαρρч Eиdιиg .. Tнιs ls Tнε Wαч Tнατ Wε Łovε Łικε lт's Ғояεvεя.. Tнεи Łινε Tнε Яεsт Oғ Oυя Łινεs Bυτ Noτ Togετнεя.. Oи 29тн Ocтовεя 2007, Tнε Woяsт Tнιиg Possιвlε Hαρρεиεd To Us All, Tнε Łεgεиd Łιαм Tнoмαs Pαssεd Aωαч Hε Sαdlч Pαssεd Aωαч Aт Tнε Agε Oғ 15 Aғтεя Hαvιиg Bяαιи Hεмεяαgε Чου Wιll Nεvεя Bε Ғояgоттεи Чου Dιdи'т Dεsεяvε Tнιs, Чоυ Wαs Ғαя Too Чoυиg.. Чου Wαs Alωαчs Sмιlιиg And Joκιиg, Mακιи Pεορlε Łαυgн Чоυ Woυld Mακε Pεορlε Cяч Wιтн Łαυgнтεя Ovεя Tнε Sмαllεsтs Tнιиgs Tнαт's Wнατ Wε'll Mιss Tнε Mosт Wε All Mιss Чoυ Soo Mυcн </3 Wε All Hoρεd Aиd Pяαчεd Tнατ Чου Woυld Pυll Tняоυgн, Bυτ Sαdlч Чоυ Dιdи'т.. Я.I.P Łιαм Łονε Aиd Mιss Чου Soo Mυcн </3 Iт's Kιиdα Hαяd Wιтн Чоυ Noт Aяоυиd, Kиoω Чоυя Iи Hεανεи Sмιlιиg Doωи.. Wατcнιиg Us Wнιlε Wε Pяαч Ғoя Чоυ, Evεяч Dαч Wε Pяαч Ғoя Чоυ.. Uитιl Tнε Dαч Wε Mεεт Agαιи Iи Mч Hεαят Is Wнεяε I Kεερ Чoυ Ғяιεиd </33
Happiest When
when with all the boy's and haven a laugh and seening every one happy.

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Love Yhoo ! x
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Team Stats

Coins 0
Level 7
Wins 11
Fans 0
Moves 0
Benwheel "Ben Big Nasty wheel" Benwheel
Job Fighter/Manager
Country United Kingdom
Style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Level 2
Jason "jason the killer bromham" Bromham
Style Kicker Boxer
Level 2
Alex "alex wright hook wright" Alex
Style Boxer
Level 1
. "kazim to fast ghani" .
Style Wrestler
Level 1
Patrick "patric to smooth waight" W
Style Ground and Pound
Level 1

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good looking to many
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  • Leah Tucker
    luv Leah Tucker

    hello :) . whats your msn? bye :DD x

  • Katyy.

    Beeennnnn! (: long time no speak. you alrite babe(: ? what you been doing thenn ? writee backk x

  • Socialbot

    add my pacman app :) AppLink:10193193349

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  • Alex

    ok mate no worries gd luck in squad the training is good but and yours?

  • Sophierowles'X

    Oritee Shithead!

    8/21/09 via Mobile
  • Tyrone

    nothin mushh shit as fuck inirr and wat u mean iam in shit

  • Tyrone

    Ite m8 wa u been doin en

    8/16/09 via Mobile
  • Alex

    ben boy yeah mate i cnt download e on here tho i cud downlaod em on facebook tho mate

  • Alex

    i will bud dont you worry lol

  • Jessica Sanders
    Jessica Sanders

    Slag bag:-)

    7/28/09 via Mobile
  • Sophierowles'X

    Oioi Shit Head Are You Still Nt Talking Too Me En Lol!

    7/25/09 via Mobile
  • Alex

    Met Carl Forch yesterday wen i went to watch cleverly box. i ad a photo wiv carl froch, barry mcguigian, tyson fury and duke mckenzie

  • Sophierowles'X
    luv Sophierowles'X

    Love :-)

    7/15/09 via Mobile
  • NadineWilcox

    hello wanna talk ?? xx

  • Loves Ett
    Loves Ett

    Hello babes :D You okay babe Been doing much en Kidoo Writte Back Kirsty x

  • 'Kirst'
    luv 'Kirst'

    Yeah Im Fine Naw Thanks :) x And Orite Ben The Kiss Of Life Isi :L x Thats Just Creased MEE XX

  • Alex

    lucky only bcoz Owen was fighting ini

  • Benjani

    thanks yeah I know:o:L

  • .

    Na i got a bronzee :L ha.. could beat the silver medalist.. justt didnt fight him :L

  • Lauren Barnett
    Lauren Barnett

    im sure i was out with you yesterday :L