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Peter Johnston

Ive just returned from the darkside of facebook an decided to give this bebo malarkie another shot !! :P

2/6/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Cunningsburgh , Shetland
  • I am Down for Whatever
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey hey, hows things ?? Thought id re-try this bebo malarky after managing to avoid it for the last 6 months or so :D But i have to admit im missin it now im getting old :P

Im still workin @ OBC at da airport, which is a good spree...

Me, JJ, Liam & Andrew made it back fae Vietnam, and it was simply 'the best 3 weeks o my life' as commented by Andrew... Take a look through some o my pics (Still hundreds - if not thousands to upload)..

Lots of plans for this year, involving many o trips to the mainland, and ofcourse Orkney :D

As far as music tastes go, i mainly enjoy most kinds of club / trance / trance tracks .. I still listen to more mainstream pop / rock tunes.. Nothing compares to the classis tho : Meatloaf, Johnny Cash Etc Etc - 199 WAS the year of TRANCE ....
Seein as im been a borin buggar this last few months whilst savin lik mad im actually seen quite a few good films.. Some o dem are:

1. Da new Indiana Jones Film
2. Da Assasination O Jesse James
3. 21

an da rest i canna mind dere names !! haha - Gone in 60 seconds is always a good classis to watch !!
Plans Fir 2009
Well, 2009 is continuing where 2008 left off - lots o trips away planned, probably get a new car (seein as i canna keep 1 too long), Oktoberfest (Munich Beer Festival) & Im sure many more unplanne trips may occur..
Scared Of
The ammount of Morgans thats going to be consumed in the next week or so :( Flaming Shetland Folk Festival :P :D

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  • Shetland Pier Boys Website

    Now den, i started a Shetland Pier Boys site many many moons ago, but never really did anythin we it !! :L

    Anyway, noo im workin shifts n dat, i hae alot mare time t work we it. Da address is www.shetlandpierboys.co.uk !! We are nothin t do we da Shetland Motorsport Club, just a few folk who are gonna try n keep folk ootside shetland up t date we whits aa happenin up here we cars / bikes etc !! :L :L

    If anyone has any pics or info they wish t be put up, please contact me. The site is going through tight security checks just noo, so watch this space. A live date will be set on the next few weeks !!


    0 Comments 333 weeks

  • Update On Da No Drinkin Pact

    Noo den, just a peerie update on da Drinkin Pact - Its noo officially dead :D :L :L

    Seein as it was only fir a fun, an i managed t stay sober fir 5 weeks :P im noo makin up fir lost time !! hehe :L

    0 Comments 333 weeks

  • Givin Up On Da Booze Pact !!!

    Noo den folk.. After da festive / major birthday sessions (most o which i canna mind :L ) been had dis last couple o months, a couple o wiz r decided t mak a peerie pact, an c who manages t bide aff d booze da langest (We d exception o Da Up Helly Aa's). :)

    Aa body dat wants t join, leave a comment an ill pit ur name up !! (Dis is just fir a fun)

    1. Peter J
    2. Drew - he knows he wants t try !! :L
    3. Sarah - says she started first - so she is in da lead :P
    4. Gemma Clark - :P
    5. Coni - how long do u give her !! hehe - onli kiddin Coni !! :L

    9 Comments 340 weeks

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  • hahaha

    its a close up on drews bum hahahaha can u tell? hahaha!! xXx

    Lauren 3 Replies
  • hehe

    .............(_/....... I just walked on your whiteboard!

    Kathy 0 Replies
  • haha

    its a close up o a christmas tree!!! lol can du tell?

    Drew Leask 0 Replies

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  • Steven Nicolson
    Steven Nicolson

    I earned $163 in a month browsing the internet! Heres how - http://x.co/KT9i Dont forget to thank me!

  • Jas

    hey im deleting my bebo acccount, if you still want to hook up......add me on myspace - http://goo.gl/M7dBE

  • Ingrid Sharp
    Ingrid Sharp

    lol....you need to add me on Facebook! Heres my profile http://goo.gl/qPuIy

  • .Denise Henry.
    .Denise Henry.

