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Louise Hamilton

love you lorna :)) <3

7/21/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Northern Ireland :')
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Me, Myself, and I


my molly milligan - you are one of the best things that's ever happened to me you're my love and my best friend, and every day that goes by, it seems like i discover something new about you to love, it's incredible to me how one person can make such a big difference in my life, you touch my heart in a way i never knew before. loveyou x


The Other Half Of Me


isnt she just the bestest:)? love ma babz (L)!

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  • Mollaa.

    Love youuuu darling

    Feb 9
  • Rebecca'Boob 10/24/11 via Mobile
  • Mollaa.

    miss youuu :(

    7/7/11 via Mobile
  • Mollaa.
    luv Mollaa.

    yahhh fuckinggg babbbb!

  • Mollaa.
    luv Mollaa.

    i lavvv youuu <3!

  • Kyle Brace
    luv Kyle Brace

    Hws u? wdc? x

    11/28/10 via Mobile
  • Mollaa.
    luv Mollaa.

    maaa babzzzz!

  • Mollaa.
    luv Mollaa.


  • Kyle Brace
    luv Kyle Brace

    Wdc wee women? x

    11/24/10 via Mobile
  • Kerry Louise Mcclintock
    Kerry Louise Mcclintock

    There on wee gemmas babe :D :) xxxxxxx

    11/24/10 via Mobile
  • Mollaa.
    luv Mollaa.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Mollaa.
    luv Mollaa.

    yahoe yahoe yahoeeeeeeee :)

  • Mollaa.
    luv Mollaa.


  • EmmaCraig.
    luv EmmaCraig.

    heres a wee heart bubs ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Mollaa.
    luv Mollaa.

    yissss diane, what the fuck about chew o) ?

  • 11/1/10
  • Holly Campbell

    thanks for the add :) xo

  • Agnes Miroslawska
    luv Agnes Miroslawska

    Same like. Awk it's good you know :)) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jessica Xox
    Jessica Xox

    hey bbe long time no see what have you been at theses days havent seen you in ages hi missing you like mad lol xxx :L i would love to come out to see you some time :) xx So what you all doing for halloween anything nice planed xxxxx :P sure g2g now bbe ttyl text me anytime doll byee xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;) <3

  • EmmaCraig.
    luv EmmaCraig.

    you look perfect in all you fotos ya bitch :( ; -whats the craic way youuu stranger :( <3 ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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  • molly milligan (L)!

    firstly, how beautiful is she? awhhhh, i'd die tae look like her, lucky wee shite ! well anyways, wee molly i love her too bits. such a good friend, iknow if i ever need anybody to chat to about anything at all, i can go to her + she'll listen to me. she also has a really good personality, she gets along with everybody + is so nice to everybody i'd do anything for this we babe [a] if anyone was ever to hurt her, i'd go maddd! the memoriessss [6] ? there a bit too good . first time wee got full together, was actually one of the best nights of my life [L] wee were on the oul frosty cacks that night (d) it was meant tae be mine + shannons, but shannon was away up the end of the walkin park + i had the drink with me, so me + molly decided tae sink it next thing, shannon wanted me up, but me + molly had already drank most of the drink .. so wee had to hide it in the big long grass in the walkin park + wee told shannon that wee lost it us half cut :') anyways, wee walked back down after a while tae get the rest of the drink + wee couldn't find it! then after searchin for about half an hour, wee molly the life saver finds er. after that, god knows what happened 8-) ? we were out town one friday night + there was some photographer outside the guildhall + he told us that if we ran threw the water fountains he would take pictures of us + put them in the newspaper . fuck we were drenched :( but was well worth it:DD molly quite likes to do a HUGE cough, next thing a whole pile of dirty, dirty, dirty spit comes up, she spits it out turns to me + says ' awh louise look at that ' + starts to really laugh while i'm near bein sick! :L :L madden she is .. ITS THE CLIP:L ? now thats top secret ainit babes;) we're with eachother everyday:D i lurvvvve it<3 i love her dad also, wee babe he is:* duno what i'd do if i didn't have this girl, couldn't live without her, she meas alot to me:) anybody who has molla as a friend, should be soooo privilaged ; cause i am love you so much babey (L) xxxxxx

    2 Comments 163 weeks

  • R.I.P (u) ;

    'rest in peace' elizabeth elliot & kyle bonnes ; gone but never forgotten , youse will be truely missed .

    0 Comments 166 weeks

  • Mч best friends ♥

    karen davis
    miss her so much in school, now that shes left:( ? but i still love her lotsss:D i tell this wee girl everything! iknow i could trust her with my life (yn)
    the crack wee had in school was unbelievable! break + lunch (LLL) the best was the day wee got chased by funston when wee were out gettin a smoke + then wee
    had tae go up + wait at the office for him, so anyway he comes up + karen told him she wasn't smokin, that she was off them for like a year, or somethin like
    that anyway + it was me who got all these lectures on smokin :L but awell, wee got away with it cause of karens good lies (: hated it when she would be off
    a day cause then i would just sit in the toilets by myself, cause i didn't like goin tae dinner or out for a smoke with anybody else:( but now shes gone
    for good! so al just have tae stick with the rest a them:P the friendship i have with this wee girl is brilliant. loveyouloadsbabes:* xxxxxx

    david baggley
    love thiss boy quite alottt , could tell him anything we're having baby(s) maybe just one but could be two + if its two boys we're calling them ryan + moore + if its two girls we're calling them uhhh + uhhh ! whata fucking babe hi! he makes me laugh all the time .. kangaroo ; leprechaun ; riding soloooo [8] ? hahah . theres not a day that goes by when wee don't text each other , we're always textin away :* ! i've known him since nursery , but only really started gettin close this year , which has been amazinnn (: i would actually do anything for him . i alwaysss knows when theres somethin wrong :( + he always knows when theres somethin wrong with me , but i'm glad that he does , cause hes the only one that can cheer me up :D i've never been this close to any other we boy before . wee just get on soooo well :DD hope wee are friends foreverrrrr + evaaaaa :* loveyouuu daviddd <3 xxxxxx

    dean boyd
    well this wee boy is one babe . he is the bestestt friend i could have asked for (a) ' anything he does or says he makes me laugh + wee get on so well + like don't ever argue (yn) , the memoriess we have are actually unreal ! wee have a hugeee obsession with moles ; which i find rather interesting he's in loveee with my bum the wee creep hahah , how could anybody hurt this boy ? he's jist too much of a babeeeee ! i'm so proud tae call him my besttfrienddd (L) loveyahlotsss <3 ' xxxxxx

    lauren mckeegan
    this wee girl is one of the best friends i've ever had! she is such a nice person, i could chat to her about anчthing at all. been friends for 3 чears now & haven't fell out once :D ! wouldn't ever let anчbodч hurt her. alwaчs been there for her & she has alwaчs been here for me aswell :) her mum's a wee babe to :)) hehe. never want to loose чou (n) ! love чou loads xxx

    0 Comments 186 weeks