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send us a message to buy super limited testing day rides as a pasenger or limited spectator tickets small numbers only so be in quick,,,,,

7/24/09 | me too! | Reply

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11 luv

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Dont just dream it LIVE it!!!!!!
Me, Myself, and I
Hey guys!
Sorry for the lack of updates!
Truth be told we have move operations over to facebook!
So come on over and see what the team at HB have been up to-

We are going on tour next week and go from the top of the north to the bottom of the south-all the dates etc are on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref...

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  • Huny Gurl
    luv Huny Gurl

    heya..finaly hooked it up lol... kep up th good work [moon] H

  • Benn Milne
    Benn Milne

    Hey all!!!! Go and vote for you fav Demon flavor or else we will crush you car!!!!

  • Benn Milne
    Benn Milne

    HA yeah , we were thinking more along the lines of doing the Baja!! .lol

  • Louise Zoo

    If you do, can stay here if you want. Time to start thinking about the Dakar LOL

  • Benn Milne
    Benn Milne

    We will try and see if we can get in?? Wil let you know

  • Louise Zoo

    Hi Are you coming up to Hamilton for the V8s?

  • Jimbob
    luv Jimbob


  • Ali Lintern
    Ali Lintern

    JetSprint pics are AWESOME!!!! C U at Speedway! ~1 of the HB widows. :)

  • Benn Milne
    luv Benn Milne

    Vicki you and Kev are both bloody legends!!!! THANK YOU BOTH for all your help and support with all this Monstertruck stuff!!!!!

  • Beaudene H
    Beaudene H

    fuc awsome truck saw it at the masterton aerodrome today wat a beast

  • Nick Cuff
    Nick Cuff


  • Flannel

    Come a long way since the Purple MK1 Escort days. Keep up the awesome work with The truck, best it's ever looked!

  • Mistress Matrix
    luv Mistress Matrix

    Nice job at the tat show dudes!

  • Nigel-Leanne Baillie
    luv Nigel-Leanne Baillie

    Wow Guys It looks great, I told you black was the way to go Cant help but have a quiet moment for Kiwi Thunder, that beast put me through a lot, the enjoyment seen on kids faces when I first drove it in Richmonds Santa Parade will never leave me, The darling old ladies in Motueka who wanted to hear it rev louder, The stares of amazement on the cops faces as we just drove past weighbridges in the North Island, The thousands of people that stopped and stared while I parked it at the cafe in Murchison (Jason Gunn being more excited than most of the kids) or the drivers seat just going off in the Louisville pushing Grant into the roof while trying to negotiate a hill in the middle of nowhere, then there was the heartbreak after seeing it in such a bad state in Taupo and the following Repo A toast to Kiwi Thunder and another to HBMONSTERTRUCKS for continuing the dream that alot of previous owners have had, to have a fun in NZs first and always the best Monstertruck Cheers Guys Nigel


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    Benn Milne by Benn Milne
    Hey guys!
    Sorry for the lack of updates!
    Truth be told we have move operations over to facebook!
    So come on over and see what the team at HB have been up to-

    We are going on tour next week and go from the top of the north to the bottom of the south-all the dates etc are on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref...
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  • Something a bit different

    Benn Milne by Benn Milne
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    Set a goal for yourself right out of the box, know what you want and why you need to achieve. Decide what you will do to get to where your goals are and take positive action each and every day towards your vision. Set something aside for charity and live with passion each and every day you are on your journey.

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    Benn Milne by Benn Milne
    HI ALL!!!

    Well as winter has truly set in at the HB HQ in Greytown what better way to celebrate than crushing stuff and causing CHAOS!! Sorry to my wife whos car got in the way of THE DEMON MONSTERTRUCK and also my aunty as well both cars fell victim to THE DEMON! Big thanks to DEMON ENERGY for all there support thus far and as a sign of thanks we threw a couple of there crew in the truck for a bit of a MONSTERTRUCK experience!! Not all went according to plan and not only did we blow a tyre but also the motor aswell (bummer) Oh well everything happens for a reason so lets make way for the big block and a spare tyre!-Will have some pics up soon and for now here are some pics of the DEMON NIGHT OUT!!
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  • REBUILD UPDATE 23/7/09

    Hi all....
    What a busy few weeks we have had at HB MONSTERTRUCKS, after begining a strip down and rebuild for the upcoming Monstertruck season which is kicking off at Big Boys toys in Novemeber. After the old girl took a bit of a we have stripped down the front end after something looked a bit bent we have found we have 2x bent front stub axles which requires us to have to new ones built as they have seen there fair share of repairs over the last 20 odd years.
    We have picked up a new heart in the way of a 427 Chevy Big block which we should have in place over the next few weekends, the trans is getting a bit of a spruce up...
    We have got Demon back on board for a second season and will have a events calander confirmed soon!!
    We will be looking at doing a few shows on the way back from Auckland so if you know anyone that can help us along the way leave us a message!!
    We have also got Vavoline on board as our oil suppliers and are looking into a tool supplier as well so keep you posted!!
    Hayden is finalising the clothing line which we should have available again on trade me.
    And on a final note we have finalised our new poster range in which will be on sale soon, and every poster has a unique code which gives YOU a chance to win a ride in the truck which we will draw every two months and the winners will be annouced right here on BEBO!!!

