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Tom Sprent

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  • Male, 31, Luv 89
  • from Oxford/Palermo, Sicily
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  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: 1/12/13
  • www.bebo.com/tsprenter
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hmmmm Bebo seems shit now that I don't need excuses not to study! I'm dossing about in Oxford at the moment, and should be going back out to Italy in the next few weeks, where I'll be for most of this year. And after that, I think I'll get a job in Stunners Boutique in Dundee.
George Harrison, Howlin’ Wolf, Hubert Sumlin, The James Gang, Dusty Springfield, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Taj Mahal, Cream, Pink Floyd, Bonnie Raitt, Credence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, The Band, Allman Brothers Band, Derek and the Dominos, Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Joe Walsh, Santana, Peter Green, Free, Freddie King, B.B. King, Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, David Gilmour, Spencer Davis Group, Paul Rodgers, Keith Richards, Rory Gallagher, The Faces, Otis Redding, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dire Straits, Johnny Winter, Albert Collins, Albert King, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Kinks, Dire Straits, Beach Boys, Neil Young, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, plus many more....
The Last Waltz, Rock n roll Circus, Three Musketeers, Sponge Bob Square Pants
Ice Skating, Running, Squash.
Scared Of
Barry Scott from Cillit Bang, Stunners Boutique, meat, Daddy Long Legs!!!!
Brian and Kurt from "Teachers"
Current top 10 songs
1. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Francisco Tarrega). 2. April Fool (Ronnie Lane/Eric Clapton). 3. Life Without You (Stevie Ray Vaughan). 4. Johnny b goode (Chuck Berry). 5. Murder (David Gilmour). 6. Wild Horses (Rolling Stones). 7. Soulshine (Allman Brothers Band). 8. Trouble in Mind (Jerry Lee Lewis). 9. All Things Must Pass (George Harrison). 10. I shall be released (Bob Dylan).

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  • Pistoia 2008, Lenny Kravitz.

    First confirmed artist for Pistoia 2008 is Lenny Kravitz! Should be good!!!!!! I'll post more when I hear it.

    0 Comments 282 weeks

  • A nice version of hell

    Well, just wasting a bit of time online so I thought I'd tell ya a bit about what's been happening! After sleeping in hippy communes, and having tents robbed, etc... I was ready to settle down somewhere, so I've managed to rent a room here, in Palermo, Sicily! Pretty exciting, gonna be here for a year, learning the lingo, getting work (hopefully!) and eating a bucket load of pizza!

    The city's a strange one, kinda a nice version of hell. Big. It's so hot, the whole city stops during the day. And it's very run-down in parts (but somehow, you wouldn't want to change that, because it's rundown in a nice way!). And at the same time it's got a whole load of character. Walking on one street, for 5 minutes alone, you can go from smelling rotting fish, sweat and sewage, to fresh ripe peaches, tomato sauce and baking bread, flowers, and coffee. So your senses are never bored.

    I don't know the people I'll be living with yet, I only met them briefly. But they're students (I'm 5 mins from the uni) so here's hoping this year could be something like last year (with 7 eggs, the frogs, Poles and Scots). That would be amazing! I've already made friends with a crazy Mexican (the first thing he ever said to me was "If anyone steals from you, I cut his fucking throat" in a stereotypical mexican accent! Hilarious!). So I'll be hanging around with him, and some other Italians I've met.

    The best thing is the rent. I'm paying about £2.50 per night for this room!!!! It's nothing. So I can afford to come to Britain and work for a few months if I need to, or just come back for holidays if I can find work here. Good times!

    1 Comment 306 weeks

  • Sonno in Italiana!

    Wow, the women here have longer legs than me! And they're not even hairy, like everyone says (although I've yet to examine any female Italian arm pits to reach a firm conclusion). And there really should be no need for drug abuse here; the strength of the coffee should make it a class A substance, it's amazing! You just get a tiny wee cup full, but it keeps you going forever!

    Anyway! Me, the Mush, Keir and Pauline spent three eventful days in Pistoia, listenign to amazing music, eating great pizza, getting high on coffee and being terrorised by Italians in the campsite (I had my tent raided, losing my Ipod and camera, and a few other things, and some crazy African dude tried to get into my tent while I was sleeping!). Perhaps the most traumatic event was getting my straw hat stolen, and being too much of a wuss to get it back, Pauline had to stick up for me! But apart from the camping, the place, music and company were mind blowing,

    So a few days ago I said bye to the geezers, and set off on my solo mission to explore the rest of what Italy had to offer.