    Hey Boyo..Am ok thanks hows you..? xx

  • Sam Cunliffe
    Sam Cunliffe

    hey u how u doin? hahha amazing song old days hahaha,iam having a few drinks at mine on friday nite for my birthday if your up for it? xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Claire Ann Johnston

    Just being nice and leaving a comment :D Hows it going? Working hard? and some fake gear as i have no "real" stuff left xxxxxx

  • Andrew Kelly
    Andrew Kelly

    hey peter, i thought you should be the 1st to know that i got internet at home...after about 6 months.YAY Anyhow when are you coming down for the AC/DC concert? Have you seen jj about i cant get hold of him? Also i passed an exam today so thats pretty good aswell, what news with you?

  • Shannon Isla
    Shannon Isla

    Hiya, Hope Your Enjoying Your Days Off ! Speak Soon x

  • Leslie Setrice
    Leslie Setrice

    hey buddy, yeah got her on the raod couple days ago now. going to pick up the rear n/s light from jim's parts today as it's cheaper than buying them second hand. Dont ask its really weird. Just need a few bits and bobs now but i'll just get those over the months. no rush now LOL

  • Andrew Kelly
    Andrew Kelly

    ha ha "sometime soon" iv been trying 4 the last 5 months to get this internet sorted! Yeah i thought he was supposd to be back sometime soon. He called a week ago and asked what i was up to this weekend so he might be stopping here for a few nights, im no sure though. Whens that ac/dc concert on? Are you still coming down?

  • John-James Jamieson

    Hi Pete! How's things? I'm no far fae home noo, sitting in a hotel in da sooth o Spain, thinkin o wyes tae waste a day! Tough life, eh? Landin at half seven da'morn's night. Fancy a drink at da weekend? Oh, an is dat a picture o a Vauxhall on dy page? Tut tut...

  • Hayley Puckles
    Hayley Puckles

    Hey pete! i kno it has been a very long time!! lol am really gd thnx, everything is goin fine, college is getting really stressful, but only got another 4wks before i finish 2nd year and then its summer time again! lol 1 year left! WOOP he he well am hoping to be home for two wks in the summer, but am not sure yet, my bf (khumo) wants me to come home with him to see his hometown and family an that :( nerve racking i kno! lol and lindsey wants me to go to ibiza with her but am not exactly rich so cant do it all! lol so not really sure at the mo. am gunna try and save some money first i think. hope all is good with you too, if i am home we will need to have a gd knee's up, LOL. speak soon x

  • Andrew Kelly
    Andrew Kelly

    hiya, No i havnt got the internet in yet, however another light came on my modem yesterday so its getting close, with luck ill have it at the end of the week. No real news with me just working away and doing exams as usuall. Hows things with you?

  • Marianne Williamson

    hey hey!! how ir you gittin on? no seen you in ages! i think the last time i saw you was in the lounge?! o dear :( I behaved myself the whole wknd. i'm kinda good like that. i am also going to be behaving this wknd. Spending the wknd with mammy and granny. canna wait!! You're always drinkin waaay too much. its just what you're like :) ALKY! nithin new we me at all. is there anything new with me ever? i dont think so! xxx

  • Drew Leask

    im no too bad da day ye! lol wis braa hungower yistrday!! :L whit wis i sayin tae d? i genuinely cana mind whit i wis sayin atall!!! :L nah nae news atall! just wirkin awa lik buggery!! dsel?

  • .Denise Henry.
    .Denise Henry.

    Yeah i had enough o yun place..!! Oooh lucky dee...du got much pland wi your 2 weeks?? Your always gettn new cars..:L :L No plans fur da helly...stayin in for a few weekends...Being good..:D Ha Ha!! What aboot yourself..? you guna be doing much..? xx

  • .Denise Henry.
    luv .Denise Henry.

    Hey Dee..:O Long time no speak eh..? Oh am not so bad thanks hows things with you...? Ha Ha.. I get withdrawl symtoms after a few hours oh not being on bebo...never mind 6 MONTHS..?? :O Thats crazy Dude..:L !! Oh no news wi me really my dear...just job huntin...and house work...nufin exitn..:( !! What news with you..? xXx

  • luv Rhianne Johnston

    Hello my dear!! nice to see your back on bebo, its missed you! :L im all good, got my exam on thursday, so i should really be doing some studying! yeah cameron is turning into a peerie terror!! :P But it runs in Johnston blood i tell u! no news really, baby Elliot is a doll, and he's is just fine :) have a look at my pics of him. Loff d stinky xx

  • Drew Leask

    Now den boy Whit da hell happened tae d last night?????? i thought du wis coming tae UHA????????????? wis a good laugh!!!!!!!!!