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Lauren Alice

Kiinky time with keeley ;)

9/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Bodminn (:
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Laurenn alice ♪♫.
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Fifteen years ov age
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Lauren your a Kiinky Lil shiit , but iloveyou <3

The Other Half Of Me
Connor N

Connor N

Meep =]

Izzi (:
Myy 9 Year Oldd 13.2hh Pony (:
Honestly Means The World To Me Litrally. Lost You Once And Am So Happy Ii Got You Back. Couldent Stick It. Ii Love You More Than Anything In My Life And Am Aa Very Lucky Girl To Have You. Believe It Or Not You Have Got Me Though so Much. You Have Stoped Me Doing Alot To Stupid Things, Infact When Ii Lost You Ii Did Somthing Stupid.. You Have Made Me Aa Diffrent Person. Made Me Such Aa Better Rider, You Make Me Feel Amazing. Your Such Aa Cheeky Annoying Little Cow Somtimes (: But Ii Cant Imagine My Life Without You. <3 I LOVE YOU
You'r An AMAZING Firend 11 Years Now.
Bestfriend <3 ily
Therse This One Guy.. Who Is Aa Complete Fucking Asshole . ii Can Actually Say Ii HATE You For What You Have Done. And GuessWhaaat (: Am Still Feeling Like Complete Uter Shit So Thanks. However Am Loving Your Classy Rebound Girlfriend ;) S T I 's ;) Lies About Being Pregnent Scabby Brown Buck Teeth That Has Aa Twist. Really ? your pathetic and i maybe hurting now but i can live without youu. i dont need you to be happy. (: Have Fun FUCKING Your Life up. Because Mate You HAve Lost Somthing That Would Have Been There For You No Matter What. But Now You Have Aa Lieing Cheating Diseased Dirty Backstabbing Little Rough User (: HAve Fun Mylove.

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Lauren jumping Izzi :)

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  • Hacked

    Hacked by a truly amazing person for a truly even more amazing person :) , iloveyou babe..
    Alot of shiit has happened between us and literly most of it has been shiit But we have got thorugh it and have come and laughing the other side.
    me and lauren have a right laugh in p.e and no,one can come up with better kinky coments then us ;)
    We'r one of a kind babes, and vair cool 8)
    and we may not be the best of friends anymore and no,one can argu that we have both changed, but our friendship without a doubt is still there (y)
    so babe, to sum up this relii cool kinky hacking
    Iloveyou, You rock and Are a kinky shiit ;)

    HACKED againn oh yeah baby ;) x
    babeee you are actually the best person i could have as a bestie tbh and even tho we have our ups and downs buh well thts only really made us stronger as ever and yes yes we have been thru soo much shit together in the past 4 years , your the kinda person i come to when i have a problem with my life ect and wel ive just loved being round you and having u in my life has made me so happy , babee your just a funny cunt that i love very very muchly soo keep it up and i miss the good old days we ware soo goonish tbh bless us;) and love our lill walk + ur party nd just fucking round at my dads and BABY MORE FUNNY SHIT TO COME OUR WAY lmaoo and maths is actually the best with u init gosh eating when mrs looks at u and me and talking louder than anyone hahaaaa, babeee i honistly dnt know wht id do with out u my little skettish friend PEACE OUT ,, iloveloveloveloveloveloveyouuudarl
    ----- wiggy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    0 Comments 200 weeks

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  • Philpy
    luv Philpy

    i will meet u morrrow were we said at 12 kk bbbe see you morrow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Bex.

    Paaaah (; And you have a bit! Because you're just that cooool i love yoooooooooou, you little skiver! come stay dads with me soon i got nothin to do there ! :L xx

  • Philpy
    luv Philpy

    ok then it ok i will get some cre and ring you lol wb soon philpy ly x x x x

  • Philpy
    luv Philpy

    hii hun u ok can u ring me when u ge this ta ly xxx

  • Jayde
    luv Jayde

    Yeah i try and work for my mum still!! if she isnt being a cunt!! or if i can get out off bed!!! :) but yeah might put him up for loan to stay at my yard thoo!!! so ask about for mee!!!! Dude ive got your number now so i will give you a buzz and come pick you up!!! ly xxx

  • S'H
    luv S'H

    Lauren fookin alice cowling ........ i looooovvveeeyouuuuuu ....xxx :DD :DD

  • luv Bex.

    haha aww what did you get her? a new saddle?!?!?!!? :D haha love you xx

  • Jayde
    luv Jayde

    Litterly ive been doing fuck all!! just sleeping,, and going out at night :L ,, such a borin fuckin unhealthy life i live :/ fancie coming up some time?? ride jem for me?? or sumit coz he hasnt been riden in like 5weeks :/ ive given up horse riding now cba!! so i might sell him or put him out on loan i dont no yet!! xxx ly

  • Jayde
    luv Jayde

    Hey!!! yea ino its been ages!! :O ohh did you!! my mum did say but i forgot lol,, slept since then :DD yeah she did leave me in bed!! anyone smart enough would :) haha ;) been up to much then chick?? xxx love you too :P

  • luv Bex.

    Oohh someone did well :P Fairy outfit? You finally got it! Hahahaha Laptop, tattoo books ;) should hopefully be gettin a tattoo gun & some graft skin next year ;D & just bits & bobs really, didn't do too well with money though! D: :L Oohh sorry I didn't get your message! don't try get hold of me on my phone btw, i've lost it, probably gonna get a replacement next week hopefully. are you free on thursday?? love you xx

  • luv Bex.

    YESSSS BWOI. what did you get? (: I can come see spaz anytime this week if you want (: Love you xx

  • S'H
    luv S'H

    - heeloo babey ;) thank you soo much for the lead :D ill give u summin for xmas when i see u next and give the lead bck new year oki darlin :DD ? xx iloveyoumuchies xxx

  • luv Bex.

    You bloody well will be! :] LOVE YOU TOOOO!

  • Tiffany H
    luv Tiffany H

    Haaa .. well thts alryt thn coz i lovee you too .. (: xx

  • Dan Hoskin
    luv Dan Hoskin

    Hhhhmmmm. well u'll ave too find out if its a gud thing wont uu :L :P x x x x

  • Dan Hoskin
    luv Dan Hoskin

    Hhhmmm Well Onli I Now That :P . Everyone :L x x x

  • Dan Hoskin
    luv Dan Hoskin

    Ohh Do ii Now :P . x