    Starting in Florence, I spent one afternoon (in heat that, to me, seemed even more extreme than Australia) trying to find a hostel with a free bed. This nearly killed me! But got a cool place now, so gonna stick here for a while, then maybe head down the coast, check out some of the islands etc. I've started to pick up a bit of the language but they all speak too much English. But I'll get there. I love the people and the nightlife is like nothing you get in Britain. Oh, and Mush, I bought a new guitar! Sorry!

    The straw hat is still doing ok, although it's getting a bit holey. I might have to buy a new one!

    3 Comments 313 weeks

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  • gues wher I live

    Hehe, Tom!
    Thanks 4 message! Great U found me, coz I totally don't use bebo :/ I agree with Ur perfect recognition - I look as a serial killer... or perhaps as a cereal killer ;>

    Guess where I am now!
    good guess! (perhaps:p) - Dundee!!! Gues again... your flat! Hehe. It's s...

    Artur B 0 Replies
  • Dr. Zebra
    Dr. Zebra

    Dr Zebra- just to recall good memories ;) -Dundee could be FUN:)

    SajmonTemplar 0 Replies

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  • Ailsa Millen
    Ailsa Millen

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    Ailsa Millen

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  • Kevin McKenzie
    luv Kevin McKenzie

    u ever reply tay yer messages man lolol hope yer good mate xxxx

  • Jennifer Burns
    luv Jennifer Burns

    Come back to oxford come back to oxford come back to oxford

  • Jennifer Burns
    luv Jennifer Burns

    Ahh! I just clickyed on something I don't think I meant to clicky on and the screen went all weird. I'm off now the T, I will speak to you soooon! And we will hopefully be over to Barcelona in August. Bye Bye!! Mush

  • Jennifer Burns
    Jennifer Burns

    Thats ok the T! We don't have to decide anything now anyway. Eeek, I've not actually told my mother yet that I'm moving to Ox. Theres still about a 15% chance I won't go anyway cuz I don't want to be 500 miles from Chris. Probably will go though haha! Hows Barcelona? It was nice here at the weekend and we went to the beach and had BBQ and I flew a kite. Its a bit crap now though, and I'm off work till sat with nothing to do :(

  • Jennifer Burns
    Jennifer Burns

    You should come back for 6 months and make lots of pennies. I reckon we could get a 6 month lease somewhere. Lol, I found a bedsit about 200 yards from your mums house!

  • Jennifer Burns
    Jennifer Burns

    I just tried to send you a bebo instant message thing but it started downloading a crazy think and this is Chris' computer so thought I'd better not! Yay! So do u rekon you will be back around september then? I was looking at flats and its going to be fairly expensive for me to live alone. Plus u can make me get up and go to uni when ur going to work! And wel have crazy blues guitar/harp/mandolin/ukulele/jembe jams! YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!

  • Jennifer Burns
    Jennifer Burns

    I just managed to post a comment on my own page.. Come to Ox in September and live with me!! I don't want to live with randoms. And you can jam with Chris when he comes to visit!

  • Jennifer Burns
    Jennifer Burns

    T I hate Bebo! I've got about a million emails from people trying to make me look at their dirty websites. And about 20 from Kevin Mckenzie trying to make me look at a dirty website haha! Anyhoo, when are you back in Britain? I need help finding a flat :p ciao! Mush

  • Jennifer Burns
    Jennifer Burns

    T! I'm at Brians house. We are going to Dublin in the morning. Are u in Barcelona yet? Mush

  • Craig Bayne
    Craig Bayne

    Happy New Year to you BIG TAM hope to see/hear from you soon

  • Kevin McKenzie
    luv Kevin McKenzie

    how u doin big man no heard from u in ages hope ur gd, im havin a ball as per usual, hope ur sund, remeber n keep yer powder dry. peace n love kev

  • Chantel Boylan

    Im not all grown up, still loving being unprofessional u know ha ha!! still enjoying the nursing but i want to move back to dundee. Where u working in the rink?? Shame ur not on ur travels, any plans to go away anywhere?

  • Chantel Boylan

    Hey thomas!! Hows life treating u?? Are u still lazy and unprofessional?? When u coming back upto sunny scotland?? xx