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  • UPDATE!!! Coming soon!!!!!

    All about Kiwi Thunder

    Since Christmas time 1987, Kiwi Thunder has been gripping crowds all over the North and South Islands of New Zealand. An old truck by today’s standards Kiwi Thunder is one of very few original monster trucks still around, remaining virtually unchanged since its inception. It is also one of fewer monster trucks to be built using an Asian branded vehicle, that being a Nissan utility. Throughout the past two decades Kiwi Thunder has remained a steady performer, used primarily for promotional purposes, yet carrying with it the awesome ability to catch air over crush cars if the need ever so arises.

    Early off-road racing identity and original owner Mike Parkes built Kiwi Thunder without ever having seen a monster truck in person. Mike took his inspiration from photos of other monster trucks performing in the United States at the time. With nothing more than those photos, Parkes instinctively over-engineered the truck, building it strong and heavy in every respect. As too in the US such an instinct was common and consisted the inborn pattern of monster truck designs at the time. The donor body selected to pair with the frame was a stock Nissan Navara King Cab, stripped of its driveline and original motor then mounted to the chunky straight rail chassis, housing all the major ‘monster’ components. Despite the construction of the truck coming together quite favourably, there were the inevitable complications which would naturally present themselves to any person not yet well acquainted to monster truck physics. Among other problems early on, the truck frequently melted transmissions. Nevertheless, these were all problems soon remedied within the first six months. Quite interestingly, Kiwi Thunder was only ever built with front wheel steering and to this day remains as such. In a world where monster trucks should (and sometimes must) manoeuvre with all four wheels, Kiwi Thunder still maintains the steering tradition of it’s long departed Navara driveline.

    Being a true New Zealand creation, it was almost inevitable that Kiwi Thunder would make the short journey across the Pacific to compete against Australia. In 1989, the Monster Truck Challenge marked that very occasion and Kiwi Thunder was finally placed face to face with Australia’s own Aussie Battler. However, what was expected to be a fierce rivalry was immediately transformed into comradery, as the Challenge tour also saw competition in the form of the two American monster trucks, Bigfoot and Taurus. The Monster Truck Challenge was a huge success across both Australia and New Zealand, and could be credited with sparking an interest in the fans that was bolstered by the home grown behemoths.

    In its enduring presence, Kiwi Thunder has seen a fair share of different owners and drivers, most of which had kept it in shape. Everybody who had handled the great old truck took it for what it was and made no undue effort to push it beyond its measures. Since its creation, Kiwi Thunder was always the show pony, well manicured and out there for a bit of fun, and it seemed as though the truck would take care of those who took care of it. Retired European monster truck veteran, Ian Batey began his long successful monster trucking career behind the wheel of Kiwi Thunder back in 1993. The skills Batey developed behind the wheel of this humble truck would lead him on a venture, driving monster trucks all over the world, including most of Asia and Europe. Finally settling in Europe, Batey would serve a vital role in the establishment of the European monster truck industry. As time went on, Kiwi Thunder would succeed through further owners and drivers, including well known off-road enthusiast, racer and businessman Warren Arthur who passed away in late 2006. The truck now rests in the ownership of Nigel Baillie, who continued the tradition of the old truck, displaying it at various venues throughout New Zealand.

    Dramatically, the rich history behi

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  • UPDATE!!! Coming soon!!!!!

    The last month has or 2 has been FULL ON so haven't had a chance to keep you all posted will have heaps of photos and stuff upload soon!!! Here is some light reading on KIWITHUNDERS stats and history for your reading pleasure!


    OWNERS: HB MONSTERTRUCKS-Hayden Cornick-Benn Milne and Glen Jacobs

    BUILDER: Mike Parkes

    VEHICLE: Nissan Navara King Cab

    ENGINE: 350cu.in V8

    HORSEPOWER: 300hp

    CARBURETION: Twin Hi-rise twin edelbrock carburettors

    DIFFERENTIAL: 5 Ton Military Rockwells with 11" planetary hubs with Detroit locker

    STEERING: Full hydraulic, front steer only

    GEAR BOX: Turbo 400 with 3000 stal converter

    TRANSFER BOX: Two speed military Rockwell

    SUSPENSION: Arch springs with 20 shock absorbers

    TYRES: 66" x 43" x 25" Goodyear Tyres

    WHEELS: Custom 32" diameter x 38" wide with 12 studs

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