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Aidan Ben Cunningham

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  • Male, 27, Luv 341
  • from tullamore
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: February 2005
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  • www.bebo.com/MODERN_LIFE_IS_BEAR
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About Me

Raisin Smuggler
Me, Myself, and I
I'm Synesthetic and i love it

[♪]It's like bringing a knife to a gun fight [♪]

im in a band called Murdock , check that noise out www.bebo.com/murdocknoise
Also im a recording engineer and have my own home studo set up. check out the songs on my Studio Ben Page to here what your project could sound like, here www.studioben.bebo.com
The Other Half Of Me
Lara J

Lara J


Is why I do most things
Is why I do the rest
Diddy Monsters, Zombie Shuffles, Firewuuks, The 'you're doing alot of laughin and not enough getting sick' tour, Chaaaaawwwmz yule eezay, donal and poolo, hiya Larna, The misunderstood adventures of Maiseball, new school and wuukst, skinny beard, the fringe, sore nipple colds

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  • My Dislike list

    Has been updated. see the blog below!

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    Welcome to my Columm where i will write down things i don't like.

    1. People who Litter

    2. Bands who say 'our last album was shit, this one is really what we mean' about every album they make

    3. People who win €1000 on a radio quiz and are just like 'oh..isnt thant grand, thanks, see ya now'.

    4. Men is suits running

    5. Eletists

    6. Purists

    8. Skipping numbers

    9. At the end of radio add's "all rates controlled by francis the financial regulator, typical apr 4 million percent, terms and conditions apply, im really good at speaking fast, maybe the interest rates would fall if i slowed down who knows"

    10. the fashion industry. cunts

    11. the way the general public latch on to radio hits...and play them....TO DEATH

    12. Big German Corporation Bastards

    13. Text and internet abriviations

    14. The acknowledgment of the fictional character known as a Celebrity

    15. Those shite women magazines like 'gossip' and 'soap life' and all the other shite ones that tell you that you are too ugly, you need a new man, how to loose 78 pouds in 4 hours, how to look like the fictional character known as a celebrity.....but most importantly that you are a strong woman and you dont need to be like anyone else

    16. People who get into fights on internet forums, for fuck sake, open the curtains!

    17. Any military organisation

    18. Blind Patriotism

    19. The current democratic government system, which includes my hatred for the popularity contest and fake promises known as an election to government

    20. When two faced people called people 2 faced. Everyone is 2 faced, thats why life is so mysterious.....so that makes you a 4 faced

    21. When people feel that they need approval of their friends and piers before they can like something, like a band, or a item of clothing or whatever. if you like it, then you like it, fuck everyone else

    22. Stuttering when im nervous

    23. This county's prioroties; we spend €4 million on a spike on o'connell street,we have a prime minister who was had a 138% salary increase since 1997 and is on a wage of €266492 per annum, but yet there are hundreds of sick people on trolleys in the corridoors of hospitals waiting treatment, thousands of homless people on the steers with living on a euro a day.

    24. When people say they like every tiype of music and they will listen to anything. this means you listen to the radio and think that thats the whole music world. i guarentee if you like robbie williams you will not like job for a cowboy. you probably wont listen to classical music, or jazz or atmospheric textured music. you'll listen to the sugarbabes and think its the best thing youve ever heard (thanks obo)

    25. when people write "hi im ______, my friends say im a bit mad, and im up dor anything" on there online profiles. you are the most boring person in the world

    26. The general media, id go as far as to say i hate it. Especially when it ties over into what we now know, as the fictional character known as the celebrity. "hollywood hottie ______ fartes in public, she has no soul"- on sky news. And also the way the media edit things to make people look waaay worse than they are.

    27. This ties into the last point- SENSATIONILISM (see i used caps to make it more out of control). When the public latch onto a story for about 2 weeks and then no one cares anymore cos no one else cares. Where have all the Madeline Mccann supporters gone?. or when there is a murder trial, everyone knows exactley the Mr____ is guilty because The Star said he looked dodgy. Trials shouldnt be public business. We are a soicety of vultures that prey on the tradegys of others, while trying to make it look like we are concenred. Im pretty sure a murder victims family dont want every journalist in the country giving their opinion on people and cicumstances that they didnt know. And obvioulsy, from my blog you can see im in favour of people speaking their minds, so if someone has a valid opini

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  • some bands i have seen live

    finch, deftones(2), everytime i die (3), hatebreed(3), unearth, blee ding though(2), atreyu, darkest hour, sikth, lacuna coil, biffy clyro(3), reuben(2), billy talent(2), Mcr, throwdown, lamb of God(2), slipknot(2), caliban(2) , soulfly, american headcharge(2), boysetsfire, hel l is for heros, sick of it all, cult of luna, chimaira(2), killswitch engage(2), all shall perish, i killed the prom queen, rise against, alexisonfire(2), takin g back sunday(2), underoath, anti-flag , saosin, devildriver, dimmiu borgir, black sabbath, judas priest, slayer(3), mastodon(3), million dead, FFAF(2), misfits, converge , modern life is war, in flames(2), green day, new found glory, blink-182, cancer bats, korn, static x, sepultura, isis (2), jesu, fighting with wire, aerogramme, linkin park, the accica strain, bring me the horizon, the haunted, shadows fall, God forbid, trust company, the bronx, anti-flag

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