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Rest In Peace Mam

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3/3/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

You Fell Asleep Peacfully At Home Da 10th Of October 2007
Me, Myself, and I
This Group Is Set Up For My Mam Who Left Us On The 10th Of October 2007

The Best Mam An Friend Anyone Could Ever Ask For
Every Piece Of Our Broken Hearts Left Wit Ya That Day
No One Can Or Will Replace You
The Biggest Part Of The House Is Gone
I Dont Think It Is Something Any Of Us Will Ever Get Over
You Done Everything For Us An You Wer Loved By So Many
It Was Heartbreaking To See You Go An See You The Way You Wer Over Them 3 Months
We Are Lucky You Wernt In Any Pain An Couldnt Of Went More Peaceful
We Will Never Ever Forget You, Wer Lost Without You
We Cant Believe That Ur Gonna Be Gone Forever
Nothin Will Ever Be The Same Without You
I Know Your Up There Helpin Us Tru This Coz I Dont Know How We Made It This Far Already
It 10 Months Since You Left An The Feeling Is Still Like It Happend Yestarday
Everyday Is Another Without You, I Hope Its Gets Easier

Wer Proud To Have Had You In Our Live

There Isnt Enough Words In The World To Describe How Much I Miss Ya x

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  • For You Mam, Love Dean x

    I Sent A Dove, To You Above
    And On His Wings Is All My Love
    My Heart Is Broken Since U Left
    A Heavy Pain Across My Chest
    I Promise To Pray To U Every Night
    And I'll Hold In My Sleep Ur Picture So Tight                       Words & Thoughts Cant Descibe What U Mean To Me                    And I Hope That Now U Can Peacefully Sleep                         Time Will Never Help My Heart Mend
    Not Only My Mam Gone But My Best Friend

    Love An Miss Ya Mam More Than Anythin Is The Whole World

    x o x o x o x

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  • Mam x

    Your Sadly Missed By Ur Heartbroken Family! Life Will Never Be The Same Without Ya, There Isnt Enough Room On All Of Bebo To Right How We Feel x

    Dean Walsh 0 Replies

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  • - LaurnaahBarryy
    - LaurnaahBarryy

    gOnee 3 yeaars tOdaay :( x o x o x o lOve yaa

  • - LaurnaahBarryy
    - LaurnaahBarryy

    Love U so much nana .. :)) i miss yhoOo so much .. :( x

  • Sarah Mccarthy
    Sarah Mccarthy

    R.I.P Maureen xxxxxx

  • Dean Walsh
    luv Dean Walsh

    Happy Birthday Mam, Wish you culd be here for it Kayla's keppin us goin anyway love ya so much i know your helpin us tru evrything anyway an mindin Kayla, Love ya X x x x x x x

  • Dean Walsh
    Dean Walsh

    Miss ya so much mam love ya ta bits cant believe its 2years already next sat :( :( :( Never get over it mam, i love ya ta bits xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxx

  • Sarah Mccarthy
    luv Sarah Mccarthy


  • Dean Walsh
    Dean Walsh

    Love ya so much mam cant beielve its 2 years next month already still feels like last week an always will i say miss ya so much mam an its harder everyday :( x x x x x x x

  • Dean Walsh
    Dean Walsh

    Never on this no more you be laughin you used think i was bebo man ha ha used never come off da thing.. Hope your doin alright up der mam was out today wit Janice cleaned all da grave an dat still hard ta believe mam dont think it hit us properly yet or is it we just dont wanna beleive your really gone miss ya more than anythin in da world wud give anythin to have ya back an thing to be da way dey were before but dat will never happen :( Watch over us all especially amy an da baby i know you are anyway already love ya so much Mam xxxxxx

  • Gillian O' Connell 8/17/09
  • Dean Walsh
    luv Dean Walsh

    Miss ya so much Mam :( Lost without ya.. x x x

  • Dean Walsh
    luv Dean Walsh


  • Dean Walsh
    luv Dean Walsh

    Love an Miss ya so much Mam xxxx

  • Dean Walsh
    Dean Walsh

    Sorry i didnt write in awile mam internet was gone got da eteor one der yesterday so ive it back again, hope ur doin alright up der mam thinkin of ya every minute of everyday an always will be mam i miss ya so much its not even funny, your missed so much by us all lost without ya most of da time mam an always will be i love ya so much mam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x

  • Sarah Mccarthy
    luv Sarah Mccarthy

    hope ur ok up there xxxxxx

  • Dean Walsh
    luv Dean Walsh


  • Dean Walsh
    luv Dean Walsh

    Miss ya so much mam :( :( :( xxxxxxxxx

  • Dean Walsh
    luv Dean Walsh

    Nimber one always Mam, miss ya so much :( x

  • Dean Walsh
    luv Dean Walsh

    Missin ya more than anythin Mam xxx

  • Dean Walsh
    luv Dean Walsh

    Love ya Mam Miss ya more than anythin :( xxxx