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  • Male, Luv 39
  • from Leeds
  • Member since: April 2006
  • Last active: 10/27/12
  • www.bebo.com/JimmyJeopardy
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About Me

You will find your answers in the secrets of strangers...
Me, Myself, and I

I'm Jimmy, I rather like being inaccessible and unapproachable.

Bebo's well bad, it says I'm a man! ;D MySpace has always been where it's at.
I'd write several vague incoherent sentences here like everyone else does but it's only going to be read by bigots who wouldn't understand the depth of them anyway.
The Other Half Of Me


i'm going to grow old with her and drink tea <3

(Sehr Gut)♥
Nescafé Gold, Canon EOS 400D, Livejournal, Postsecret, MySpace, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Hitler, Paper clips, Notebooks, Notice boards, Timeanddate.com, Word of the day, Google.de, Personal jokes, Intelligence, Harvest Moon DS, Bottom gums, Taxidermy, Rabbit paws, Fringes, Angel-A, Elyse Sewell, Looby Lethal, Hannah Montana, Alone time, Bony hands, Chinese Cigarettes, Whiskey, Curly hair.
(Nicht Sehr Gut)
Emos, Scene kids, Scene hair, My Chemical Romance, Wannabes, Bad grammar, Spelling errors, Below above average intelligence, Cotton wool, Crumbs, Torchwood/Doctor Who, Compliments, Niceness, Most animals, Most people, Overly-friendliness, Big crowds, Strangers, One-on-one conversations, Phone conversations, Indie Music, Whores, Badly edited pictures, "Straight edge", Reality TV shows, Last FM not scrobbling, Low battery, Running out of memory, Cups of tea, WKD, Wine, Orange foundation, Primark, Mainstream music.

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  • Vanity Failure
    Vanity Failure

    haters arnt welcome thanks.

  • Samantha

    Hello, I don't actually no you, but the comment you left on that bebo group made me laugh, so i thought i would comment you. :L :) xx

  • Poynterlubz

    Who the hell is that who's just been on it?! LOLOL. You've well scored there Jimz ;)

  • Poynterlubz
    luv Poynterlubz

    Yeah :p he was well scary.

  • Poynterlubz
    luv Poynterlubz

    JIMMY There was a weird man on your profile. And I don't mean me ;)

  • Little Legs - Ox
    luv Little Legs - Ox

    Hey =) I've voted :) , saw it on facebook :L I'll put it on my saying thing for youu :) :L x x x

  • Poynterlubz
    luv Poynterlubz

    Yeah well, I love love love love love love love you :p

  • Little Legs - Ox
    luv Little Legs - Ox

    Aww.. Well Done :D Haha,bless.. I know we hvent been at skwl, but it wasnt tht long ago to forgot ur teachers name haha :L x x x

  • Little Legs - Ox
    Little Legs - Ox

    Hiyaa.. How did you do? What did you get in science? x x x

  • Poynterlubz
    luv Poynterlubz

    Orite Jimzz? :P I saw an advert about Stephen Hawking and it had you in it :) Luv ya! x

  • Little Legs - Ox
    Little Legs - Ox

    Kk.. I know, i thought Alphabeat would be quite good, but obviously not :L .. Haha oh yeah, he looked like he'd taken smat.. :S :L Yeah :L Us shorties hehe x x

  • Little Legs - Ox
    Little Legs - Ox

    Same.. haha Biology, Chemistry, Maths & French.. Yeah it was :D Haha.. i really liked basshunter & scouting for girls.. Nearly got squashed when scouting for girls man jumped off stage :S :L Aww .. haha Yeah i was :D x x x

  • Little Legs - Ox
    Little Legs - Ox

    Yeah i am.. You? You doing science? I've been good =) Yeah i went to party in the park as well, i saw you & lucy, when i was leaving.. Did you get near front then? & did you enjoy it? x x x

  • Little Legs - Ox
    Little Legs - Ox

    Hiya.. I know you dont really use this, but hiya, cause havent spoke to you for ages, cause we dont have science anymore :S.. Hows you? x x x